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Milk Shake Integrity Booster 75ml

milk_shake integrity booster transforms your hair through the combined action of Muru Muru butter and amino acids complex, the mixture of plant amino acids have been developed to give damaged hair the right quantity of restructuring elements. The amino acids restore and protect the hair structure, providing instant  & visible improvements to dry and damaged hair.  milk_shake Integrity Booster offers guaranteed shine & protection making hair radiant & healthy.  Optimal results when combined with milk_shake Integrity Shampoo and Conditioner duo.

A nourishing hair supplement that restructures and strengthens damaged or chemically treated hair. Its formula with rice and wheat proteins helps to protect hair colour. It contains organic muru muru butter with a conditioning and nourishing action. For normal or fine hair.

Active ingredients:

Plant proteins, hydrolysed keratin, amino acid complex, sunflower seed oil, wheat proteins, mannitol, organic muru muru butter, PCA, rice proteins, sucrose, vitamin E. 


Shake the bottle. Before washing the hair and while it is still dry, spray the booster over dry lengths and ends, dry the hair with a blow dryer and then rinse with integrity nourishing shampoo.


milk_shake Integrity Repairing Hair 8 x 12ml


Integrity Repairing Hair is a concentrated protein hair repairing treatment that is perfect for very damaged hair.

A concentrated protein repair treatment with amino acids, ideal to restructure and restore damaged and chemically treated hair, leaving it soft and radiant. It contains organic Muru Muru extract with a conditioning and nourishing action.

A deep replenishing action that gives fullness to chemically treated or damaged hair. Gives vitality and structure to the hair. The exclusive ingredient is Integrity 41 which improves colour stability, leaving hair healthy and soft.

Active ingredients:

Strawberry extract, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, milk proteins, blueberry extract.


Apply the content of the vial evenly over damp, clean hair, concentrating on lengths and ends. Leave in for 3-5 minutes. For damaged hair: cover the hair with a plastic cap and warm under a heat source for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and proceed with the desired style.

*Open the vial with caution.  We recommend that you cover with a towel before snapping.

Best for:

Very damaged hair.

Additional information

Please be aware that some milk_shake products contain colour pigment that may stain if not used carefully. We advise you to be cautious with the products when applying near fabric or surfaces and always rinse away any excess product immediately.
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Integrity Intensive Treatment

The saturated nature of coconut oil also means that it is a heavy-duty-oil ideal for dry skin types. A double-blind research confirmed that extra virgin coconut oil is as effective in treating xerosis (aka very dry skin) as mineral oil. Another study found that coconut oil is more effective than mineral oil in treating mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (aka eczema) in children.

So when it comes to dry skin, coconut oil is a goodie, no question there. The question is if it is good or bad for acne-prone skin. Its main fatty acid, Lauric Acid has some research showing that it is a promising ingredient against evil acne-causing bacteria, P. acnes but at the same time, both Lauric Acid and coconut oil have a very high comedogenic rating (4 out of 5). Though comedogenic ratings are not very reliable, anecdotal evidence (i.e. people commenting in forums) shows that people have mixed experiences. While some claim that it worked wonders on their acne others say that it gave them serious blackheads and zits. Try it at your own risk. 

As for hair care, coconut oil has pretty solid research showing that it can penetrate into the hair very well (better than mineral oil and sunflower oil) and it can prevent hair protein loss as well as combing damage.  If you have problems with damaged hair, split ends, coconut oil is worth trying as a pre- or/and post-wash treatment.  Labmuffin has an awesome blogpost explaining in more detail why coconut oil is good for your hair.

A couple of other things worth mentioning: coconut oil might help with wound healing (promising animal study), it has some antifungal activity (against dermatophytes that cause the thing known as ringworm) and it also works as an insect repellent against black flies. 

Overall, coconut oil is definitely a goodie for the hair and dry skin. If that warrants for the magic oil status it enjoys, we don't know. 

Tried \u0026 Tested Z.One Integrity Treatment


Integrity milk shake


A review of Milk Shake incredible milk 12 effects and Milk Shake integrity incredible oil


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