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Free Lightroom Presets

Welcome to our Free Lightroom Presets page! Each week we like to give away a free item from one of our collections so you can try them out. Also take a look at our YouTube channel where we announce each preset and show the whole free preset bundle in action.

Updated: May 29th, 2020

Our “Freebie” presets are 100% free to download and use for personal or commercial work, you can also add them to your website for your readers to download – please reach out to us if you’re interested in a business partnership.  You can contact us to find out how this license arrangement works.

We also provide instruction on how to install mobile Lightroom presets. The Free version of Lightroom that is available for iPhone and Android is extremely powerful and many of the same features on the desktop version of Lightroom can be found on the mobile version.

Mobile Lightroom presets are very popular among social media influencers because the presets allow them to create a more custom and personalize look to their social posts. We work with Influencers to create custom Lightroom preset packs that they can give away or sell to their audience.

Take a look below where we have presets for all types of photography, please don’t forget to tell us what you think of them by leaving a review at the bottom – thanks!

What is Lightroom

Lightroom is a very popular piece of software created by Adobe for photographers which enables them to do 3 functions. You can use it as an image library tool to manage and organize all your photos, you can also use it to develop and edit those photos in JPG or RAW format and lastly, it is for exporting those images.  Lightroom Presets provide the perfect workflow automation opportunity for professionals and enthusiasts.

What are Lightroom Presets

When you are editing your photos in Lightroom in the “Develop” module, you can create different effects and styles by altering the many variables such as exposure, contrast, color, tone curve and so on. When you are happy with the look you have created, you are able to save the settings so that you can use them again later on different photos. When you save your settings, a file with the extension .lrtemplate is created and this is known as a “preset”.  Lrtemplate files are easy to install we will show you how to load your presets in your Lightroom application.

You are able to download presets created by other photographers and use them on your own photos, at Photonify we sell collections of presets for many different types of photography styles.  You likely found us on Google because of the professional designs we provide for both our free preset bundles and our premium lightroom presets.

How to Install a Lightroom Preset

Installing presets in Lightroom is super simple, just follow these instructions:

Open Lightroom

In the top menu go To: “Edit” > “Preferences”

Click the “Presets” tab at the top of the box and then click on the box titled: “Show Lightroom Presets Folder”

This will open a Windows file explorer box. Double Click on” Lightroom” and then Double Click on “Develop Presets”

Copy your presets into the “Develop Presets” folder.

Restart Lightroom

Your presets will now be available to use under the “Develop” area.

How to Use Lightroom Presets

There are many ways to use our Adobe Lightroom presets. Whether you’re a professional photographer, blogger, business owner or hobbyist, our presets will make your photos pop.

If you’re already a professional photographer, you can apply the presets to any of your client projects. This will save you countless hours of editing time while allowing you to wow your clients and create a beautiful, consistent portfolio.

Maybe you’re a business owner or blogger looking to make your website or social media feeds look more professional. If that’s the case, our presets add an artistic touch to product, fashion, food and travel photos.

If you’re a photography newbie, there are many ways you can practice shooting and editing. Ask friends and family members to model and pose for photos. Take a trip to the beach or mountains and practice your landscape photography. Whatever your inspiration, we have a preset that will take your snapshots from amateur to professional in just a few simple clicks.

Finally, if you truly want to put your photography skills to the test, consider entering a photo contest to see how your pictures stack up against others. Our presets can give your photos a competitive edge and take your entry from meh to amazing.

We love to hear from people who use our presets so get in touch with us with us if you’d like to share your images.

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I've been using their presets for a while now, and I love them! They are great and allow you to try out different styles and decide whether or not you'll purchase the full bundle. Really great!

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20 Free Lightroom Presets Collection


It’s extremely difficult to get crisp and clean colors in photos. Unless you have the perfect lighting and a high-definition camera, your photos will continue to look dull no matter what you do. However, with these free essential collections, you can create crisp and clean photos that show more detail than ever before without the need for a high-definition camera or perfect lighting.

This product will give you the creative variety you need to make the pictures you’ve always imagined a reality. Furthermore, you’ll be able to capture the same high-quality photo over and over and over again with these simple free presets.


This collection might be for free, but they are hand-crafted and will meet every expectation you have for professional photography. They will help you create the highest quality photos you and, more importantly, your client wants. The downloadable Lightroom free presets are the perfect solution for those photographers who have never used Adobe Lightroom presets and want to see if the investment in a full collection is worth their money.

