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I love furries.

This isn’t something most people would admit, but most people are too insecure to accept anything that seems “weird”. “Weird”, however, is not inherently bad, and despite what CSI will suggest, associating with furries is not dangerous. In fact, if you get over yourself enough to give furries a chance, you’ll meet some pretty amazing, caring, warm people, who just want the world to be more cuddly.


Let’s address the yiffing right off the bat, because it’s the thing that many people find the most off-putting. Some furries do get off on pornographic images of anthropomorphized animals. I walked into a guy’s apartment once and he had sexy white cat girl art framed and hung on his walls. The first thing I thought was “Oh crap, furry alert!” The next thing I thought was “This actually does not affect my life in the slightest.” Similarly, more-than-occasional images cross my twitter feed of some animals with giant exposed schlongs. I take a moment to ponder how that poor anthro stays conscious with that much blood rushing away from his head, and then I get on with my day. Again, it doesn’t affect my life in the slightest.

And that’s the thing about furry porn: it’s just like any other kind of porn. It’s a fantasy, and sane people can tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I can’t explain why a furry finds certain animals more sexually appealing than human porn, but I also don’t understand why many other forms of porn are popular. I don’t find animal person porn more weird than, say, clown porn or bondage porn. In fact, I can understand people finding Shema’s dance in Quest for Glory II confusingly arousing. I mean, Sierra didn’t give a cat lady a J-Lo butt and expect that no one would notice. Hello!

That’s just one example of how an anthro character’s human assets are what makes them potentially sexy, not an assumed desire on the part of the viewer to commit bestiality. The anthropomorphized part of the furry equation is essential. I don’t see furries lusting over pictures of actual cats.

From a cosplay perspective, people’s sex lives don’t even matter. Furry costumes are some of the most impressive, elaborate, and huggable costumes you’ll see at a convention. Furries at a con make me feel a bit like I’m at Disney World. In fact, I think it’s the Disney films that really helped make furries a phenomenon. Disneyland, after all, is The Happiest Place on Earth.

All cosplay is fantasy. Furries are just fuzzier fantasies.

If you’re lucky, your childhood is a happy time. The closer you get to adulthood, the more life starts to suck. So those characters you loved as a kid become a safe place you can retreat to when adult life becomes extra sucky. For me, one of those positive childhood associations is the Thundercats cartoon. I have a Cheetara cosplay. I did not know that my decision to put actual fur on the arms and legs of the costume was moving into furry territory. I just wanted to do something different with the character, because the original orange of the cartoon costume reminded me of the color of my real cats’ puke.

Is it possible to be an accidental furry? I don’t know. I don’t care. I don’t identify as a furry, but I can understand why someone would if Disney’s fox version of Robin Hood makes their life suck less. I’m not going to condemn someone for an innocent preference that makes them happy.

The 1980s and 1990s were a cavalcade of furry canons, with the Care Bears, the Get Along Gang, the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rescue Rangers, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck, and various other anthro animal series. With Disney’s Zootopia earning half a billion bucks and climbing, we’ve now got a whole new generation of furry fodder. As a cosplayer, I couldn’t be happier about this.


The bodysuit-style superhero costumes are hard on your body. Standing up straight and sucking in your stomach, getting those strong, sexy poses right… it’s exhausting. At the end of a convention day, my whole body hurts. I love the idea of wearing a costume where I don’t have to wear heavy makeup, where it doesn’t matter if I’m bloated, and I can just be a big, fuzzy, anonymous critter for the day. Fursuits are a totally different challenge in terms of costume making. Yes, they’re hot, but so are storm trooper outfits. The biggest thing holding me back is the mess I know the foam sculpting is going to make. Otherwise, it seems like so much fun to be furry, perhaps because the faces on the mascot suits are permanently smiling.

All cosplay is fantasy. Furries are just fuzzier fantasies. Some furries wear their costumes because they’re extremely shy. Others, because they love that particular character. Some identify strongly with a particular animal, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that level of intensity. Cosplay is about doing things that make you happy that are legal and safe. Without negative judgment.

So ignore the media and the message board slights. Furries are awesome, and I think they’re picked on so much only because it’s socially acceptable to mock them. When you really think about it, who are they hurting? What are they doing that’s offensive? Nothing.

