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Youth movement in progress for Legacy volleyball

Graduating half of their roster a season ago, the Lady Lightning will look for contributions and improvements from their young players throughout 2019.

Three seniors, however, return in Hope Hagara, Grace Valdez and Ally Beilman hoping to lead the charge for a highly-competitive group.

“It’s extremely important for those three seniors to step up,” second-year coach Nicole Coffey said last week. “We are going to be extremely young this year, so we are going to need them to lead by example and teach the other ones (players) about what’s up with the program and how to help run the program.”

In her first season at the helm for Legacy last year, Coffey’s team went a respectable 11-14 overall. But their 6-6 record in conference play is what stands out in a well-balanced 5A Front Range League that includes Fossil Ridge (21-4 overall), Fort Collins (21-4) and Rocky Mountain (20-7).

As a talented, incoming freshmen class is expected to hit the ground running with vacant spots on the roster, going up against the best doesn’t intimidate the Legacy girls, who are hungry to compete.

“We have a great incoming freshman group coming in. We probably have 10-12 freshman coming in that have been playing club, sand (volleyball). It’s awesome, and I’m super excited about them coming in,” Coffey said. “I don’t know exactly where they are going to fit yet, but I’m very excited for that group.”

She’s looking forward to seeing how her younger players match up.

“It’s really going to be a teaching year for these younger girls to see what we are up against in those bigger, more experienced teams,” Coffey said. “For them (young players) to see it when they are young and learn from it now, I think is very important.”

She’s also expects leadership from the team’s elders.

“I think the girls we have returning, and the few we have coming up, they are competitors,” Coffey said. “They want to see that skill level and play against it, so I’m super excited to see what they can do against them, especially this young.”


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Push Push (Lady Lightning)

Legacy softball ready to make another run in 2019

The sign of a dominant program in any sport is not to rebuild, but to reload and Legacy softball is no exception, as the six-time state champion Dawn Gaffin enters her 21st season at the helm for the Lady Lightning.

Losing three-straight years in the 5A state tournament to eventual champions Cherokee Trail and Legend (twice), Gaffin hopes the depth of her program will have her team in the running to be at the top of the state once again.

As five seniors (Morgan Hernandez-Belew, Kiara Pfeifer, Logan Taylor, Isabella Kelly, and Lauren Strathearn) left the program after a 22-5 season and the school’s first Front Range League championship since 2013 (11-0 in conference), the motto of `next woman up’ doesn’t change.

“All of them (seniors) were starters and had been starters for a long time,” Gaffin said in a phone interview. “So, it’s definitely a big dent, but we had a very talented freshman group come in last year that I think can step up and fill those shoes. We will be competitive again. We are just going to reload.”

The reloading of the roster will be tested, however, early and often for the Lady Lightning. Stepping forward to take on top competition from in and out of conference, Gaffin and her coaching staff want to take on the significant challenges to prepare her team for the long haul.

“Our schedule ranks as the toughest in the state because not only do we have the Front Range League to contend with, we have the likes of Cherokee Trail, Legend, Brighton and Rock Canyon. I look at who made it to the Sweet 16, and that’s who we go get. We figure we have to beat them by the end of the year, so we better start playing them during the regular season. Knowing that we are being prepared and knowing how to compete with the best of the best in the state, on a weekly basis, it helps all of us. Another reason why we went out to get the toughest schedule that we could is so that our girls understand this is what you have to do to win this whole thing. That is our goal every year, ever since I have started here at Legacy. Why else do you play?”

Seven seniors return headlined by the battery of pitcher Hannah Farley (Colorado State commit), catcher Samantha Conradie and centerfielder Riley Olson up the middle. Dictating flow and leadership from these three could prove crucial to the success and growth of the younger players that may include six sophomores on the roster. The veteran manager also credits her assistants John Waller, Melissa Truett, Shae Haifley and JV manager Heather Long on the development of the younger players in the program.

“My JV coach (Long) did an amazing job of preparing these freshman to step in as sophomores into those big shoes (that the seniors leave) because we knew we would have to. I have to give kudos to my other lower-level coaches for feeding the program and allowing our varsity team to reload every year.”

Winning five-straight titles from 2007-2011 and their last coming in 2013, Legacy hopes to add to their trophy case once again this year.


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ICE Allstars Lady Lightning NCA 2020 Day 2 *CHAMPIONS*

Legacy girls soccer explodes offensively in win

On a day when Legacy girls’ soccer honored former Lightning player Chris Reagan in their sleek orange uniforms April 18 at North Stadium, the Lady Lightning defeated Greeley West (1-8), 7-0. Behind 31 total shots to GW’s one, it was a display of complete dominance for the home squad on a day of remembrance.

“We had talked before the game about some tactical things, positioning things and at the end of the day, the offensive output was there,” Legacy coach Luke Meadows said after the game. “That’s our highest goal total of the year. It’s a great occasion for why we wear the orange uniforms, and it was just a good output from everybody.”

Scoring twice in the first 12 minutes, senior Kailey Maness continues her excellent work, showcasing as the engine for the group. Her first goal came with 33:39 left in the first half followed by a header on a corner kick from sophomore Danielle Gonzalez.

“She (Maness) brings an energy that not a lot of players have. That’s not a coach thing, that is just naturally who she is,” Meadows said. “The energy she brings adds a ton of value. Offensively, she obviously creates a spark, but defensively it creates a sense of urgency that everyone else can get on board with. In terms of a leadership perspective, from an urgency perspective, she does a lot of things that add value.”

Adding value in the goal department with three more before halftime, Gonzalez (17th minute) and junior Makayla Merlo (25th and 27th minute) spaced the Lady Lightning lead to five going to the break. Converting on five of the 10 shots in the first half, Legacy more than doubled their shots on net in the second.

Controlling time of possession all afternoon, Greeley West didn’t attempt their first shot (only shot of contest) on goal until the 77th minute (2:48 left in the game). The ball didn’t find the Legacy defensive side of the field more than a handful of times.

Tallying the final two scores, seniors Miranda Sanchez and Nora Spuler both converted in the 75th minute to cap a special afternoon.

Saturday, hoping to end the week on a high note, Legacy (5-4-1, 3-3 in conference) couldn’t contain Rocky Mountain in the 3-0 defeat.


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