Curly synonym

Curly synonym DEFAULT

1. curly

adjective. ['ˈkɝːli'] (of hair) having curls or waves.

  • crisp
  • waviness
  • ringleted
  • curling
  • wavy
  • permed
  • curliness
  • nappy
  • curled
  • frizzly
  • kinky
  • straightness
  • unfold
  • hot
  • prolix
  • -y (English)
  • -y (Middle English (1100-1500))
  • curl (English)

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Example sentences of the word curly

1. Adjective
Tiger maple wood is also known as curly maple, flame maple and fiddleback maple.

2. Adverb
People use keratin treatments to transform coarse, curly hair into smooth, wavy locks.

Quotes containing the word curly

1. Do you know what breakfast cereal is made of? It's made of all those little curly wooden shavings you find in pencil sharpeners!
- Roald Dahl

2. He won't be one of those girlishly pretty men with curly gold hair...He'll be dark, dangerous, too. Brave, certainly, but not without flaws. I like my heroes human.
- Nora Roberts, Enchanted

2. curly-grained

adjective. of timber; having fibers running irregularly rather than in parallel.

  • cross-grained
  • wavy-grained
  • variability
  • unevenness
  • smooth

3. curly-leaved

adjective. having curly leaves.

4. curly-leafed

adjective. having curly leaves.

5. curly-haired

adjective. covered with curly hair.

  • unalarming
  • depilous
  • glabrescent
  • naked-tailed

6. curly-coated

adjective. covered with curly hair.

  • curly-haired
  • hirsute
  • haired
  • unalarming
  • depilous
  • glabrescent
  • naked-tailed

7. curly-heads

noun. shrubby clematis of the eastern United States having curly foliage.

8. curly-coated_retriever

noun. an English breed having a tightly curled black or liver-colored coat; retrieves game from land or water.


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How to use curl in a sentence

If we apply heat to this balance the greater expansion of the brass portion of its rim would cause the free ends to curl inward.


His cheek-bones were as high as those of the Indian, but his skin was lighter in color, and his hair had a tendency to curl.




verbform or cause a curve


nounlarge roll of material


verbbending in a shape or course


verbbending in a shape or course

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CurlyParsons bowed his head on the bar with a gesture of despair.

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"Curly," said Peter in his most captainy voice, "see that these boys help in the building of the house."

"That," explained Curly, "is why we are her servants."

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As they drew nearer and nearer to the place they saw in front of the buffet, which was apparently closed, one of the iron garden-seats with curlybacks that had adorned the gardens, but much longer, running almost the whole length of the frontage.

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But when Curlythe springy curlyfry shows up, Chip knows he's in trouble.

Chip and Curly

The DJ revealed revellers keep chucking CurlyWurlys at him during his sets, after he once admitted that he misses the British chocolate bar now he lives in the US.

Mark Ronson is asking for []; THE DIARY

A story for all those with curlyhair who ever wished for it to be straight.

Mira's Curly Hair

By the time the first lyrics of the immortal song "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'" are sung offstage by the handsome cowboy Curly(Brandon Springman), the musical's world and tone are well-established.

Marriott Theatre's 'Oklahoma!' a rousing revival

Photo Via 'The CurlyStudio' Facebook page CAIRO -- 21 January 2018: Egypt just got its very first curlyhair specialized salon that will help you ease your way back into healthy, heatless curlylocks.

Egypt's 1st Curly Studio opens its doors

Sours: //
Curly Hair Routine For Definition and Volume


Pleasingly firm and fresh:


Full of or covered with small, tight curls


That winds, turns, coils, spirals, etc.


The definition of kinky is something that has twists, or sexual behavior that is considered unusual.

given a permanent wave

Naturally or artificially curled; said of hair

naturally curly

Naturally or artificially curled; said of hair


Naturally or artificially curled; said of hair


Extending continuously in the same direction without curving:



Having numerous overlapping coils or folds:

Find another word for curly. In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for curly, like: curled, crisp, frizzy, spiraling, wavy, whorled, looping, winding, flaxen, looped and wound.

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Synonym curly


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