If you’ve never used Lightroom plugins and would like to see how they make your life easier in the post-processing of photography, then download these Lightroom presets today. Not only will you see the difference in the consistent quality of your photos, but you’ll be able to achieve consistency easily and in a timely fashion. You shouldn’t hold yourself back as a professional photographer when you can download these professional Free Lightroom Presets.

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21 Free Lightroom Mobile Presets (Download Awesome Presets)

A round-up of free lightroom presets for mobile & classic to apply stunning effects to your images in no time. You can download these best presets right away and start editing images with Lightroom Mobile App & Lightroom Classic. Most of these presets don’t require making adjustments but it is a good idea to adjust the settings of highlights, exposure, contrast, etc to make sure these presets work exactly as you want to. Apart from just visiting download pages of these presets, do check websites’ homepages to get more free mobile lightroom presets.

Lightroom Mobile Presets (.DNG Format) VS Lightroom Desktop Presets (.XMP Format)

Lightroom mobile presets are basically images that come with pre-applied settings. The free presets that you will download from the below-mentioned links will have .DNG format and you just need to copy settings from these files and paste them to your photos in Lightroom mobile app to make them work.

Whereas Lightroom Desktop Presets are not images these are files come with .XMP format and exported by the New Adobe Lightroom CC Classic. Mobile presets are created in Lightroom Classic and they are exported to .DNG format so we can use them with Lightroom Mobile App.

Whether it is mobile or desktop presets, they both work the same but the only difference is you need DNG files to use them on mobile & to use them on the desktop you need .XMP files. Also, you need a Lightroom subscription to use presets on Desktop but you don’t need to pay to use presets with Lightroom Mobile as it is free to use.

How to Install Lightroom Presets on Desktop

It is very easy to import presets in Lightroom Classic.

1. Open the Lightroom Classic, go to File > Import Photos & Videos.
2. Now import some photos and select any of the imported photos.
3. Select the Develop Module on the top right of the screen, on the left side, click on the (+) under the Presets tab and select “Import Presets”.
4. Look for .xmp presets, select them, and import the presets.

How to Install Presets with Lightroom Mobile

Installing mobile presets is a bit tedious task and I have to be more thorough to explain.

1. Create a new album in the Lightroom Mobile App. Click on the (+) icon in the Album section (right on your screen).
2. Load all the presets in the new album. To add presets, click on the “+ & picture icon” at the right bottom of the screen. Select your mobile presets and add all the DNG files.
3. Open any preset that you just loaded to a new album in Lightroom and then click on the three dots icon at the top right > select Create Preset.
4. Give your preset a name & save it. You can also choose to put under a new group
5. Now open any of your photos.
6. Find the Presets icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen and tap on it.
7. Now browse through your presets and apply them to your photos.

Here are 21 Free Mobile Lightroom Presets:

1. 10 Free Dark & Moody Presets For Mobile & Desktop


2. 11 Free Landscape Presets For Mobile & Desktop


3. Light and Airy Presets For Mobile & Desktop


4. Free Hipster Lightroom Preset


5. Banff Lightroom Mobile Presets


6. Urban Tones Mobile Lightroom Presets


7. Insta Blogger Style Preset


8. Free Model Film Lightroom Preset (Desktop + Mobile)


9. Toni Mahfud Lightroom Presets (Desktop + Mobile)


Get Free Lightroom Preset Bundle!

Get 40 Free Lightroom Presets including Dark & Moody, Coloring, Landscape & many more. Subscribe and get the bundle delivered to your inbox!

10. Snow Mountain Lightroom Mobile Preset


11. 10 Winter Presets For Classic & Mobile


12. Classic Bright Preset


13. Greece Lightroom Presets


14. Free Sepia & Teal Mobile Lightroom Preset


15. Anniversary Mobile & Desktop Preset


16. Moody Black


17. 12 Free Mobile & Desktop Presets


18. 10 Free Vibrant Coloring Presets (Mobile & Desktop)


19. Free Vintage Objects Lightroom Presets


20. Free Cinematic Photo Effect Lightroom Presets


21. Free Sample Pack of Lightroom Presets (10 Different Presets)


Top 50 Lightroom Presets of 2019 of All Time - Free Download - How to Install Preset in Lightroom

The 40 Best Free Lightroom Presets in 2021

Most web and graphic designers use Photoshop daily as one of the main tools of the trade. Photoshop is incredibly powerful for designing and photo editing, but Adobe also has Lightroom, which can be used for processing/editing photos and the organization of photo files.

