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Fed, nearing bond-buying ‘taper,’ remains divided on inflation

NEW YORK: Despite a broadly shared view that the U.S. labor market has healed enough to allow the Federal Reserve to start reducing its monthly bond purchases as soon as next month, policymakers are sharply divided over inflation and what they should do about it. Views expressed just in the last 24 hours ranged from worried to sanguine. Some policymakers are convinced that once pandemic-disrupted supply chains get back up and running, price rises will calm back down on their own. Others see a broadening out of inflation pressures as evidence they may not unless the Fed does more to combat it. The divisions point to difficult debates over Fed policy ahead, just as U.S. central bank leadership heads for a potentially epoch-changing makeover. Fed Chair Jerome Powell's four-year term ends in February, and U.S. President Joe Biden must soon decide whether to reappoint him or pick another leader. In addition, he will need to fill as many as three of the Fed Board's other six seats, ... » Learn More about Fed, nearing bond-buying ‘taper,’ remains divided on inflation

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Philips’ new S$159 mask has cool airflow module which removes heat & moisture

It looks like Covid-19 isn't the only thing that here to stay. After more than a year of obscuring the bottom half of our beautiful mugs, its quite undeniable that mask-wearing is not a habit that we will be kicking soon. But with advances in technology, you can chuck the boring surgical mask or the flimsy Hello Kitty cloth mask that your aunty made for you. Instead, check out the Philips Fresh Air Mask ACM066 (S$159) . Launched by health technology company Royal Philips in early October, the Fresh Air Mask comprises three parts: An Air Power module A mesh fabric mask cover A replaceable mask filter First, the Air Power module. Here's how it works: Philips says that it provides fresh airflow of up to 41 litres per minute. This removes trapped heat, moisture and carbon dioxide from within the mask quickly. This module has three different speed modes to toggle between. You can do this just by pressing a button in the upper right hand corner of ... » Learn More about Philips’ new S$159 mask has cool airflow module which removes heat & moisture

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[OPINION] Philippine-Russia relations in the post-Duterte presidency

It is public knowledge that since becoming president in 2016, Rodrigo Duterte has attempted to “pivot” Philippine foreign policy not just to China but also to Russia. The Filipino populist leader made several attempts to reach out to his admired Russian leader, President Vladimir Putin. It first began to take momentum on the sidelines of the 2016 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Peru. Since then, various views have painted different pictures about the upgraded bilateral relations between Manila and Moscow. Some argue that this vigorous outreach to Russia breaks the Philippines away from its overdependence on the American-centric lens, thanks to Duterte’s enthusiasm. Others point out that though the relations were quite proactive in the Duterte presidency, its overly personalistic touch would hardly sustain its momentum once Duterte is out of office. Both views are only partially correct. While Duterte is indeed energetic whenever getting in touch ... » Learn More about [OPINION] Philippine-Russia relations in the post-Duterte presidency

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Best CareShield Life supplement comparison: Should you upsize your CareShield Life with Aviva, Great Eastern or NTUC Income?

At the risk of sounding too privileged when I say this, I sometimes face this dilemma when ordering a meal at a fast-food restaurant. My finger will hover over the touchscreen as I calculate in my mind whether this upsize is worth it by asking myself these questions: Will the food be enough? Will I be full with the main meal? Will this affect my ability to retire early ? But trivial #firstworldproblems aside, I’m here to discuss a more serious issue and answer some questions you might have about CareShield Life. Is the basic coverage from CareShield Life enough? Should you ‘upsize’ your CareShield Life coverage with supplements that can raise your payouts by up to five times? Which of the supplements from Aviva, Great Eastern or NTUC Income is best for you? As always, we got you! Disclaimer: The information provided by Seedly serves as an educational piece and is not intended to be financial advice. ​Readers should always consider their own needs and seek advice from a ... » Learn More about Best CareShield Life supplement comparison: Should you upsize your CareShield Life with Aviva, Great Eastern or NTUC Income?

