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11 Black-Owned Nail Salons in New York You Can Support

I often marvel at the artistry of some women’s nails on Instagram, while riding the subway, and when networking. You know how the conversation goes. “Girl, I love your nails!” Then all of a sudden you reach for her hand and then you ask, “Where do you get your nails done?” And then she responds… but 9 times out of 10, it’s not a black-owned salon. And while there is nothing “wrong” with that, the deeper issue that presents itself is the one that went viral at an Asian-owned Brooklyn salon. Which naturally sparked debates, protests, and the question, “Where are all of the black nail salons?”

The video that captured the melee between Asian nail salon workers and black women customers at New Red Apple Nail in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, over a botched $5 eyebrow service was not only appalling, but, it was the manifestation of the blanketed discrimination and tension that exists between the non-black community of nail salon owners and black female consumers.

My experience alone as a black woman who frequents Asian-owned nail salons is always a little tricky. No. 1, I don’t have a solid relationship with any of the nail technicians (although I have tried and have remembered names to be conversational)—therefore I am often just another black woman when I walk through the door. So, I go in smiling so that others let their guards down and greet me warmly. Or, I’m simply next in line to be serviced and treated as someone who has extremities and money so there’s no need to speak. Sounds extreme, right? But, unfortunately, that is a reality for quite a few women.

And while not every black woman has had a negative experience, we’ve all heard the running jokes about nail salons and how women of black and Latinx descent are treated. But, something tragic (like what happened in Brooklyn) has to happen before we say, “You know what&#; I’m going to look for a black nail salon that I can go to.”

Here is a list of black-owned salons in New York you can patronize.

Black-Owned Nail Salons in NYC:


Junie Bee Nails
Adam Clayton Powell Jr Boulevard
New York, NY


The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan
Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
New York, NY


Bed of Nails 
*Temporarily closed for relocation



Barry’s Beauty Bar
Flatbush Ave Suite #2
Brooklyn, NY


The Nail Belle 
Malcolm X Boulevard @ Putnam Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


The Nail Boutique – Clinton Hill 
Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY


The Nail Boutique – Stuyvesant Heights  
Lewis Avenue
Brooklyn, NY


Flatbush Ave.
Brooklyn, NY


Free Edge Beauty Studio 
Sterling Place
Brooklyn, NY



Barry’s Beauty Bar 
rd St
Rosedale, NY


Long Island:

DEŔA Ebele&#;s Nail Boutique 
Franklin Ave
Franklin Sq. NY



If you want to share your favorite black-owned salon in your city please drop the name of the establishment in the comments section below.


3 Best Nail Salons in New York City, NY


Eldridge Street, New York City, NY DIRECTIONS


Here’s The Deal:
Akiko Nails is committed to offering friendly and skilled services for all of its clients. It is a stylish and unique concept salon located on the Lower East Side in New York. Their team closely works with each client to provide nails with individualized care, from color palette selection to your design's details. You can get a list of impressive services from their team of qualified and highly professional nail care experts. They focus on growing the popularity of nail art using artists trained in special Japanese nail art techniques. They also rent out their space for fun events and parties.

Nail Polish and Gel Pedicure Removal, Hard Gel Overlay, Stones, Gel Pedicure Solid Color, Gel Manicure, Gel Pedicure, Fail, Gel and Acrylic Extension, Tape, Solid Color & Nail Art

Price: Solid Color $50
NAIL ART (per nail):
Simple $5 Semi Simple $8 Moderate $11 Intricate $15 Ultimate $20
Set Price (10 nail art including gel solid color)
Simple $95 Semi Simple $ Moderate $ Intricate $ Ultimate $

More Prices Solid Color $50
NAIL ART (per nail):
Simple $5 Semi Simple $8 Moderate $11 Intricate $15 Ultimate $20
Set Price (10 nail art including gel solid color)
Simple $95 Semi Simple $ Moderate $ Intricate $ Ultimate $
Hard Gel Overlay (Including Solid Color) $
Gel Removal:
$10 (From elsewhere)
$5 (From Akiko Nails w/ another gel service)
Extension Removal:
$30 (From elsewhere)
$15 (From Akiko Nails w/ another gel service)
SNS Removal $20

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  2. Super fabulous lettering
  3. Good unlocked phone
  4. Cartier wedding band

Best Japanese nail salon in NYC

Are you looking for Japanese nail salon in NYC?