As a designer, you probably work with a lot of images, including those provided by clients, purchased stock photos, free stock photos, and possibly even your own photos. Because designers work with so many photos and are also photography enthusiasts, Lightroom has become increasingly popular even outside the circles of just professional photographers.

Also helping to boost Lightroom’s popularity is its inclusion in Adobe’s Creative Cloud. If you have a Creative Cloud subscription for software like Photoshop and Illustrator, you also have access to Lightroom.

The early versions of Lightroom included basic functionality for editing photos, but the Library Module for organizing photos was equally important. Since photographers can easily build up an archive of thousands of photos, keeping them organized is essential. But over the years, with each new version, Lightroom’s Develop Module has become increasingly powerful, and Lightroom users find themselves opening Photoshop less and less.

One of the best ways to take advantage of Lightroom’s capabilities, especially if you are just getting started with the program, is to make use of presets.

Lightroom Presets are small predetermined settings files that, once installed, and with just a single click, can be used to apply specific and often stunning effects to your photos instantly. They serve a very similar purpose as Photoshop actions that would be used in Photoshop to apply a specific type of effect to a photo.

Presets can help to speed up your editing workflow, allow you to get amazing effects that you might not be able to duplicate on your own, and they can also serve as an excellent educational resource if you want to learn how to create different types of effects. There are many presets available for purchase, but there are also some that you can download for free.

Finding the best free presets can be a little challenging because you need to weed through a lot of lower quality options as well, so this collection was compiled to showcase some of the best free presets that you can download.

10,000+ Actions, Presets, Layer Styles & Brushes

Photoshop Actions & Brushes, Lightroom Presets, Illustrator Brushes, Procreate Brushes, and much more!

View All Presets & Addons

Free Film Effect Lightroom Presets

These presets will give your digital photos a film-like appearance. These effects are often somewhat subtle but can help to create gorgeous photos.

1. Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset (Free)

With the help of this preset, you’ll give your portraits a grittier feel and you can apply it with a single click.

Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset

2. The Editorial Collection v2 (Envato Elements)

If you want to make your photos look like they belong on the cover of a magazine, try this preset. You will find 13 presets compatible with both JPEG and RAW files.

The Editorial Collection v2

3. Film-Inspired Lightroom Preset (Free)

This film-inspired Lightroom preset will give your photos a classic film look. You can apply it to all kinds of photos, including landscape, outdoors, portraits, and more.

Free Film Lightroom Preset

4. Film Lightroom Preset (Free)

This is another film-inspired Lightroom preset but the difference is that this set gives your photos a soft, washed out look. Use it to produce an interesting effect on your portrait photos.

Free Film Lightroom Preset

5. Anniversary Lightroom Presets – Volume I (Envato Elements)

This set of presets contains 20 different presets designed with couple, senior, and portrait photography in mind. A few notable features include authentic color tones, moody atmosphere, and film imitation.

Anniversary Lightroom Presets Volume I

6. The Starter Pack Lightroom Presets Collection (Free)

If you’re just getting started with Lightroom, this preset collection is what you need. It contains several useful presets that will help you enhance your images and improve your workflow.

The Free Starter Pack Lightroom Presets Collection

7. Sunny Landscape Lightroom Presets (Envato Elements)

Try this preset collection if you like shooting a lot of landscapes, sunrise or sunset photos. The collection comes with 30 different presets that support RAW, NEF, DNG, JPG, and TIFF formats.

Sunny Landscape Lightroom Presets

8. Vintage Film Lightroom Preset (Free)

Use this vintage preset whenever you need to make your photos appear more vintage. The preset will apply a nice-looking, soft vintage effect that will make your photos stand out.

Free Vintage Film Lightroom Preset

9. Grainy Matte Lightroom Preset (Free)

Matte effects are a popular effect for portrait photography and thanks to this preset, you no longer have to create it from scratch each and every time.

Free Grainy Matte Lightroom Preset

10. Newborn Lightroom Presets (Envato Elements)

This preset collection was designed with newborn photography in mind. A total of 20 presets will add various effects such as soft light, soft black and white, vintage, amazing eyes, and more.

Newborn Lightroom Presets

11. Faded Lightroom Preset (Free)

Try this preset if you want to add a nice-looking faded effect to your photos. This effect works well with a variety of photos, including city scapes, landscapes, outdoors, portraits, and more.

