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PODS logoremax2512/31/2125% off long distance move⇧ 83% Success ⇩Comments (5)

Jennifer @ February 17, 2020

Looking to a discount code

BillBonzo @ June 6, 2019

Thank You

MeredithHoltz @ May 23, 2017


steven @ March 27, 2017


david @ March 23, 2017

Its Good Gor Only 15% As Of 3/23/17

PODS logoBLUEFIN12/31/215% Discount on Local Storage and Long-Distance Moves⇧ 72% Success ⇩Comments (1)

Jeff Johnson @ October 28, 2017

We did receive this discount for our storage requirements. Thanks

PODS logopods12/31/2115% off initial delivery and 1st month⇧ 76% Success ⇩Comments (3)

Dan Deane @ November 14, 2017

Didn't work, quote was at regular rate

Jay @ July 4, 2017

Did NOT Work 7/4/17

Nathan @ February 19, 2017

DIdn't work

PODS logoremax12/31/2125 off with this code⇧ 79% Success ⇩Comments (7)

Eric @ December 12, 2017

RMAX is the correct code

LLT @ December 6, 2017


Cheryl @ June 30, 2017

6/30/17 It Works!

dawn @ June 16, 2017

not honored in their system

reid @ June 3, 2017


tom @ May 13, 2017

Did Not Work 5/13/17

sandy @ April 21, 2017


PODS logoREMAX212/31/2125% off long distant move⇧ 71% Success ⇩Comments (5)

Krista @ October 6, 2017

I was told by pods that it is not valid

C P @ June 6, 2017


sandy @ April 21, 2017


shannon @ February 26, 2017


Kristen Ford @ February 5, 2017

back to the beach baby

PODS logopodsdm612/31/2115% off both initial delivery and 1st month⇧ 76% Success ⇩Comments (5)

KevinC @ October 6, 2017

Does not work

Laura @ July 11, 2017

It worked when I couldn't find any other promo code to work. One of the better in savings as well.

Ruth @ June 8, 2017

Works! I recommend googling Moving Help Center. I got two movers to load my PODfor $100 total. Thank you for the help!

Bob Owen @ March 3, 2017

I've used Pods once before. You were beneficial to my needs at a good rate

Brigette Monistere @ January 21, 2017

The code didn't work for me today.

PODS logor18112/31/2110% off on rentals and transfer⇧ 85% Success ⇩Comments (7)

Mike @ November 18, 2017

Code did not work

Matt @ October 7, 2017

Saved me over $100....

Jay Stroud @ August 30, 2017

Saved me quite a bit on my move from Sacramento to Boston

Jay Stroud @ August 30, 2017

Saved me quite a bit on my move from Sacramento to Boston

Suzanne @ April 25, 2017

Saved me $114 on my move from DC to Charlotte

Barry @ April 4, 2017

Saved me $96 om my move from San Fran to Utah

Russ @ March 19, 2017

Only took 5% off monthly storage--use podsoffer3 for 10% off storage & delivery

PODS logoR05312/31/215% or more OFF your 1st Month storage rental !

5% Off long-distance moves. Good in all 50 States

⇧ 86% Success ⇩Comments (3)

Brandy @ June 7, 2017

no Idea because I don't have a quote yet

John J @ May 9, 2017

saved $180 on a long distance move with 3 PODS! Nice job :)

Michaela Dowdell @ May 2, 2017

promo codes and discounts on LD moving of home contents

PODS logosrate212/31/2110% off local moves, 10% off 1st month's storage and 10% off a long distance move⇧ 72% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logoR10112/31/215-10% off local monthly storage⇧ 68% Success ⇩Comments (8)

Anonymous @ August 8, 2017

I Saved $65 by using code R181

Anonymous @ July 14, 2017

saved $33 using R101 promo code thank you

Anonymous @ June 14, 2017

Not as good as AE0616. I saved $7.45 with this code, but $15 with AE0616, on a local move.

Tracey @ April 20, 2017

Saved $48 using this R101 code.

Tracey @ April 20, 2017

I saved $48 using this code!

