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Rustic Garden Angel

Rusty Salvage comes together in a heavenly body...

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You may be like me, hoarder of all things rusty; I'll use that one day, you promise your spouse.

Rustic Garden Angel watching over your garden...

Here's a fun way of using your stash of rusty junk that you've got hidden away - you won't want to hide this Rustic Garden Angel!

Gather your supplies; a couple of wire sock stretchers, two little metal castors off an old bed frame, wire fence staples, some little spoons, wire and a piece of weathered wood start off this project. 

Don't be afraid to think outside the box; the sock stretchers make perfect wings, but you can use almost anything; rusty saw blades, a shutter, piece of driftwood; use your imagination...

Click on any of the photos below to open the gallery; eclectic collection, for sure...
Attaching the 'wings' with staples...
Next, the halo...
I'm especially fond of the feet...
Button Flowers, clasped in the spoon hands are the final touch...

Don't be intimidated by this project; you can't go wrong, and every mistake is just an opportunity to come up with innovative ways to do it differently next time. 

Garden crafts made with junk are all unique and completely your own, making your garden stand out from the crowd.

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DIY Giant Yard Angel


  • 1 Large 6 ft. tomato cage
  • 1 4 ft. tomato cage
  • Zip ties
  • Wire Cutter
  • 80 ft. of extra wide gold mesh ribbon
  • 1 large 12 inch styrofoam ball
  • 1 8 inch styrofoam ball
  • 1 5ft piece of pvc pipe 1 inch thick
  • 1 extra large funnel
  • 1 Styrofoam wreath 14 inches
  • Expanding foam glue
  • Gold spray paint
  • Gold glitter
  • 2 1/2inch Pex tubing
  • Fabri-Tac
  • Scissors


1) Take 6ft tomato cage (“body” and zip tie the top points together making a small arch to create the “neck” of the angle

2) Take 4ft tomato cage cut bottom ring(this makes it easier to attach hands)and zip tie it to front upper side of the larger tomato cage (the “body”) to create the “arms”

3) Spray paint gold

4) Put foam glue on joints where zip ties are to make extra secure

5) Wrap gold ribbon around arms and secure it with zip tie

6) Wrap gold ribbons around body and secure with zip tie (this creates the dress)

7) Glue or skewer 12 inch styrofoam ball onto wreath (head and halo)

8) Paint gold

9)Place head onto angel’s neck

10) Glue funnel to the end of pvc pipe to create trumpet

11) Paint gold

12) Place trumpet in angel’s mouth (secure with glue if needed)

13) Cut 8 inch styrofoam ball in half (hands)

14) Attach hands to angel’s arms

Steps For Wings

1) Take both ends of Pex tubing and bend together so the ends touch to create shape of wings

2) Secure in place with gorilla glue and zip ties

3) Paint gold

4) Add mesh ribbon to wings using fabri-Tac

5) Trim excess ribbon off wings

6) Attach wings to angel’s back using zip ties

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Shutter Angel And Scarecrow DIYs

Learn how to make a shutter angel for your garden. And as an added bonus, you can easily turn it into a DIY scarecrow also!

While out shopping my local thrift store I ran across this lovely green shutter just setting there all alone. I wasn't feeling the green color and I wasn't in need of a shutter, but it did remind me I wanted to try my hand at building a shutter angel for my garden.

Green vinyl house shutter.

So into my cart it went.

This is where it gets weird. Not only did I want to make a garden angel, but I thought since summer is coming to a close it would be fun to be able to easily turn it into a scarecrow also.

I'm not new to scarecrows, I have a roundup of all sorts of DIY scarecrows and have also showed you how I upgraded an inexpensive craft store scarecrow, so the scarecrow idea was a fun one for me.

Not sure if there's something sacrilegious about mixing an angel with a scarecrow, but I wanted to give it a shot.

BTW, today is Thrift Store Decor Wednesday, so make sure your hang around to the end of the post to see the rest of the team's thrift store repurposes for the month!

