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Crow's feet

Crow's feet or laugh lines are the lines that begin at the corners of the eyes and extend to the temple and upper cheek. They are associated with aging and create a fatigued or weathered appearance.

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Top 93 Crow Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Crow tattoos may be the most symbolic creations that mankind has ever seen. These birds possess unbelievable swagger, especially when you consider their occult connotations.

Every mysterious man can exemplify his shadowy nature with a sophisticated crow tattoo.

These birds are attributed to universal darkness, and their presence is often associated with the underworld. For those who are acquainted with their magical roots, these birds are macabre emblems of death and rebirth.

A crow tattoo is not for the faint of heart, particularly since these animals are truly uncanny and ornate. Their imposing likeness is bound to inspire fond reactions from individuals who share your blackened perspectives. They are equated to satanists and ritualistic practitioners of all kinds. Fans of Carlos Castaneda also fancy these highbrow illustrations.

In tattoo form, a crow’s wings can garner serious praise from a refined attention to the shading. With voguish simplicity, a silver sheen will enhance the ravenous wonder. While an individual crow is already elusively alluring, nothing conveys their magic more than a full murder. Showcasing a flagrant flock of crows will let you revel in cosmopolitan eeriness.

Crow tattoos are the epitome of black-and-white designs. To see their enchantingly cerebral might in totality, just keep browsing through our awesome assortment.


Abstract Guys Watercolor Black Crow Tattoo On Arm

This crow tattoo effectively moves away from a generic flat black ink description. The artwork does a good job extending the imagery through the crows’s wings, using a splashed ink affect to give rise to multi directional shading and pattern work along the bird’s wingtips.

Abstract Power Line With Crow Tattoo For Men On Upper Arm

The head of this crow is somewhat oddly shaped, being blown out like one of those bellowing little birds with the throat full of air. However, the rest of this tattoo is nicely executed. The variety in font use is pleasing and balances the image. Placing the stark, but interestingly drawn power lines over a simple orange sun creates a nice special effect.

Amazing Guys Forearm Sleeve Black Crow Tattoo With Skull

A haunting display of crow. This half sleeve tattoo does a great job making a dark piece that doesn’t become overwrought. The use of decayed images – the pale bones, rotting stump, and dead trees behind – allow the simplicity of bird drawing technique stick solid and based in fact. The surroundings form the foreboding, the crow can be its curious self.

Awesome Guys Sleeve Tattoo Of Flying Black Crow

This is a crow in the American Traditional style. It features lovely black line and shape technique to render an interesting image of shadow, balanced by funky wings, claws, and beak. The small solid color highlights such as green tongue, and yellow eye and claws are nice extra touches.

Black Crow On A Tree Brnach Mens Upper Arm Tattoo

Can’t be 100% sure but it seems this crow is doing an excellent job covering up an old geometric tattoo. You can see quite a bit of the previous artwork – crisp line and circle mostly – but it doesn’t have too much in common with the new ink. Likely, the artist and subject went with a line of best fit approach to changing the space in that area.

Black Crows Mens Upper Chest Tattoo Inspiration

This is quite an interesting murder of crows, and one hell of a chest tattoo. The artist has worked exceptionally hard to individualize each of the birds while keeping them similar in size, shape and features. The negative space used on the wing and beaks is top notch, while creatively giving each an adornment around their necks prompts a barrage of questions about what it all means. Also a big fan of the thorny branches barbed across the subjects chest.

Black Crow With Arrows Bicep Tattoo On Man

Not a huge fan of how this crow is framed. The color and shading work is fine, however the total image looks like a chicken hatchling with two arrows for feet.

Black Ink Old School Crow Chest Tattoo Designs For Guys

This crow tattoo has some great white ink highlights, especially in the pattern work on the underside of the upturned wing. But, because the way this wing is upturned it makes the whole image a bit too awkward on the skin, as the tail climbs high to clear the wing line. The lone foot seems to just poke out of nowhere.

