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Traditional chainsaws used chains that were fitted with scratcher teeth. The large teeth were packed tightly together to prevent them from biting too deeply into the wood. However, the chains were extremely slow until the invention of the chipper chain by Joseph Cox. It uses curled teeth, which has depth gauges in front of each tooth to prevent individual teeth from cutting too deeply.

While modern chains like those featured on our website use a more advanced type of teeth (full and semi-chisel teeth), chipper teeth still play a significant role in modern chains. Most of the chainsaw chains from Oregon for example feature semi-chisel teeth while those from Stihl (Stihl twelve-inch Picco Super chainsaw chain) have a full chisel tooth. Semi-chisel teeth have rounded corners, which reduce the cutting sharpness. But, they maintain the appropriate level of sharpness when cutting hard, frozen, dirty or dry wood. Full chisel teeth make the cutting of soft, clean lumber efficient as the sharp edges cut through the wood fibres fast.

Another critical aspect to factor in when buying chainsaw chains and bars is the depth gauge. Modern chainsaw chains should have the appropriate gauge height for a safe and efficient operation. Depth gauges that are too high may not allow the chainsaw to cut fast because they make a shallow depth for individual cuts. Low depth gauges, on the other hand, increase the risk of kickbacks significantly.

The gauge of the saw chain should range from 0.05” to 0.063. Most of Oregon’s chainsaw chains in our stock have gauges measuring 0.043 inches. Note that the saw chain gauge should match the gauge of the chainsaw’s guide. It is because thick chains may not fit while extremely thin ones often slip sideways and may not cut correctly.

The pitch also makes a crucial aspect when buying chainsaw chains and bars. It defines the distance between two rivets and is calculated by measuring the space between three rivets (most rivets don’t have a similar length apart) and dividing the value by two. Our saw chains have a pitch of .404, .325 and .375 inches.

The chain should fit the chainsaw bar appropriately. Most saws have lengths that range from 6-20 inches. Gardening activities require small electric saws while activities like felling large trees need professional-grade saws with lengths of more than twenty inches.

With 60 years of experience in gardening and forestry equipment, Radmore and Tucker provide quality bars and chains. Most of our products come from the best manufacturers- Oregon, Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, among others, thus you are sure to buy long-lasting equipment.


Product Highlights

  • Designed for use with narrow kerf chain on chainsaws under 60 CC
  • Narrow profile for high maneuverability. 1.75″ tip diameter (2.5″at widest point of bar)
  • Available in .325″ pitch and 3/8″ low profile.
  • Motor mounts available for most makes and models of chainsaws
  • Precision squared and flame hardened rails for a long lasting bar
  • Available in .050″ gauge
  • Precision ground groove to 0.003″ for smooth, straight cutting

Cannon SuperMini Bars have a slender profile and mini sprocket nose, making them ideal chainsaw bars for log-home builders and arborists.

For bucking, limbing, building, carving, or trimming, Cannon SuperMini Bars will help you get the job done. These handcrafted professional bars enable the user to perform a wide range of tasks. SuperMini Bars are not recommended for making bore cuts.

A family of bar mounts is available to fit most saws, in 12″ and 32″ lengths. A hardnosed version is also available (CCA).

All Cannon SuperMini bars are skillfully hand made and put through rigorous quality assurance checks prior to packaging.

These bars are constructed with custom alloy steel that is cold rolled, heat treated, annealed, stress relieved and surface ground.
This provides the best possible characteristics of wear resistance, strength, durability, straightness and elasticity.

Precision squared and flame hardened rails allow for chain to run straight and true, enhancing the speed and smoothness of cut.

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These bars have plenty of professional features for full-time commercial cutters such as arborists, orchardists and tree surgeons. Recommended for use with small high-speed saws. Made from silicon-alloy steel for high strength and light weight. Slim contour, excellent maneuverability. For use exclusively with ”91” chains. Patented Cradle nose sprocket design increases sprocket-nose life by 150% to 300%. Lubri-Dam® oil-retaining feature prevents oil from running out the bar’s tail, keeps more oil on the bar and chain. (Lubri-Dam® and LubriJet® oiling features may not be a standard feature on certain bars depending on the date of manufacture of bar type.)

OREGON® bars with D025 at the end of the part have a 12.1mm (.475”) wide motor mount slot and fit many models of Stihl saws. (Click for picture of Oregon® bar mount for Stihl saws.)

OREGON® bars with D009 at the end of the part have a 9.0mm (.355”) wide motor mount slot and fit many models of Husqvarna, Dolmar, Jonsered, Shindaiwa, and Solo saws. (Click for picture of Oregon® bar mount for Husky saws.)

Can you saw a big log with a smaller chainsaw mill set up? Yes - but only with Panther Intersect.


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