Anonymous @ March 22, 2017

thanks for the pods promo code

Russ @ March 19, 2017

5% off storage - use cent15 or podsoffer3 for 10% off storage AND delivery

Anonymous @ March 9, 2017

code worked as described. i saved $55! thanks.

PODS logocent1512/31/2110% off storage and delivery⇧ 71% Success ⇩Comments (1)

becca @ April 30, 2017


PODS logoRSAVE12/31/2125% off local storage⇧ 82% Success ⇩Comments (6)

Vincent @ October 7, 2017


donna @ June 21, 2017

thank you!

Jason James @ April 20, 2017

Moving made easy

Jennifer @ March 2, 2017

It worked!

CBeneda @ February 25, 2017

thank you

Joy @ January 23, 2017

I need to move

PODS logopodsoffer312/31/2110% off monthly plus 10% off initial delivery fee⇧ 77% Success ⇩Comments (8)

beans @ February 10, 2018

didn't work

Bob @ November 7, 2017

Worked for me as well

PODperson @ October 24, 2017

Saved 10 percent off delivery ($6.51) AND 10 percent off storage (11.50).

Angelica @ September 25, 2017

Took about 10% off and I would've saved $160.00. However, price was still steep for my needs.

Mara @ September 19, 2017

it only takes 10% off of storage, not delivery

Mara @ September 19, 2017

it only takes 10% off of storage, not delivery

Russ @ March 19, 2017

Worked for 10% off delivery and monthly storage as stated

Thomas @ February 20, 2017

Works but you get charged for delivery. without code, you save $20.

PODS logommth112/31/21NO INITIAL DELEVERY FEE⇧ 76% Success ⇩Comments (11)

Bill @ October 9, 2017

Did NOT take away Delivery Fee

Anonymous @ September 7, 2017

Did not work

annette @ June 13, 2017

saved me 160.00

annette @ June 13, 2017

saved me 160.00

Betsy @ May 19, 2017

this code gave me the discount until I went to print out the quote and that it went back to normal price.

Karleen @ May 19, 2017

Worked for me! Saved me 59.95!

Dan @ May 17, 2017

Did not take away delivery fee.

Colleen @ April 28, 2017

This code made the quote price go up!

Lisa @ April 20, 2017

Did not work

Lora @ February 23, 2017

Did not work.

Barry @ January 3, 2017

Did not work

PODS logoAE061612/31/2110% off local monthly storage, 5% on long distance⇧ 86% Success ⇩Comments (10)

Anonymous @ December 8, 2017

i got 23$ off initial and 16$ off monthy storage cost w/ code ! ty!

Anonymous @ November 5, 2017

worked, just saved me $16 on a 1 month local rental of a 16 foot container

Anonymous @ August 7, 2017

This Worked. I Order A Pod For 6 Months Without Code Cost $222. When I Completed Online Form With Code $202. Thank You.

Anonymous @ August 2, 2017

Over time this code saves the most $$$ as it's continually 10% off your monthly storage rental.

Anonymous @ July 2, 2017

code kwre saved me $5 more than this code did.

Anonymous @ June 23, 2017

We Saved $19.00/month! WOOT WOOT!

Anonymous @ June 14, 2017

By the way, this code (AE0616) saved me $15 on a local move. R101 only saved $7.45.

Anonymous @ June 14, 2017

Make sure you put "0" (zero) not "O" (oh). AE0616 just worked for me ($15 off inital rental, no discount on local move), AEO616 saved nothing...

ph @ May 27, 2017

it totally works! saved 10 bucks/month

Anonymous @ March 17, 2017

It saved me $10 on initial and $15 per month of storage. Total: $55!