Black Ink Outline Feathers Crow Tattoo For Men On Upper Arm

The strength of this abstract crow tattoo lies in the artist’s depiction of the wings. The feathers have been drawn to look more like shattering shards of glass. Not sure about the rest of the bird though, this piece could probably have achieved the same style with a traditional black bird, with emphasis placed on white ink, or even fuzzy black outlining to give the bird it’s desired detail.

Black Ink Outline Guys Collar Bone Crow Tattoos

This is an enjoyable minimalist tattoo reminiscent of a new origami paper aeroplane prototype. Love how the body is shaped throughout like bits of carefully folded paper. The piece is also placed well – it shapes pleasingly along the subjects collarbone.

Black Ink Solid Mens Crow Small Tattoo On Inner Forearm

All black and brilliant. The ability for the artist to give this crow such clarity comes down to a master skill level and the willingness to etch the tattoo with very pinpoint single needlework. The understanding of how to accent their work on the technical side just as much as artistry can’t be undersold in an all black artwork.  The way some of the feathers come away from the blackness, and the simple, almost scribble like detail of the crow’s feet are excellent pieces of technical tattooing that help broaden the whole image.

Blue Ink Lightning Mens Crow Quarter Sleeve Tattoo Design Ideas

This crow has been etched in a very dark blue black shade, so the artist can play around a bit with various shading and line elements. It would’ve been too difficult to create this body in black – because of the importance line has in allowing the small subtleties in giving it shadow. The white highlights at beak, eye and cheek are tricky flourishes adding to the detailed face of the bird.

Chinese Mens Full Back Crow Tattoo

In Japanese mythology crows are symbols of power that can also be seen as tricksters. This one is a grayer bird – likely colored this way to get more contrasting details into the feathers – sitting atop a traditional Torii Gate. I don’t think it meant to be ironic that torii translates to bird abode Torii gates are the markers setting the entrance of a shrine that denote the shift from ‘normal’ land to the sacred.

Church Window Guys Small Circle Crow Tattoo Designs

This small tattoo is an epic neo traditional style piece. Love the clarity in color, especially the flame orange in the backdrop that contrasts so well against the crow’s feathers. The artist has spared no detail, even inking in a group of clever white highlights to give the bird a bit more pop.

Creative Guys Crow Chest Tattoo Ideas

Wow. This is a masterful realism tattoo.  The detail in the crow’s black feathers combined with the artist’s ability to make the bird seem like it’s in motion through the effects of white ink on its left side is truly bad ass. The body art placement could be a small quibble – it maybe a little awkward positioned as it is on the subject’s chest – but it doesn’t take too much away from a great bird tattoo.

Cross With Crow Design Male Tattoo On Forearm

This tattoo is an interesting reference to Christianity, with the crow’s head – traditional seen as bad luck – inside a thick cross. The tattoo is nicely drawn. The gray shade and hybrid dot work for the eyes and beak is executed with skill. 

Crow Flying With Heart Upper Chest Tattoos For Gentlemen

Not sure that this piece is the finished article. The crow is exceptional – the artist has gone into great detail to give the feathers a thick, realistic body and the head is etched skilfully. It looks like the bird is awaiting some touches of white highlights to give it a sharper look around the beak and face. The crow is carrying a heart in its talons, so there’s a bit of bad luck symbolism to keep you moving!

Crow Flying With Lantern Upper Chest Tattoos For Males

A nicely delivered alternate style crow tattoo. It does the opposite to convention by inking the bird with crisp, clean lines, then effectively ignoring it instead of colouring in. It works here because of the clarity of the image and the excellent contrasting use of supporting dark leaves.

Crow Shin Tattoos For Men

This pair of crows form an exceptional leg tattoo pairing. Traditionally, two crows is meant to be indicative of good luck. Whether that’s the case or not, this pair would be conversation starters – they’re identical in tone, shape, size and style, but individualized just enough to be even more interesting with the different casts of their wings. This is a top drawer expression of animal realism tattoo work.