Japanese Nailist is skilled and they all trained a lot so you believe that service is perfect and you can get a nails what you want to.

Here are famous Japanese nail salon in NYC

What is Japanese nail salon?

What is the difference between Japanese nail salon and other nail salon?

Basically many people know about Japanese service is special.

Especially customer service is the best quality in the world .

Japanese service is based on hospitality.

All Japanese people care about customers and try to make them comfortable and try their best to make them happy.

Besides most of Japanese nailist trained a lot and hard worker so they can create most of design what you want to get.

Japanese nail salon top 7 in NYC

Japanese Nail technician in NYC

Tomoko Nail NYC is just open July

Nail technician Tomoko creates classic to cute designs and her Japanese nail art is awesome.

The salon is located at part of T-gardens New York hair salon.

Its located midtown and easy to visit there.

If you like the design below please try her nail art!

Adress: E E 59th St Ground Floor, New York, NY

Phone: ()

Akiko Nails

Akiko nails is located lower east side and poplar on Instagram.

They create simple art and ultimate design as well.

They use Japanese nail art technique and service more than design of nail art.

Adress:  Eldridge St, New York, NY

Phone: ()

Marie Nails

Marie Nails have many celebrity customers and skilled .

They have branch in Los, NYC and Tokyo.

They manage Nail school so their education system create many good nailist .

住所:  Prince St, New York, NY

電話: ()

Yukie Natori New York Salon & Spa

They have many experienced nailist working.

Besides they focus on customer service as well.

They take care of music, drink in the salon .

Adress: 39 W 56th St, New York, NY

Phone: ()

Fumic Jewelry Nail

Fumic Jewelry Nail have branch at Harlem and west village

They opend and offer eyelashes service as well.

Gel nail art is one of their poplar service and it help your original nail grow nicely.

Adress:  W th St, New York, NY

Phone: ()

RounGe NYC Nail Salon

RounGe NYC Nail Salon have branch in Singapore, Japan and New York.

They open Dec and many model and famous customer going their nail salon.

Adress:  E 23rd St, New York, NY

Phone: ()

Where Japanese nailist working ?

Some time you see Japanese nails salon but occasionally non Japanese and some asian nailist working.

Many nail salon don&#;t put nailist picture or information at the website so it&#;s hard to find real Japanese nailist.

All nail salons we wrote above are ok with Japanese nailist .

Basically if you like to work with Japanese nailist it&#;s better to call salon directly to make sure it.

Nail salon is already opened after corona in NYC?

New york government lockdown since March and most of salon was not opened till middle of June.

But from end of June most of beauty service start opening like hair salon, nail salon as well.

But many nail salon and hair salon are bankrupt because of corona and it still show up on google map so please check it out carefully before you go.

how to book an appointment for nail salon in NYC

There are cancelation charge if people cancel in last minute

if you like to book online you need credit card

But if you don&#;t want to let them know your credit card info you had better to contact by call, mail or walk in .

How much the service of Japanese nail salon in NYC?

Japanese nail salon is not so expensive but compare to Japan price a little bit pricy .

If you have specific design or art you had better to contact them directly for making sure about price.

Some design and art might need additional time and technique so .

Experience Japanese nail salon in NYC

Japanese nail salon is getting poplar in the world

Even in NYC Japanese restaurants, hair salon and super market also many non Japanese peoples visiting.

Please enjoy new experience with Japanese service and hospitality.

Japanese culture make a lot of happiness in the world by many Japanese worker

Solid Nails Spa - Independence, OH 44131

We will start Nail service from July 6th

We will start Nail service from July 6th.

Please have an experience with our new service .

Gel Removal With New Set$50
Hand Care$30
Japanese Gel French$80
Japanese Gel Ombre$80
Japanese Gel Solid$60
Just Gel Removal$30
OPI Gelcolor$50

We do not serve pedicure service.
Additional charge for long nails in case of keeping the length.



Salon solid nail

Best Nail Salons in New York

Below is a list of the top and leading Nail Salons in New York. To help you find the best Nail Salons located near you in New York, our team at Kev’s Best put together our own list based on this rating points list. 