The thing I love about furries is that they’re authentic enough people to admit to themselves that they enjoy something despite intense social shame. That’s something I can respect. It’s always odd to me that mascot suits are acceptable — even beloved — in some contexts, but not in others. Social norms often don’t make any sense, and they’re taken for granted by too many people. No one questions that a Playboy bunny is intended to be something red blooded men find sexy, and those costumes have anthropomorphized animal characteristics. People lust after Batman and Catwoman, so why sneer at anime cat girls? I’ve had some hilarious conversations with people trying to find the exact point when these pop culture characters would gain enough animal characteristics to be classified a furry.

I’m not pointing these things out to advocate that people should start wanking to Minnie Mouse’s pantaloons. What I’m saying is that a huge part of furry appeal is the safety these soft, cuddly characters represent, and I can’t help but love the cosplayers who aspire to embody that instead of muscles and cleavage.

You keep being you, furries, whatever animal that you is. You’re awesome.


I suppose it’s come to this.  My list of the sexiest anthro girls.  First off, I’ve never understood what was wrong with finding anthropomorphic characters attractive for having the same traits we’re supposed to find attractive in real people.  Also, there’s a difference between finding something sexy and actually wanting to have sex with it, you know.  Unfortunately there aren’t that many well-developed female anthros, and there are a lot of great designs wasted on lame characters.  I’m going to try on focus on:

-Characters I actually like for their personality/role in the story.  I confess some of these could use more development.

-I actually have to like their character designs.

-They have to be anthropomorphic enough in their design for me to find attractive.  No quadrupeds or anything like that.



Monica Evans, Robin Hood

Though not as active in the movie as she could be, but she’s kind-hearted and beautiful.  I guess that’s good enough. 


Dragon/Loch Ness Monster

The Ballad of Nessie

Though not active enough as a character, she seems nice enough and she certainly does look cute.




Elsa Bastion, née Arbogast , is a good world-weary character with a look to match.  Also, she and her husband make for a very cute couple.



Jasmine Guy, Cats Don’t Dance

Graceful and smart, Sawyer was a former performer who had dreams until she was forced to work as a secretary.  The events of the film make her realize there’s still a chance for those dreams in spite of her pessimism.



Bebe Neuwirth, Aladdin (The Series)

This universe’s  embodiment of evil, Mirage is so powerful that she cannot be stopped by force.  Just watch what happens every time Genie tries to take her down.  Naturally her one weakness is that she underestimates the power of virtue in foiling her plans.  She is utterly evil, and the only indication of any humanity she has is a vague past romance with Fasir.   



(?), Symbicort Commercial

I really thought this commercial would make a bigger splash in the furry community than it did.  Not many wolves on this list, unfortunately.  That’s funny because I really like wolf anthros.  Conversely, I’m not that big a fan of cat or bunny anthros, and yet there’s two of each of them here.  There’s not much about this character.  She’s a doctor, she’s pretty, and she wears glasses.  Maybe I’m just desperate for a wolf here.   Then again, the commercial implies that that old wolf just murdered three pigs in the end; maybe Symbicort is racked by guilt because of her indirect role in that crime.    



The Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Comics

When I was a Sonic fanboy, I loved this character.  She had a great design, kicked ass and was one of the few Sonic heroines who packed heat.  She was a good match for Knuckles, far better than  Rouge.  She looks very cute, but the femaleechidnas of the comics generally do.     



Dani Staahl/Andrea Martin, Darkwing Duck

She’s a funny parody of pretentious modern artists and she rocks the punk look well.




Long-suffering, snarky secretary to Wick.  Once again, I’m not that big a fan of cat anthros, but for some reason there’s a lot of characters I like.  Mostly because of Lackadaisy.



Kath Soucie, Sonic the Hedgehog

She’s a natural leader (“Sonic Boom” and the comics notwithstanding, but I’ll go into the former eventually) and she has great chemistry with Sonic.  Overall, I find the female characters in the SatAM/Archie continuity more compelling than those in the Sega continuity. 



Kristen Wiig, The Looney Tunes Show

Many furries seem to hate this character for having appeal outside giving them boners.  Doug Walker’s slight to furries is actually justified in this context.  This show took a furry pinup masquerading as a clichéd 90’s pseudofeminist character and turned her into comedy gold.  The fact that the writers were willing to make a zany female character to compete with the male cast is a far more securely feminist act than what the original was.  I actually find the more restrained design more appealing than bunnyboobies in your face.  She’s a consistently funny part of an inconsistently funny show.  Her mom gets an honorable mention as a BBW.  Such a nutty girl would not be sexy in real life, but then again, I actually do have a few villains on this list.     

Despite my preference for voice actors over celebrities, I do prefer Wiig’s voice over Kath Soucie’s original; it’s funny, distinctive and it fits the character.  But, then again, Soucie does show up twice on this list. 



