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Kitchen Pot & Pan Racks

The ideal storage solution for any kitchen setting, this collection of pot and pan racks, hooks, and drying racks offers not only practicality but also a unique sense of traditional style. Many racks within this collection have been designed for wall or ceiling mounting, making them the perfect solution for smaller or more compact kitchen spaces. Crafted from a variety of high-quality metal materials, including steel and wrought iron, these hooks and racks have been specifically designed with durability in mind and will provide your home with years of dedicated service.

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Bespoke Kitchen Pot & Pan Racks

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Sours: https://www.blackcountrymetalworks.co.uk/kitchen-shelves-utensil-racks.htm

The 10 Best Pot Racks of 2021

Shape and Size

The most important consideration for your pot rack is that it fits the space you have, both in terms of height, width, as well as shape. Determine whether your space and cookware equipment would be best served by a hanging, freestanding, or wall-mounted pot rack fixed to an inside cabinet. Depending on your taste and the space, you might choose an oval, rectangular, round, or chandelier-style pot rack that will become a focal point in your kitchen design. Minimalist or small space kitchens might call for a simple rod style pot rack to keep cookware and utensils at hand. Or channel your inner Julia Child and opt for a pegboard pot rack wall where you can display every pot, pan, and kitchen gadget in plain sight.

Load Capacity

Many contemporary pot racks are designed to hold up to 200 pounds of cookware, but be sure to check your potential pot rack’s load bearing capacity and to buy according to the weight and amount of cookware you plan to store on it. If you have a small collection of pots and pans but want room to grow, choose as large a rack as your space allows, and space out cookware on the rack while you gradually fill it in. If you plan to use your pot rack simply to show off a small set of vintage cookware, choose a rack tailored to your collection.

Style and Finishes

Pot racks can be as decorative as they are practical, and come in finishes such as brass, bronze, copper, chrome, stainless steel, and wrought iron. To help you choose a style for your pot rack, consider both the overall style of your kitchen and the style and type of your pots and pans. To show off a set of vintage French copper cookware, you might want to choose a matching copper rack, but keep in mind that it will require as much maintenance as the copper cookware to keep it bright and shiny. In a contemporary industrial-style kitchen full of stainless steel appliances, a brushed stainless steel rack will fit in seamlessly and requires little maintenance. In a rustic or farmhouse-inspired kitchen, you might choose a low-maintenance wooden pot rack (keep in mind that wood racks won’t bear as heavy a load as metal models). Or opt for a decorative wrought iron pot rack that functions as a focal point as well as open storage for pots and pans.


  • A ceiling-mounted pot rack must be firmly secured to ceiling joists to ensure that it doesn’t come crashing down. Your best option here is to hire a professional who can determine the safest way to hang the rack, which varies according to your ceiling construction. Pot racks can also be hung from exposed weight-bearing wood beams, if you happen to have those located in a place that makes sense to hang your pot rack. 

  • The safest way to hang a wall-mounted pot rack is to screw it into wall studs. After finding your wall studs, if you determine that they are not in the location you plan to hang your pot rack, it may be possible to secure your pot rack to the wall using wall anchors appropriate for your wall type. We recommend calling a professional for help if in doubt.

  • The height of your pot rack will depend on the height of your ceiling, the location of the pot rack, as well as the height of the people who will be using it. Tall ceilings can accommodate taller pot racks. Lower ceilings will require smaller pot racks to ensure that pots and pans don’t hang too low, encroaching on prep space if hung above kitchen counters; obstructing sightlines if suspended above a kitchen island; or close enough to attract greasy cooking splatters if hung above the stovetop. To ensure that the pots and pans on your rack are accessible, make sure that the shortest person in your family can easily remove and replace items. 

Sours: https://www.thespruce.com/best-pot-racks-4154799
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If you’re short on kitchen cabinet storage space, consider a hanging pot rack. They'll place your pots and pans, and even some utensils, front and center, in a beautiful display that also says I take this whole cooking thing seriously. But they aren't just for show. Pot racks are a no-nonsense storage solution that gives you easy access to your most-used tools; when each of your beloved pans has its own designated hook, you won't have to root around on your shelf, stacking and unstacking pans and lids every time you want to grab your nonstick skillet for a breakfast scramble.