New York’s Best Nail Salons:

The top rated Nail Salons in New York are:

  • RounGe Nail Salon
  • Marie Nails
  • Tenoverten Nail Salon
  • Akiko Nails
  • Vanity Projects

RounGe Nail Salon

RounGe Nail Salon has about technical employees working full time, and about 5, clients visit their salons per month. RounGe is the top or the second most popular salon in Tokyo, and many entertainers, models, and other entertainment-related people visit their salons. There are over 40, types of nail art and design. Any design will be provided at an all-inclusive fee without additional charges. The nails will last from 3 weeks to about a month (depending on the individual). They can create vivid colors and gloss which can never be achieved by Polish and Gelish nails.


Clear Gel, One Color Gel, Glitter Gradation Gel, French Gel, Color Gradation, Design Gel, One Color Acrylics, Gradation Acrylics, Design Acrylics


Address:  E 23rd St, New York, NY
Phone: ()


“I am really impressed and really happy with my acrylic set! I found this business via IG , followed them for a while , and today I finally went. Everyone is super nice and professional! Loved that clients don’t have to sit at a regular chair; you get a comfy couch style chair and an ottoman to rest your legs on so you can kick back and watch a movie the whole while! Their online catalog is extensive and the online booking is an ease. It is pleasant , quiet and calm here unlike the rushed busy atmosphere of typical salons. I had been scoping out a cool- creative nail place and this is it! I cannot wait to come back, they do a great job.” -Nati Lopez

Marie Nails

Marie Nails – With over 19 locations around the world including New York and Los Angeles, MARIE NAILS has grown into a premier nail salon with a string of global celebrity and fashion conscious clientele.

Founded in Japan where the highest level of craftsmanship and design are the norm, the brand continues to grow under the direction and ownership of its creative director Masomi (Marie) Nishioka.

With over nineteen years of pursuing precision and creative art design, Masomi and her crew contributed to the growing popularity of gel art in the U.S. They constantly churn out new and innovative designs and strive to be industry leaders in nail art creation in both Japan and the U.S.


Manicure – Nail Art, Spa Pedicure, French Pedicure, Pedicure, Opi Pedicure


Address:  Prince St, New York, NY
Phone: ()


“I absolutely love the vibe of this nail salon. I normally have some sort of trepidation visiting a nail salon as getting a mani & pedi does not relax me, as most people. The nail artists/techs and front desk staff all seem to get along really well, and are incredibly helpful to each other. At my first visit, Saki, was patient, asked me numerous times if I liked her work throughout the appointment, made sure my nail lengths and shape were uniform. She did a great job as did Leezy on my second visit. Marie Nails is worth the trek downtown for this Harlemite.” -Melissa Rowe

Tenoverten Nail Salon

Tenoverten Nail Salon – Nadine Abramcyk and Adair Ilyinsky saw a void in New York: in a city packed with nail salons, there was simply nowhere people could relax and enjoy expert services in a clean, beautiful, comfortable social setting. Not much existed between high-priced spas and mom-and-pop corner shops.

So tenoverten was born.

From the start, with their first beautifully designed location in lower Manhattan, Nadine and Adair focused on the care and well-being of their staff, providing fair pay and benefits and a healthy, non-toxic setting for the entire tenoverten family. They chose to carry and use only products that were better-for-you, shunning the trend towards gels and dips in favor of trusted brands that worked well and left nails and skin healthy.


French Manicure Addition, Extra Foot Massage, Brazilian Waxing, Callus Remover Addition, Eyelash Extensions


Address:  Reade St, New York, NY
Phone: ()


“My absolute favorite Mani/Pedi spot. I hear the waxing is good too. Customer service is really great, atmosphere superb. Highly recommended with both thumbs, well manicured, and way up!” -MazzMuse Mazz Swift

Akiko Nails

Akiko Nails – Located on the Lower East Side in New York, AKIKO Nails is a new, hip and unique concept salon focused on growing the popularity of nail art using artists trained in special Japanese nail art technique. Their talented artists can create hundreds of designs and combinations including custom nail art. If you don’t see a design that fits your aesthetic, simply ask an artist, and they can develop something for your own individual taste!