Jennifer Esposito/Annie Mumolo, The LooneyTunes Show

Although she loses some points for her taste in men, she plays off the other characters in the show very well, especially with her facial expressions.  She’s a smart, sensitive tomboy who even seems to have a good moral code.



Christine Cavanaugh, Sonic the Hedgehog

A great character whose friendly, calm demeanor hides inner pain.  Half-roboticized by the villain, she endured a horror that most of the characters of the show had the luxury of avoiding.  Although we see hints of how much this torments her, she acts friendly and cheerful most of the time.  Still, one wonders what her friends were thinking giving her such a cruel nickname.  She’s a well-balanced personality.  I also love her plus-sized figure in the cartoon, but in the comics she’s unsurprisingly shaped like a Barbie doll.



Mari Devon, Digimon Tamers

Before I even knew what a furry was, I knew Renamon was sexy.  Beautiful, great figure, and a stoic demeanor. 




Though not as curvy as Mitzi, Ivy makes up for that cuteness and adaptability.  Despite being a sweet girl on the outside, Ivy navigates her insane situation of being involved with a Speakeasy with cleverness and strength.  She’s charismatic enough to get people to go along with her, and she comes through when s*** hits the fan.  Also, if you haven’t read Tracy Butler’s Lackadaisy, you seriously need to. 



Lim Un Yeong, Squirrel and Hegehog

An unexpected perk of the Songun policy is badass anthropomorphic cartoons.  Aside from being one of the “villains” in a North Korean Propaganda cartoon, she looks great.  I thank her for fictionally serving her country as well.  I can’t tell much about her personality because it’s pretty hard to find a reliable English dub.  She still comes off as charismatic, clever and sultry.  By the way, there are too many foxes on this list.



Sandra Bulloch, Minions

Though I haven’t seen the movie and I think the Minions are overrated, this villainess looks cool.  Stylish and confident, she looks even better as a wolf in a brief fantasy bit, where we actually get to see her kill those damn Minions.




She’s smart and she gets a lot of points for holding on to morality in an insane world.  I also love her romance with Wally.  Not only are they a cat and mouse couple, it’s clever how they use their predator/prey instincts to the relationship’s advantage.  She seems a little unhinged and suicidal for a time, but you can’t really blame her after what she’s been through.  She got better, though.



Lucy Briggs-Owen, Bloodborne

It’s probably the Catholic in me that finds this character so attractive.  Also, Amelia gets some sympathy points as she doesn’t seem to be a truly malicious monster, but rather a woman afflicted by a disease that turns her into a monster no matter how she tries to fight it.



Hyndyn Walch, Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue

Probably not pleasing many by including this awful sequel to a classic.  But then again, I do like this character.  She’s far more active than the “hero.”  She takes the initiative to go on the journey, she saves Timmy from the villain, and even puts the annoying comic relief character in his place.  Hell, she’s the real protagonist of this movie, and Timmy is her love interest.  I also have a thing for pear-shaped figures and pink sweaters.



Martha Wentworth, The Sword in the Stone

Mim may be one of the more understandable Disney villains in her motivation.  While she is definitely evil as she is willing to murder a child, she only does so because he’s Merlin’s follower.  Heck, she even expresses momentary regret with what she “has” to do.  Seriously, Merlin is pretty shady.  His motivation is trying to groom a child to become king (against his will) so he can rule the country through him.  With this in mind, Mim almost comes off like a very immoral anti-heroine.  As for the design, it’s the classic bottom-heavy dragon look that I absolutely love.



Stephanie Morgenstern, Blazing Dragons

A really cute and intelligent dragon girl, Flame is the only character besides Flicker with a clue.  She wants to improve the world in ways other than violence (she actually wants to made reforms that empower citizens!), but when push comes to shove she can kick some ass.  She also seems to realize that she can’t just tell the king and queen that Loungelot is taking credit for Flicker’s accomplishments since Loungelot happens to be the queen’s favorite.  She knows how to play the game.  The show isn’t that funny, but I love this character.  I just wish she was a fat dragon.



Kath Soucie, Quack Pack

This is my favorite interpretation of Daisy.  She’s smart, has a great body and I like Kath Soucie’s voice.  She also knows how to play bagpipes, and if that's not hot I don't know what is.



Liz Georges, Talespin

She’s a smart person, and you can see her passion for archeology in her mannerisms.  She can also talk down a mummy.  She has a cute character design that’s restrained, and I love her glasses.  There’s another archeologist vixen in another episode, but she looks way too sultry for my tastes (although the look does serve the story). 

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