PODS logopodsoffer312/31/2110% off monthly rental and transfer charges when moving from one market to another⇧ 82% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logopodsoffer312/31/2110% off monthly plus 10% off initial fee⇧ 72% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logoMmth112/31/21Free initial delivery charge⇧ 80% Success ⇩Comments (2)

Monica @ October 5, 2021

did not work

Monica @ October 5, 2021

did not work

PODS logoAE061612/31/2110% off monthly storage⇧ 84% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logopodsoffer312/31/2110% off monthly plus 10% off initial delivery fee⇧ 77% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logor18112/31/21moving from N. Ogden Utah to Naples, Fl..No storage required and will need pod at destination site for 2 days only.⇧ 70% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logoAE061612/31/2110% OFF LOCAL MONTHLY STORAGE, 5% ON LONG DISTANCE⇧ 76% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logoR18112/31/215-10% OFF storage and mileage charges.⇧ 69% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logommth112/31/21NO INITIAL DELEVERY FEE⇧ 79% Success ⇩Comments (0)
PODS logoR18112/31/2110% off⇧ 74% Success ⇩Comments (0)

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Codes that appear on promotioncode.org as Staff Picks (those stamped with a Staff Pick yellow badge, as opposed to blue Community-Submitted badge) have been provided to us directly by PODS. Other codes may be submitted by our community of users as with any electronic bulletin board. Because of the volume of these user-submitted codes, they are not tested, nor guaranteed to be valid by promotioncode.org. These codes appear with a blue "Community-Submitted" tag. Be sure to read any comments associated with such codes before trying to use them. You may also encounter offers that are labeled "Expired". These are codes or other offers for PODS which have previously expired, or which our community of users has voted down over time although they might still be valid.

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15% Off on Orders

Expired on 20-October-2019

20% Off on Orders

Expired on 20-October-2019

25% Off on Orders

Expired on 20-October-2019

Sours: https://couponado.com/store/pods-com
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10% Off PODS Coupon (7 Promo Codes) October 2021

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PODS issues coupon codes a little less frequently than other websites. We check for new PODS codes frequently, so just check back this page to find the latest available PODS coupons.

How many coupons is PODS offering today?

Currently, PODS is running 7 promo codes and 7 total offers, redeemable for savings at their website pods.com.

Sours: https://dealspotr.com/promo-codes/pods.com

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    Looking for the best Black Friday sales, coupons, and deals? Check here for any available offers and save big on 2021 holiday gifts (with some options for in-store and curbside pickup!), courtesy of Groupon Coupons.

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Popular Pods.Com Coupons for October 2021

Coupon DescriptionDiscount TypeExpiry Date
Get a Quote On Your PodOnline Deal
Browse Storage Container SizesOnline Deal
🛍️ Pods Black Friday 2021 Deals 🛍️Online DealNov 28, 2021
Pods Coupon Codes, Promos & SalesOnline Deal

Moving? In need of a quick and easy way to store your belongings? The PODS website features the best ways of storage, moving needs, and storage boxes, and containers. You can also access great promos and coupons for savings on your next move. Be able to easily locate a PODS store near you, or receive an instant quote by filling in the simply-to-answer questions. Combine local and long-distance transportation. Secure your warehouse storage no problem. Eliminate steps, time, and cost by getting on-site project storage. Whether you are having a large move, remodeling project, floor refinishing, anything, PODS is the perfect place to search for the right storage container. PODS.com makes it easy to create an account to manage rental documents, making payments, and managing a move. Acquire the best services that will help you pack, move, and unload. PODS will make it easy and affordable for you.

PODS were launched in 1998, and were one of the first to invent the concept of portable storage containers. When they began, the idea of full-service truck rental or mover became no more. They created the new way of storing belongings an easier and faster way of handling your things. There new mission was to continue introducing to others the best way to move and store, becoming a new generation of storage and moving. They became known amongst their customers their ability on being flexible. They understand that events can occur, that is why they allow their customers to arrange their own time and moving day. They deliver outstanding services, by delivering your needed empty containers and then transporting it themselves. No more fuss! PODS carries 170,000 pod containers, two hundred and thirty POD storage centers in North America, but there’s more. Feel same in their hands. Once you purchase a storage or container, it is yours. PODS is affordable and dedicated, feel assured that you will be taken cared of during your project ordeal.

Shop around on PODS.com and sign up to receive discounts and promos. Follow through their social medias for any updated news and deals.

Sours: https://www.groupon.com/coupons/pods-com
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