Faded Free Lightroom Preset

12. I’m Blogger – 50 Lightroom Presets (Envato Elements)

You will find a grand total of 50 presets, perfect for travel, fashion, lifestyle, food, and other photography styles. Use it to make your blog stand out.

Im Blogger 50 Lightroom Presets

Free HDR Effects Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is great for allowing you to increase the dynamic range of a photo. The most recent version (Lightroom CC) includes a new HDR merge feature, but in order to do that you will need multiple exposures of the same scene. If you are working with a single photo, you can get an HDR appearance with these presets.

UltraPOP Lightroom Presets (Envato Elements)

Add new life to your photos with this UltraPOP preset for Lightroom. The collection contains 20 different presets, each of which adds a unique pop of color to your photos.

UltraPOP Lightroom Presets

14. HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

For a more dramatic look, consider using this HDR preset for Lightroom. You will be able to quickly apply all the effects needed to produce a true HDR look.

Free HDR Lightroom Preset

15. Flowerage Portrait Presets for Lightroom & ACR (Envato Elements)

These Flowerage Portrait presets for Lightroom are perfect for wedding and art photography. The collection works well with natural light portraiture with lots of greens and flowers.

Flowerage Portrait Presets for Lightroom & ACR

16. Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

This is another HDR preset for Lightroom but this time you will get a cinematic look. This preset is perfect for landscape and nature photos and works with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Free Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset

17. HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

This HDR Lightroom preset will make any photo appear more somber and works well with portrait photography. You can also tweak the preset to your liking.

HDR Free Lightroom Preset

18. FoodKit – Food Presets for Lightroom & ACR (Envato Elements)

Any food or event photographer will find this preset handy. Not only will you be able to make your photos look yummy, you’ll also be able to speed up your workflow significantly.

FoodKit Food Presets for Lightroom ACR

19. Strong HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

Try this Strong HDR Lightroom preset if you want to make your photos appear bold and dramatic. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and newer versions.

Free Strong HDR Lightroom Preset

20. Artistic vol. 3 Lightroom Presets (Envato Elements)

This pack of Lightroom presets contains 26 different presets with artistic look and feel. They are compatible with Lightroom 4 and up and work with both JPG and RAW images.

Artistic vol 3 Lightroom Presets

21. Autumn Color Boost HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

Boost the dynamic range and make those fall colors really pop with this Autumn Color Boost HDR Lightroom preset. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and newer versions.

Autumn Color Boost Free HDR Lightroom Preset

22. Black & White HDR Lightroom Preset (Free)

This preset makes it easy to apply the black and white effect to any photo and keep the deep, beautiful blacks.

Black White HDR Lightroom Preset

Free Color Effects Lightroom Presets

There are all kinds of options for working with color in Lightroom. With some dull photos, you may want to make the colors pop, and in other cases, you may want to use a faded effect instead. You can also bring a blue sky to life or enhance autumn colors in a nature photo.

23. Color Pop Lightroom Preset (Free)

Bring your photos to life by adding a pop of color. This free preset will make the colors in your photos appear more vibrant. The preset works with both RAW files and .jpg files.

Color Pop Lightroom Preset

24. Vibrant Landscape Lightroom Preset (Free)

This is another colorful preset for Lightroom, designed to bring your landscape photos to life by making the colors appear more vibrant. The preset works with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC.

Vibrant Landscape Lightroom Preset

25. Autumn Landscape Lightroom Preset (Free)

Autumn is one of the most colorful seasons and this preset will make those fall landscape photos appear even more lively. The preset is easy to use and adjust to your needs.

Autumn Colors Lightroom Preset

26. Light Leak Lightroom Preset (Free)

Add a nice leak effect to your photos with this free Lightroom preset. The preset works well in combination with vintage effects. It’s easy to apply and to customize to your liking.

Light Leak Lightroom Preset

27. Cinema Lightroom Preset (Free)

Make your photos stand out with this free Lightroom preset. It will turn your photos into cinematic masterpieces and you can easily adjust it to your needs.

Cinema Lightroom Preset

28. Intense Warm Lightroom Preset (Free)

As the name suggests, this preset will make your photos appear more intensive and warm them up. It’s a great choice for portrait photos and it works with both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Intense Warm Lightroom Preset

29. Popper Lightroom Preset (Free)

This preset is a great choice when you need to add a touch of color to your photos without going overboard. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and up as well as with Photoshop.