Crows Rib Cage Male Tattoo Design Inspiration

Got to be unfinished, and more likely a cover up of old body art (it looks like stencil in the bottom right of the image). The second crow with only the head an neck there sticks out like a shag on a rock. There will need to be a large amount of image filler – most likely black and gray shading like clouds- to tie it in with the bad ass fully realized bird above it.

Crow Standing In Water Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men

A nice image juxtaposing a heavily shaded crow’s head up top with a mirrored bird in relief below to forms nicely contrasting tattoo techniques in a half sleeve. The artist has got the black work spot on when creating the mirror image on water, and has obviously enjoyed playing with fuzzy black shading technique to make the plumage in the portrait. The feathers get to go in a bunch of different directions before the shading levels out to meet the image below.

Crow Sun Mens Upper Arm Tattoos

Love the beak of the main crow. By giving it a dipping of negative space – which matches up with the corresponding chest feathers – the tattooist is able to create stark, spare detail without needing to get anything funky and compromise the serious tone of the tattoo.

Dotwork Guys Amazing Crow Chest Tattoos

Brilliant chest piece done in the Japanese style. It’s simple: heavy black crows across the chest with slightly lighter shading set up to fill the gap between birds. Where it excels is in the concise technique used to execute the simple work – lots of crisp lines and flat black emphasized by negative space transition, key white highlights (beak, mouth, claws), and great patterns contrasting the two heavy ink sets. There’s special flair to appreciate in tattoos of this kind!

Dotwork Guys Crow Deer In The Forest Chest Tattoo Ideas

An impressive combination of animal realism and abstract wrapped up nicely into a chest tattoo. The sleek crow shape creates a border for the inside image to work within, with the wings acting as a coal point. The clever dot work contrasts against the flat black lower half to accentuate the spare shade work patterns of mountain and sky. The artis has excelled in positioning the fully shadowed deer and tall tree. 

Dotwork Male Crow Tattoo On Upper Arm

Wow! This tattoo gets a gold star. Love how the crow is formed by layer upon layers of bandages like strips, like an avian mummy. It’s such a unique method of creating detail for any bird, let alone a black crow. The artist has combined this with a deft shading touch complemented by the fantastic series of outlines to make a masterful piece of body art.

Fighting Crows Chest Tattoos For Men

This unfinished tattoo currently looks like a malevolent chicken, but given the superior quality of wing shading by the ned of things the crow will be bad ass. Love how that isolated claw looks almost stuck on.

Forearm Grim Reaper With Crow Tattoo For Men

Death brought a feathered friend with him. Love this mid forearm tattoo. The dark purpose bringing reaper and crow together is reflected in the usage of dark ink, however there’s just a little bit of negative space and white ink to lighten the effect. The technical detail within the skull – pale contoured bone and individual teeth – demonstrate the artist’s skill level.

Forearm Mens Crow Tattoo Ideas

All black everything! This crow is a very well executed arm tattoo. The artist’s ability to work with black and still create depth of shading and pattern is commendable. Also love the simple face, beak and claws inked in effortlessly but with a fine eye for contour and shapes.

Gentleman With Abstract Back Crow Tattoo

This is bad ass! My German is non existent but the definition text contrasts well against the key word as you’re taught in design class. Love the depth of image – how the tattoo moves from the multitude of birds far away to the big one getting up close and personal. The simple, rough shading done with wide gauge needle complements by drawing the total together enough without doing much more than framing the ‘real’ artwork

Gentleman With Geometric Crow Arm Tattoo

An artistic statement piece where someone has challenged the artist with something like: Bet you can’t 3D up a neo traditional black crow? This tattooist can, and by etching the big white border around the highlighted cross section wants to make sure you can see his skills too. Have to applaud the casual arrogance of this tattoo.