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This photographer is making waves on TikTok with his special models – stray cats

Many photographers enjoy working with models to breathe some life into their creations. But this aspiring photographer is honing his craft with a slew of furry friends instead. If you're a frequent TikTok user, you may have come across some of Chua Wei Jie's cat photography on the video sharing platform The 27-year-old, who goes by cweijieeee on TikTok, got a taste of virality back in July when his video of a stray ginger cat amassed over 105,000 views and 26,000 likes. He's since gone on to shoot more stray cats all around Singapore, and based off how quickly Wei Jie gets cats to cosy up to him, one may assume that he's a cat owner himself. Funnily enough, he isn't, he tells AsiaOne. @cweijieeee how can people not love cats #catsoftiktok #photography ♬ original sound - typical chinese boi name - weijie In most of his videos, he starts off by befriending the kitty by giving it pats and rubs before he goes in with his camera to snap some aesthetically pleasing ... » Learn More about This photographer is making waves on TikTok with his special models – stray cats

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Citi Lazada credit card review – is it only good for Lazada shoppers?

From the unexpectedly popular UOB KrisFlyer card to the newly introduced GrabPay credit card, there have been quite a few branded credit cards launched in the market. Here’s one more to add to the list: the Citi Lazada card. As you can probably guess, this card targets those who shop on Lazada. That’s a lot of people: according to a report by Statista , Lazada is second to Shopee as the top e-commerce site in Singapore with more than seven million monthly web visits in the first quarter of 2021. In a nutshell, the Citi Lazada card offers a whopping 10X rewards ($1 = four miles) on Lazada purchases, and 5X ($1 = two miles) rewards for other key spending categories like dining, travel, entertainment and transport. Is the Citi Lazada card really a godsend for Laz-addicts, or did they literally “play it up”? Here’s our take on the card. Citi Lazada credit card overview First, let’s look at the card benefits like bonus reward points (or air miles): Spending category ... » Learn More about Citi Lazada credit card review – is it only good for Lazada shoppers?

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Why does vsco say launching soon

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OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition teased, may launch soon

Close OnePlus Watch OnePlus India via a Twitter post has teased the launch of a special edition of the OnePlus Watch . The tweet does not mention the exact name of the smartwatch, but it hints at the Harry Potter Edition of OnePlus Watch. “For a generation that still remembers magic. Experience more and get notified to win big. Know more:”, the tweet says. OnePlus India has shared an image in the tweet. It shows a smartwatch with a leather strap having Hogwarts' logo on it. From Social Another hint that it is the Harry Potter Edition of OnePlus Watch is in the URL of the promo page which states ‘hpwatch’. ‘Hp’ likely stands for Harry Potter. The webpage itself is titled ‘Calling all Witches and Wizards’. The company has not revealed the launch date of the OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition . It only states that the product is coming soon. No other information about the upcoming smartwatch is known yet. … [Read more...] about OnePlus Watch Harry Potter Edition teased, may launch soon

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Palm is planning a comeback on October 26 with its ‘something special’ product

After a small startup company from San Francisco purchased the rights for ‘ Palm ’ name from TCL in 2017, the company launched its first smartphone called Palm Phone in 2018. Since then the company has been mostly silent and hasn’t announced any new product after giving the same phone a minor upgrade. Now, the company seems to be making a comeback with a new product. The company has teased a new product and its comeback on Twitter. The tweet carries an image with a background image and text. The image appears to be of true-wireless earbuds and the text says “We’ve been busy”. Along with that it also confirms the announcement date for the true wireless earbuds as October 26. The post does not reveal much about the upcoming TWS earbuds from the company. However, the company is saying that they’ve ‘something special' and it is yet to be seen that ‘special’ factor about the Palm earbuds . What we can speculate is that the earbuds will most likely come with … [Read more...] about Palm is planning a comeback on October 26 with its ‘something special’ product

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The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles, deals and sale prices in October 2021

Jump to section: Nintendo Switch bundles (USA) Nintendo Switch bundles (UK) Nintendo Switch Lite Nintendo Switch Pro controller deals Extra Joy-Con deals Nintendo Switch Micro SD memory card deals Have you heard the news? For any lucky folks in Europe, the price of the Nintendo Switch is going to be permanently reduced by £20/€20. The cut comes as the new Nintendo Switch OLED is due for release on October 8, dramatically shaking up all of the Nintendo Switch deals we can expect to see going forward. If you want to make a saving already, there are many great value Nintendo Switch bundles up for grabs. You'll find the very best Nintendo Switch deals right here and we'll continue to update them every week. As soon as we hear of a discounted console or Joy-Con hitting the shelf we'll be bringing you all the latest prices. We've been scouring the web for all the latest discounts, and you'll find all our top picks of the best Nintendo Switch bundles … [Read more...] about The cheapest Nintendo Switch bundles, deals and sale prices in October 2021