Still, one size does not fit all. Pot racks come in a variety of shapes and styles. Below, we've rounded the choices up so you can decide which is best for you and your kitchen space.

For minimalists or cooks with small kitchens…

If you're looking for a simple design, opt for this single bar made of two wooden tracks. This pot rack includes six swivel hooks that can be turned 360 degrees. It can hold up to 30 pounds, and can be installed in a ceiling or a wall. Small kitchen owners rejoice, this choice is perfect for maximizing the little space you have.

"My philosophy is that as much of my equipment should be on the wall as possible," says Digital Director of Epicurious David Tamarkin. He has this Cuisinart wall-mounted pot rack in his kitchen, which accommodates nearly a dozen of his most-used pots and pans. This rack has free-hanging hooks, giving it a flexible capacity. It's also sturdy, attests David, who hangs some of his heaviest cast iron frying pans on it. This is a great option if you want a minimalist look, but still have a lot of pots and pans to store. 

If you're looking for a wall-mounted option…

This half-round pot rack has a grid and 12 hooks; it’ll give you back a ton of cabinet storage space, even if you have a large pan collection. It also comes in a variety of color options, including bronze, graphite, copper, and nickel. Make sure you have a solid wall to mount this one on.

Old Dutch Half-Round Pot Rack with Grid & 12 Hooks, Graphite

This Cuisinart pot rack is a solid wall-mounted choice if you're looking for a more sleek and contemporary look. The brushed stainless steel will blend in seamlessly with any other stainless steel appliances. It comes with six hooks, but it's easy to purchase extras if you're in need of greater storage capacity.

For a shelf, in addition to a hanging rack…

This wooden rack from Cooks Standard has six wood tracks—which creates an additional shelf for more pots and pans, or any other kitchen supplies you might want to store on top. The rack under the shelf can hold four pan hooks and two swivel hooks, and can support around 30 pounds. The brackets and hooks are made of solid cast aluminum and it's easy to install.

If you're looking for ceiling pot racks…

This pot rack, while the pricier side, gives you that industrial-cool look of a serious restaurant kitchen. These J.K. Adams models can be purchased in a few different sizes and colors, and include eight pot hooks and four utensil hooks; plus, the company is dedicated to sustainable manufacturing practices.

This pot rack's wood frame gives it a much more homey vibe than the more typical all-metal styles. It includes eight swiveling pot hooks and a central steel mesh that can accommodate more hooks and hold additional pots above it.

If you're looking for wall storage that isn't actually a pot rack...

A peg board wall serves the same function as a hanging pot rack, but offers slightly more versatility. Use one to free your cabinet space of pots, pans, kitchen utensils, aprons, and more—and make all of your favorite tools easy to grab while you're cooking. Bonus: It's an affordable and easy-to-install solution.

Sours: https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/the-best-hanging-pot-racks-article
Kitchen Pot Rack With Hooks, wall mount. Unbox, Install, Review from Amazon.

Regency 18" Stainless Steel Overshelf Mounted Pot Rack with 6 Double Prong Hooks

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  • Designed for use with your 18" wide Regency overshelf
  • Durable type 430 stainless steel construction
  • Includes 6 double prong hooks
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Great for organizing pots, pans, and utensils

Store and organize your frequently used pots, pans, and kitchen utensils with the Regency stainless steel overshelf mounted pot rack! Designed for use with your 18" wide Regency overshelf, this pot rack lets you maximize the space on your unit while freeing up valuable space in your facility. Its type 430 stainless steel construction provides exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring that it can withstand use in your busy commercial kitchen.

Featuring 6 chrome-plated, double prong pot hooks, this pot rack provides ample space to keep your establishment organized to ensure maximum efficiency. Easily installed with the included set screws, this pot rack secures to the legs of your overshelf and is a great way to optimize unused space in your kitchen.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 18 3/16"
Width: 1 1/4"
Height: 2"

Length18.1875 Inches
Width1.25 Inches
Height2 Inches
MaterialStainless Steel
NSF ListedYes
Stainless Steel TypeType 430
TypeOvershelf Mount Pot Racks
Quick ShipQuick Shipping
Sours: https://www.regencytablesandsinks.com/product/?id=10706

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