Solid Color, Nail Art, Hard Gel Overlay, Gel Removal, Hard Gel/ Acrylic Extensions, Apres (Soft Gel/No Refill), Hard Gel/Acryclic Refill, Acrylic/Extension Removal


Address:  Eldridge St, New York, NY
Phone: ()


“Beautiful space. Great customer service. I didn’t quite like my first nail design. I called them and they let me come back in to fer a new design. Totally in love now. I’ve already set up my next 2 appointments.” -Hitoka81

Vanity Projects

Vanity Projects – Founded by independent curator, Rita de Alencar Pinto in , Vanity Projects first began as a pop-up, organizing itself in the homes and studios of visual artists, friends, and art aficionados. Vanity Projects quickly received offers to present at art fairs, fashion events, museums, and cultural institutions. In January , MoMA PS1 invited Vanity Projects to do a three-month pop-up within the Confettisystems installation, held in the museum’s duplex.


One Color Gel, Gel Extensions, Simple Art, Nail Art, Custom Complex Art, Gel Fill, Apres Gel-X Extensions, Gel Removal, Hard Gel / Extensions Removal, Apres Gel-X Extensions Removal


Address: 99 Chrystie St 2nd Floor, New York, NY
Phone: ()


“I love this place! I found it randomly in an article about nail salons in NYC that do great nail art, and they weren’t lying! They can do just about anything you want on either your natural nail or on acrylic nail. Are they pricey? A bit but you ARE paying for absolute quality.” -Rroman

Kevin Osborne

Kevin has been contributing to multiple news websites since He started his blog back in tackling technology and business tips. His passion towards journalism and sharing relevant information with global readers pushed his to take journalism major at Boston University. He is now a full-time contributor to Kev’s Best.

Solid Nails Spa - Independence, OH 44131

The city is chock-full of the best nail salons for nail art in the world, so there’s no excuse for your digits to go unpolished. And since your mane is always looking fierce thanks to the best blow dry bars and hair salons, your nails should be on-point too. Plenty of New York's day spas offer simple manicures, but if you’re antibasic, book an appointment at a nail art salon in NYC. We’ve mapped out the cool-girl bargain and splurgeworthy spots owned by a few trend-setting New York Fashion Week mainstays, as well as some of the most artistically talented manicurists in the world. Sure, we can appreciate a good DIY, encrusting your beds with rhinestones and gems is a job better suited for the pros, right?

RECOMMENDED: Check out the full guide to spas in NYC

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Best nail salons in NYC

1. Delacqua Salon

If you want highly detailed and unique nail art, this one-of-a kind spa and salon is top-notch. Enter the kitschy tri-level space, which boasts red leather pedicure stations and leopard-print chairs, and enjoy a gratis tea or coffee while one of the manicurists prepares a nonacrylic LCN resin for your beds. The liquid sets under a heat lamp for a few minutes and turns into hard nonporous nails ($80 for LCN natural nail lengths, $ for LCN tips). Once the canvas is prepped, the technician will apply 3-D effects like gel flowers and crystals ($8 per nail) or hand-paint abstract prints ($5–$10 per nail) using skinny brushes and special LCN gel nail polish. The salon can also apply any nail art onto a basic manicure ($15).

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2. Primp & Polish

Don't be intimidated by the high-end vibe of this salon: Despite the luxe interior, more than 1, polish colors from brands like Essie, OPI and Chanel, and plush leather drying stations, its basic nail services cost about the same as your run-of-the-mill neighborhood parlor. Settle in at the high, illuminated counter for a manicure ($12 express, $18 classic), or opt for a pedicure ($18 express, $32 classic) in the leather-massage-chair-laden section. Primp & Polish does it all, and you can stop in without an appointment for 3-D nail art (prices vary). Each of the five locations are chock-full with nail art gurus and technicians who are totally capable of producing out-of-this-world designs.

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3. Marie Nails

With nearly a dozen locations in Japan and salons in Korea, Hawaii and LA, it was only natural for this stylish Japanese import to set up shop—well, two shops—in New York City. The owner, Masomi “Marie” Ueno, is one of the most celebrated nail artists in the world—she’s credited with starting the nail art trend in LA during the mid-aughts—and holds her technicians to the highest of standards. The Calgel manicures ($40 for a single color) tend to last two weeks, and the limitless nail art options ($3 per nail and up) can include additional add-ons like charms, stickers, rhinestones, shells, lace and even fur.