How To Make A Shutter Angel For The Garden


  • Shutter (mine is standard 36" tall x 14.5" wide)
  • 2 - 6 ft Cedar Fence Pickets
  • 2 - 1 x 2 x 8 ft furring strips
  • Large paint stir sticks (5 gallon size)
  • 12 - 1 ⅝th" Exterior Screws (Deck Screws)
  • 1 Fender Washer (wide, thin washer)
  • Drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Pie pan, tart pan or platter
  • Small grapevine wreath (6-8")
  • Basket with flowers (optional)

Additional Supplies If Making A Scarecrow:

  • Fun and funky scarf
  • Cheap sun hat (thrift stores are full of them)

Board Cuts:

  • Cut one fence picket to 48" long
  • Cut one fence picket to 37" long
  • Cut each fence picket above at a 45 degree angle on the ends (making the 1st picket 48" long on top and 37" long at the bottom & the 2nd picket 37" long on top and 26" long at the bottom)
  • Cut one of the 8' furring strips to 78" long
  • Cut the remainder of that 8' furring strip into 3rds ( 3 - 6" long pieces)
  • Cut 2nd furring strip into 2 16" long pieces
  • Using the scraps from the fence pickets, cut 3 pieces 1 ½" wide x 5 ½" (the picket width is 5 ½")


Time needed: 2 hours.


  1. Paint Shutter

    If you want to change the color of the shutter you can easily spray paint it. I prefer to use a spray paint with primer in it and is able to be used on plastics, like Rustoleum's Painter's Touch 2X.
    Spray painting a shutter yellow.

  2. Paint Arms

    You can either paint or stain the arms (aka paint stir sticks).

    Painting wooden paint stirring sticks green.

  3. Cut Your Wings

    If you haven't made all your cuts yet, use a miter saw or table saw to cut both fence boards to length and then cut at 45 degree angles on each end.
    Using a miter saw to cut cedar fencing pickets to make angel wings.

  4. Wing Diagram

    After cutting your 45 degree angles on each end of your board, your 48" long board will be 48" long on top and 37" long on the bottom. Your 37" board will be 37" long on top and 26" long on the bottom.

    Yay, algebra paid off! Drawing is not to scale, I sort of "winged" it.
    How to cut fence pickets to make angel wings for garden shutter angel.

  5. Attach Bracing

    Take the 2 16" pieces of furring strips that you previously cut and hot glue them to the sides of the back of the shutter (your wings will be attached to this, so put them close to the top of the shutter).

    To the back of the shutter, attach your 6" pieces to the top, bottom and the middle. Then glue your slightly smaller cedar strips on top of those 3 strips.

    The reason you need the extra cedar strips is so everything on the back will be at the same level after you attach the wings.

    Add bracing to the back of the shutter.

  6. Drill Pilot Holes

    Drill pilot holes through paint stir sticks and through to the back of the shutter.

    Drilling pilot holes for garden angel.

  7. Attach Arms And Wings

    Using deck screws, attach arms from the front side starting with the paint stir sticks, going through the shutter and into the wing.

    Use two screws per side and place the screws so they are roughly mid way down on the wings.

    Attaching arms and wings to garden angel with screws.

  8. Attach Stake

    Use the long furring strip as a stake, screwing it into the back of the angel/scarecrow. Use the 3 block sections you made above to attach it. You can also use more screws to attach the stake to the wings (I used a total of 5 to attach the stake).

    Your stake will want to extend roughly 12-14" above the shutter, to accommodate for the angel's neck, her head and the halo (or hat if making a scarecrow).

    You will need to eyeball this as my tart pan may not the same dimension as your platter or whatever you choose to use as a head.
    Screwing stake into the garden angel's back.

  9. Attach Head

    Screw your pie plate or tart pan onto the top of the stake, leaving a little bit above the pan and a little bit below the pan (for a neck).

    Attach head to the stake above the shutter.

  10. Add Halo (Or Hat Holder If Making A Scarecrow)

    Regardless of whether you want to make an angel or a scarecrow angel you will want to attach the grapevine wreath above the pie plate. I used a screw with a washer attached to screw it in.

    Attaching the halo to the garden shutter angel.

  11. Finish Dressing Up The Angel

    You can add a basket of flowers, a watering can or just about anything to the angel's "hands" by hot gluing them on.

Shutter Angel

A shutter angel for the garden made with a repurposed shutter from the thrift store. The angel is holding a basket of sunflowers and wearing a halo made from a grapevine wreath.

Shutter Scarecrow

An bright yellow upcycled shutter made into a scarecrow - wearing a scarf and a hat covered in sunflowers and carrying a basket of sunflowers.

Turn Your Shutter Angel Into A Shutter Scarecrow

Simply add a scarf and a funky hat to convert your angel into a non-scary scarecrow. I found the hat at the thrift store and glued some of the sunflowers to it.

The hat can either be hot glued onto the halo (the small wreath should be small enough to fit inside the hat) or nailed into the top of the stake to keep it from blowing off.

So Angel or Scarecrow, either one will dress up your garden! Or your porch. Or your flower bed.

Creative thrift store makeovers.

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