Geometric Crown Crows Tattoos For Men On Upper Arm

Guys Blackwork 3d Crow Chest Tattoo Designs

This tattoo makes it look like the three-eyed crow is flying straight towards you, which is a bit of trip. That’s a very successful accomplishment for this work. However, it does have a few errors worth noting. The feather work underneath the beak is problematic – it’s slightly off kilter and scale. Not sure, but another inch of feather done symmetrically would go along way to tidying up the entire chest tattoo.

Guys Detailed Inner Arm Small Crow Tattoo Designs

This head shot tattoo on the inner bicep is well done. Others of this type have been let down either by size or detail, but the balance in this crow from beak back is exceptional. The shading technique is unique, showing a deft ability to go over a spot and leave a bit of negative space in the strand behind. The standout is the beak. The tattooist has opted to it made to look gnarled and scratched like old wood. Not putting a tongue in has also worked – for symmetry more than anything else – while the negative space tiny eye is quite disconcerting.

Guys Shoulder Abstract Crow Tattoo Ideas

An almost but not quite trash polka crow. If it was weirder it would certainly fit the bill, but this is a sensible tilt at abstract bird realism. Love the deployment of red – always works well to contrast black – and the big splash of ink behind the bird help guide the shape of the piece. Also, those small artistic combinations of red and black on either end create a cool alternative fill for a back tattoo of this kind. 

Guys Wolf With Crows Chest Tattoo Designs

This is a nifty animal realism tattoo with two crows flanking a wolf. The artist has done well at creating a sense of space and balance – a necessity when crafting body art for the chest. Love how the wolf’s fur is expressed, the needle technique to make up this type of shading would have taken effort to get right. The birds two are well shaded, with enough negative space included around the black to not look overwrought from above the paler canine. 

Hand Tattoo Of Realsitic Crow On Male

Such a wicked hand tattoo. It’s often difficult to get the right detail inked into an image of this kind given the available space and awkward shape of the hand, but this crow excels. The artist has done a masterful job choosing the section of bird to tattoo into the area then figuring out which way to flow and shade the feathers to keep it all realistic. This piece would definitely spark interesting conversation at the dinner table or at a bar.

Male With Black Ink Rib Cage Side Crow Tattoo Design

Male With Crow Geometric Tattoo Design On Inner Forearm

Male With Warrior Back Crow Tattoo Design

Manly Awesome Crow With Key Mens Forearm Sleeve Tattoos

Man With Abstract Crow And Owl Chest Tattoo Design

Man With Full Sleeve Japanese Crow Tattoo

Man With Shaded Black Ink Chest Crow Tattoo

Man With Warrior Crow Arm Tattoo

Masculine Skull And Crow Guys Inner Forearm Tattoo Ideas

Mens Chest And Arm Black Crow Tattoo Ideas

Mens Church Window Black Crow 3d Tattoo Ideas

Mens Half Sleeve Skull With Crow Tattoo

Mens Old School Black Ink Crow Tattoo On Chest

Mens Outer Space Gears Upper Back Crow Tattoos

Mens Realistic Crow Upper Arm Tattoo Design Ideas

Mens Skulls And Bones Crow Chest Tattoo

Mens Upper Arm Watercolor Crow Tattoo

Mens Watercolor Clock Upper Chest Crow Tattoo

Modern Guys Forearm Crow Sleeves

Negative Space Crow Tree Mens Back Tattoo

Neo Traditional Male Crow Tattoos On Arm

Old School Guys Crow Stomach Tattoos

Pattern Black And Red Ink Dotwork Crow Tattoos For Males

Pocket Watch Guys Crow Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Pocket Watch Mens Crow Inner Arm Tattoos

Realistic 3d Mens Crow Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Realistic Guys Quarter Sleeve On Forearm Crow Tattoo

Red Roses Crow Mens Upper Arm Tattoo Designs

Red Sun Small Crow Tattoos For Males

Rib Cage Side Awesome Mens Crow Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Tattoo Of Crow On Man