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Activision claims Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system won’t look at your files

Call of Duty's comprehensive new anti-cheat system includes a potential olive branch for security-conscious players: It can't access your PC's private files—or so publisher Activision claims. Announced Wednesday via the Call of Duty blog , the developers' new suite of cheat-deterrent tools (called the Ricochet Anti-Cheat initiative) includes a kernel-level driver for PC that the publisher is claiming will only run when a Call of Duty game is active, as well as a host of server-side tools that the Call of Duty security team will use to monitor player behavior and respond accordingly. The Ricochet system will be required to play Call of Duty: Warzone and the upcoming WWII-based Call of Duty: Vanguard once the software is implemented in each game. Further Reading Ring 0 of fire: Does Riot Games’ new anti-cheat measure go too far? Assuming the publisher's claims are true, the kernel driver—slated to be added to Warzone later this year — only performs active … [Read more...] about Activision claims Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system won’t look at your files

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New update makes Google Assistant Driving Mode a lot easier to initiate

Home / News / Android Auto Couldn't Get Easier The latest Google app update also brings the new Driving Mode dashboard UI that was announced last month. Babu Mohan 14 Oct 2021 0 Source: Chris Wedel / Android Central What you need to know Google Assistant can now launch Driving Mode automatically when it connects to your car's Bluetooth. You can now also have the assistive UI launch automatically as soon as you start driving. The new options have been rolled out with the Google app update version 12.39. The Google Assistant will now auto-launch Driving Mode as soon as your phone connects to your car's Bluetooth. As reported by the folks over at 9to5Google , the functionality has started rolling out as part of the Google app v12.39. The new auto-launch option is set to "Do nothing" by default, so you'll have to choose either "Ask before launching" or "Launch driving mode" for it to work. There's also a second … [Read more...] about New update makes Google Assistant Driving Mode a lot easier to initiate

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This new ransomware encrypts your data and makes some nasty threats, too

The ransomware threat is growing: What needs to happen to stop attacks getting worse? Watch Now Cybercriminals are distributing a new form of ransomware in attacks against victims in which they not only encrypt the network but also make threats to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and to harass employees and business partners if a ransom isn't paid. Dubbed Yanluowang, the ransomware was uncovered by cybersecurity researchers in Broadcom Software's Symantec Threat Hunter team while they were investigating an attempted cyberattack against a large undisclosed organization. While the attempted attack wasn't successful, the investigation revealed a new form of ransomware. It also provided insight into how some cybercriminals are attempting to make attacks more effective -- in this case, with the threat of additional attacks. See also: A winning strategy for cybersecurity (ZDNet special report). Yanluowang drops a ransom note telling … [Read more...] about This new ransomware encrypts your data and makes some nasty threats, too

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GPU Availability and Pricing Update: August 2021

It’s time for our monthly update into graphics card pricing and availability, a series that we’ve been running since March , giving us a ton of useful insight into the current state of the GPU market. Graphics cards are still quite difficult to purchase at reasonable prices in most regions, but the month of August in particular has seen a number of developments that are worth talking about. Follow up: GPU Update September 2021 The market is still facing complications that are affecting GPU prices. If you’re new to this series, in previous articles we’ve described this as a multi-factor situation. Many people are quick to place all the blame on one area or another, but the reality is there are many contributing factors. As we sit here in August, high demand for gaming GPUs , cryptocurrency mining , supply shortages for key graphics card components, limited wafer allocations at fabs , logistics issues due to the global pandemic, tariffs and several other reasons are all … [Read more...] about GPU Availability and Pricing Update: August 2021

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Swappa local: A trusted local marketplace to buy and sell your used gear