Popper Lightroom Preset

30. Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset (Free)

Although you can use this preset with a variety of photos, this soft pastel Lightroom preset works best with portrait and outdoor images.

Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset

31. Soft & Light Lightroom Preset (Free)

Knock two birds with one stone and add a soft look and improve the lighting in your photos with a single click.

Soft & Light Lightroom Preset

32. Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset (Free)

Add a pastel touch to your photos with this Lightroom preset. It works with Lightroom 4 and up as well as with Photoshop and you can easily customize it.

Soft Pastel Lightroom Preset

33. Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset (Free)

Make your photos appear faded which will give them a nice aged look. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and up and supports both JPG and RAW image formats.

Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset

34. Faded Lightroom Preset (Free)

Try this faded Lightroom preset if you want to save yourself time and not apply the same filters and effects from scratch every time.

Faded Lightroom Preset

35. Grace Lightroom Preset (Free)

Make your photos appear more smooth by applying this Grace preset for Lightroom. The preset is free for personal and commercial use and works with Lightroom 4 and up.

Grace Lightroom Preset

Free Black & White Effect Lightroom Presets

It’s easy to convert a color photo to black & white in Lightroom, but simple black & white conversions often look dull and uninteresting. To get the most from your black & whites, you’ll need to make some other tweaks as well, and these presets will take care of the work for you.

36. Black & White Lightroom Preset (Free)

This Black and White Lightroom preset was designed for RAW images but works well with the JPG format as well. It will instantly turn your color photos into black and white.

Black & White Lightroom Preset

37. B&W Berkeley (Free)

Not only will this preset turn your photos into black and white, it will also give them a nice vintage effect. The preset is easy to apply and customize.

B&W Berkeley

Free Vintage Effects Lightroom Presets

Want a vintage effect for your photo? That can be done very easily with this selection of excellent vintage and retro presets.

38. Vintage Fade Lightroom Presets (Free)

This preset will fade the colors of the photo and apply a subtle vintage effect. It works with Lightroom 4 and newer as well as with Photoshop.

Vintage Fade Lightroom Preset

39. Vintage Lightroom Preset (Free)

This preset, called Vintage Wash will instantly make your photos feel more retro. The preset works with Lightroom 4 and newer and supports a variety of image formats.

Vintage Lightroom Preset

40. Lavender Lomo Lightroom Preset (Free)

Recreate a lomo look with the help of this Lightroom preset. This preset works with Lightroom 4, 5, 6, and CC versions.

Lavender Lomo Lightroom Preset

41. Blondies and Brunettes Lightroom Presets (Free)

This fun collection of Lightroom presets works well with portrait photography and will apply a fun retro look to your photos.

Blondies and Brunettes Lighroom Presets

42. Warm Retro (Free)

Similarly to other Lightroom presets, this collection of presets will add a warm retro look to your photos. The collection supports Lightroom 4 and newer.

Warm Retro

43. Vintage Garden (Free)

This vintage collection of Lightroom presets is a great choice when you need to add a vintage effect to landscape and outdoors photography.

Vintage Garden

44. Orange & Green Vintage Clarity Lightroom Preset (Free)

This Lightroom preset will turn your photos black and white and make them appear more vintage at the same time.

Old and Dirty Lightroom Preset

How to Install & Use a Lightroom Preset

Lightroom presets make it easy to edit your photos consistently. They save you time because you don’t have to recreate the image adjustments from scratch. There are plenty of free Lightroom presets available online. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to install and use a Lightroom preset.

How to Install and Use a Preset for Lightroom CC 2018+:

  1. Download and unzip the preset file you want to use
  2. Launch Lightroom
  3. Navigate to Develop Module
  4. Hover over the + sign next to the Presets
  5. Select Import Presets
  6. Apply the preset by selecting the photo you want to edit and clicking the preset name.

How to Install and Use a Preset for Older Versions of Lightroom:

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Go to Preferences > Presets
  3. Click on the box titled: Show Lightroom Presets Folder
  4. Double click on Lightroom
  5. Double click on Develop Presets
  6. Copy the folders of your presets into the Develop Presets folder
  7. Restart Lightroom
  8. Use the preset by selecting the photo you want to work with and clicking on the preset name

Preset download lightroom


Luxury Black - Lightroom Mobile Presets - Black Preset - Dark Preset - Black Tone - True Black


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