Rose Flower Mens Crow Chest Tattoo Ideas

Shaded 3d Skull And Rose Guys Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

Shaded Skull And Rose Mens Crow Chest Tattoo Design Ideas

Shoulder Male Crow Tattoo Designs

Skeleton Bones With Crow Forearm Guys Tattoos

Skull And Snake Guys Crow Half Sleeve Tattoos

Skull Lantern Mens Full Chest Crow Tattoo Ideas

Skulls With Crow Leg Calf Guys Tattoo Ideas

Skulls With Flying Crow Tattoo On Mans Chest

Skull With Crow In Woods Forearm Tattoos For Guys

Small Crow Black Ink Tattoos For Men On Forearm

Small Mens Crow Deer Inner Forearm Tattoos

Sword With Shield Mens Cool Old School Black Crow Back Tattoo

Tree And Crow Negative Space Male Rib Cage Side Of Body Tattoo Ideas

Tree Leaves Fence Mens Crow Half Sleeve Tattoos

Tribal Outline Guys Crow Head Tattoos

Two Crows Sitting On Tree Branch With Skull Upper Arm Tattoo For Males

Unique Dotwork Guys Black And Grey Crow Leg Tattoos

Upper Arm Tree Branches With Crow Tattoo On Male

Upper Back Cool Mens Crow Tattoo Design Inspiration

Upper Chest And Collar Bone Male Crow Feather Tattoos

Upper Chest And Shoulder Guys Black Crow Tattoos

Watercolor Leg Tattoo Of Crow For Males

Watercolor Paint Splatter Crow Tattoo For Men

Watercolor Realistic Half Sleeve Crow Tattoo On Male

Watercolor Shaded Black And Grey Guys Crow Ribcage Tattoo Ideas

What does a crow symbolize? 

Traditionally, the tattooed image of a crow symbolizes misfortune and bad luck. In modern times crow body art has evolved to align with intrigue and the mysterious as popular books, film, and television series have sparked a change in the bird’s image. 

The old guard holds steady in the view that one crow is bad luck, two crows is good luck, and that six form a murder of crows which represents death. 

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Crow Tattoo Meaning

  • Mystery
  • Creation
  • Transformation
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Higher perspective
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Trickster

What comes to mind when you think about the crow? For the long time crows have been associated with bad omen and dark sides of our lives. This idea comes from Europe, maybe because crows eat offal or because they neglect their offspring. In the Christian culture the crow also has bad reputation because of failing to deliver the good news when it was send to look for dry lend in the tale of Noah. In Greek culture mythology Athena punished the crow for delivering bad news and turned its feathers from white to black.

For Celts the crow was associated with death and conflict. In England many superstitions were connected to the crows and their behavior that predicted illnesses, bad weather or even death. On the other hand, seeing a dead crow was a sign of fortune. In Middle Ages crow’s foot was used in casting dead spells, and in Russia witches were believed to take the shape of crows.

But in Native American culture crow has the other symbolism. It is considered as highly intelligent bird, a symbol of ancient wisdom and magic. It is also an icon of supernatural abilities, a shape-shifting trickster who teaches people. In Chinese and Japanese legends the crow is a symbol of love and an example of everlasting passion and devotion. In the one of the Chinese legends a crow became a solar symbol, representing creativity and transformation.

The crow itself is a very adaptable bird. It’s is highly intelligent and can be taught to count and to communicate with humans. Moreover, crows are able to recognize specific human individuals and even warn the other crows that here is a man that can’t be trusted.

It is believed that crow has no sense of time and can live simultaneously in the past, present and future – being able to travel between light and darkness. For people of Alaska, the crow accomplished the creation of the world.

If you choose to make a crow tattoo, you should definitely consider meanings associated with different numbers of those birds. One crow represents bad omen; two are a good luck symbol; three are associated with good health; four – sign of the abundance; five – serious sickness. And the tattoo of six crows, usually known as a murder, represents death.

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