11 things an Android does better than the iPhone Watch Now Since I write about mobile technology here on ZDNet, I've been buying and selling gear as part of my review process. I sold my first phone, a Sony Xperia Z2, on Swappa five years ago and continue to use this service to buy and sell phones, wearables, and tablets . Swappa has steps in place to verify gear is legitimate so you don't have to worry about getting scammed while its listing fees are the lowest around. It is now taking this online expertise and bringing it to local markets with Swappa Local . Swappa Local launched in five markets; Austin, Dallas/Ft Worth, Kansas City, Minneapolis/St Paul, and Orange County. Swappa listings are reviewed and approved by a person in an attempt to fight fraud and protect buyers. Swappa Local also has policies and protections in place for meeting to make the exchange locally with real people available to help 24/7. There is also a Swappa rating system so you can … [Read more...] about Swappa local: A trusted local marketplace to buy and sell your used gear

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What is Google Pixel Pass? Leaked Pixel 6 upgrade system explained

The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are being fully unveiled on October 19, but alongside those Google might also be planning to launch a new service known as Pixel Pass. This looks to be Google’s take on Apple One , essentially bundling several services together under one monthly subscription, and while it’s not been confirmed just yet, enough details have been leaked that we have a good idea of what Pixel Pass might offer. Below then we’ll run you through exactly what it reportedly gets you, and how you’d go about signing up for it. What do you get with Pixel Pass? Based on leaks , Google Pixel Pass has both a hardware and software component. On the hardware front, you’d get a Pixel phone, and would be eligible for “regular upgrades.” In terms of software, you’d get a subscription to Google Play Pass (Google’s service that gives you access to various premium apps and games), YouTube Premium, Google One (which gives you cloud storage), and Google Fi (which … [Read more...] about What is Google Pixel Pass? Leaked Pixel 6 upgrade system explained

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The best DualShock 4 deals for October 2021: cheap PS4 controller prices

DualShock 4 deals are perfect for picking up a cheap PS4 controller. Whether you're grabbing an extra gamepad for more multiplayer options, or picking up a controller to use with compatible PS4 titles on PS5, regular sales mean there are plenty of chances to save throughout the year. Since the PS5 launched, we haven't seen these cheap PS4 controller prices drop too much. That's likely due to the fact that they can still be used with certain games on the new system, and because there have been so many difficulties securing PS5 restocks since release. It's worth noting, however, that these DualShock 4 deals aren't quite beating the DualSense controller price , which means if you are playing on PS5 you might as well go for the upgraded experience on the next-generation device. Nevertheless, if you're browsing at the right time you'll find some excellent cheap PS4 controller deals up for grabs. We're rounding up all the best offers from around the web just below as we approach … [Read more...] about The best DualShock 4 deals for October 2021: cheap PS4 controller prices

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Why does vsco say launching soon

The other day, I was asked, ‘Would you ever fancy playing Donald Trump ?’ ‘No,’ I said. ‘It’s such a bad script.’ That’s the problem with Trump — there’s no dimension to him, no depth, nothing to be investigated. It wouldn’t be rewarding to play. Logan Roy, the patriarch and mogul at the centre of a vast media empire in Succession , is far more interesting — and not just because he’s a darker character. He’s got other, more surprising elements. He does villainous things but I believe he’s not really a villain. How do you define and create that character? You need to make the audience lean forward. Get them asking questions: ‘What is his or her secret? Who is he really?’ A character like Logan is a gift in this respect, because Logan is complex. He’s not Rupert Murdoch , Robert Maxwell, Conrad Black or any other individual. He’s Logan Roy, his own entity. Viewers love his foul-mouthed intensity. Ever since I starred as Hannibal Lecter in Manhunter —the first time Thomas …

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VSCO v109 - Premium Unlocked 2019

Why does vsco say launching soon

The meeting between Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung and Ambassador of the UK Gareth Ward on October 14 (Source: VNA) Hanoi (VNA) – Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung received the ambassadors of the European Union (EU) and the UK to Vietnam on October 14. Talking to EU Ambassador Giorgio Aliberti , Dung noted some local socio-economic highlights in the recent past and said Hanoi looks to become a green, civilised, modern, and smart city, retain the “City for Peace” title, and maintain fast, comprehensive, and sustainable development. The capital city is taking numerous concrete measures to recover and develop its economy after a long period of time under the COVID-19 impact. It is also stepping up administrative reforms, improving the investment climate, and removing difficulties facing businesses. Hanoi has worked actively to integrate into the world, with priority given to international economic integration, he said, …

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