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4. Vanity Projects

Art curator and licensed nail technician Rita de Alencar Pinto spent years doing intricate nail art at events such as Brooklyn Museum’s Artists Ball and during a residency at MoMA PS1, which is why her salon is a gallerylike space featuring four manicure stations, two pedicure chairs and video-art installations projected on the walls. Grab a pair of wireless headphones for listening to the videos, and sit back and enjoy a gel manicure, either in one color or one of the fun, weekly gel manicure specials ($40), basic pedicures ($30) or nail art ($50 and up). There are several artists on rotation who are all skilled in detailed design work, and both national and international artists take part in the residency program there.

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Jin Soon

5. Jin Soon

Famous manicurist Jin Soon Choi is a nail guru and a Fashion Week mainstay, with her own kick-ass line of polishes to boot. And when it comes to mastering art trends, Choi’s designs totally nail it (pun intended). If you want flawless fingers that are begging for a glossy-magazine close-up, book an appointment at any of her four locations (East Village, West Village, Tribeca and Upper East Side) in the city. The exacting technicians will file, shape, buff and paint your nails into a modern masterpiece that’s totally MoMA-worthy ($20–$60). (Nail art costs an additional $25 for hands and $20 for feet).

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Valley NYC

6. Valley NYC

Sisters Nina and Julia Werman opened this Cali-inspired nail-salon-cum-waxing-studio to offer a quaint, laid-back space in which to get primped and pampered. Choose a basic (but spiffy) mani ($35) and pedi ($50) that both include an exfoliating salt scrub and moisturizing massage. But the real draw here is the extensive selection of elaborate nail creations. Since opening its first salon in , the joint has become known for its edgy art, attracting celeb clients (Katy Perry) and well-known designers (Betsey Johnson) for its fashion-forward creations. Beyond the typical offerings of glitter, flowers and rhinestones, the skilled technicians can create 3-D acrylic embellishments and pretty much any custom design you can imagine. The price for custom nail art is determined by time: $10–$35 for 15min, $45 for 30min, $60 for 45min and $75 for 60min.

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7. Akiko Nails

Using Gelish and Galaxy gel polish, the Tokyo-trained technicians of this Lower East Side salon can create elaborate themes and detailed freehand pictures. Though the salon is industrial with darker lighting and neon signs, the nail art ($3–$10 per nail) can range from light swirls to geometric shapes, and you can even get depictions of beloved pieces of art or anime characters. Check out the website or Facebook page for hundreds of ideas, and the manicurist can alter the design to best fit your style.

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8. Sakura

This Japanese chain is so sleek that a couple once walked in, took a seat at the cushion-adorned tables and asked to see a food menu. But the only thing the spa is serving is nail art—and tons of it. Start with a basic manicure using solid-hued Calgel ($50) or regular lacquer ($18), or opt for add-ons such as glitter ($3 per nail), free-form painted designs ($5–$20 per nail) and rhinestones ($1 per gem). The well-trained technicians can do just about anything from leopard spots to ombré styles, but you can get inspiration by flipping through Japanese nail-art magazines (just one of the supplies imported from Japan every month) while sipping complimentary tea.

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9. Paintbox

Consider yourself a nail-art skeptic? Prepare to be converted! This Soho nail studio created by veteran beauty editor Eleanor Langston features a beverage bar with champagne and Grady’s Cold Brew, a curated selection of 50 on-trend lacquer colors (manicures start at $35), iPhone chargers at each of its 18 stations and a seasonal menu of nail-art designs—think peekaboo manis in hypersaturated hues ($58)—by celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec. One note: Paintbox doesn’t do pedicures, so head elsewhere to put the shine on your toes.

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 Hello Beautiful Salon

Stepping into this Williamsburg salon can feel like stepping into a world of limitless possibilities. The bright red-orangey walls are almost as much fun as the whimsical colors (lavender, blue, pink) some of the hair clients sport as they leave. Nail art with regular lacquer starts at just $1 per nail and 3-D at $2 per nail. But for artistic designs that last, LED gel nail art with acrylic starts at $ And if you want that extra sparkle, make sure to add Swarovskis ($2–$20 per finger).

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