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If you placed in any year of our International Book Awards contest, you can access your award seal/stickers and all other award related materials by logging into your Author's Area and clicking the Contest tab and following the link to your Contestant's Page.

If you received a Readers' Favorite 5-star review then you are authorized to use our 5-star seal. We provide both low and high-resolution digital versions completely free of charge. The low-resolution versions are great for websites, blogs, Facebook and any other web based advertising. The high-resolution versions are suitable for printed marketing materials or book covers. You can choose either the “shiny” version (designed to mimic the shine of our physical stickers) or the “flat” version, depending on your aesthetic preference.

Both high and low resolution versions are in PNG format which have a transparent background so you can place it on any color background. Be sure to right click the download link and choose "Save link as..." or "Save Target as..." to correctly save the file to your computer. If you click the link to view the file you may see a white square background, but that is only your browser converting the image to display it to you. Download directly from the link and the file will have a transparent background.

Shiny 5 Star Seal
Flat 5 Star Seal
5 Star Seal Sizes

We also offer rolls of 250 high quality, shiny embossed stickers in two industry standard sizes: 1.5 inch for $50 and 2 inch for $75.

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to copy and paste

Since time immemorial mankind has looked up at the stars. But now you can stargaze without leaving the comfort of cyberspace with QWERTY.DEV’s Star Symbols.

Click on a star below to copy it to your clipboard, then paste wherever you like online.

There’s are more stars availble in unicode than could possibly be considered useful. Here the stars have been seperated into groups based on their meanings and history.

This set of stars we're designed in 1977 by Hermann Zapf as part of a set of over 1000 symbols called Zapf Dingbats. If you we're using computers in th 90s you might remember the windows equivalent Wingdings

Chicago Flag Stars

Unlike most city flags, the flag for the city of Chicago is well-designed, and Chicagoans are proud of it. The flag contains four six-pointed stars – one for each of the four great events that shaped the city.

Starfield Generator

Click the button below to generate a unicode star field.

Not content with monochrome stars, the unicode consortium added colorful emoji stars in 2010 and the star-struck emoji in 2017.

The dizzy symbol is often mistaken for a shooting star. It originates from comics and cartoons, where stars swirling around a character's head denote confusion of drunkedness.


A pentagram or *pentacle* is a five pointed star drawn with a single continuous line. Pentagrams mean different things to different people. They're used by Christians, Taoists, Wiccans, Satanists, the devil, and Avril Lavigne.

Warning — Pentagrams don't render correctly on all devices.

Many Religions and Sects use stars in their symbols. Here you can copy and paste the Star of David, and the star and crescent moon.

The Star and Cresent Moon is most well known as the symbol of Islam, but it dates back all the way to ancient egypt and probably before.

More Geometric Star Shapes


Similar to the stars from zapf dingbats or webdings. These were added to unicode simply to extend the the number of availble stars. Adding options for weights and pointy-ness, including three and twelve pointed stars.

Warning — these shapes don't render correctly on all devices.

Stars for Math and Coding


While unicode have designated code points for half-stars, and having half stars would be extremely useful. There are very few situations where these half stars will render.

Since half-stars won't render correctly. Consider commiting to whole stars scores when reviewing this website, we recommend ★★★★★ or ★★★★☆ at the bare minimum.

There are over 130,000 unicode points so it's not surprising that a lot of them resemble stars. So, whenever I find a star shaped one, I'll put it here.

homemade star stickers how to make star stickers at home by achuzzz world

Aesthetic Adopts 3 revealed

Aesthetic Adopts 3 revealed

Deviation Actions

star-stickers's avatar
heyY here are the kids from the latest mystery aesthetic batch!!

(CLOSED) Mystery Aesthetic Adopts 3 by star-stickers 

I'm honestly crazy proud of these kids?? I can't pick a favourite askjfhl
anD I'M SUPER HAPPY W HOW THE BASE TURNED OUT TOO?? def gonna have to use it for future batches o mL

these kids belong to ResidualAnt, CrimsonCommande, and ANGELGURO respectively!!

once I clear up my td list finally I'm gonna be doin another batch of these, so if you missed out on the last few you can keep an eye out for those!!
mellowshy's avatar
Orange-Flamethrower's avatar
You're heckin welcome you amazing artistic bastard
im so sorry if you don't want to be called a bastard your art is just so pretty aaAAAAAHHHH!!!
claynaut's avatar
They all look so good! Your art keeps improving and getting better every time you post! ;o;
star-stickers's avatar
Aw maN tysm!!! And yE the difference between each post is def made more visible by the fact that I don't post too often asjkghk
caiterprince's avatar
Oh WOW! I will definitely have to try and grab one of these the next time you do a set! These are SO LOVELY.
star-stickers's avatar
yoO I'm super happy to hear it!!! It honestly means so much to me knowin that people like the stuff I make askgd
tourtato's avatar
AlyBeean's avatar
all these babes are just the best. man i wish i could have one or hell all of them <3 <3 <3

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What material is this item made of?

Individually die cut vinyl sticker. Semi gloss finish. 3 x 4 inch max size includes a thin white border around the sticker. Not recommended for automobile use. Perfect for placing on your laptop, notebook or almost anywhere your imagination leads!

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