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FINAL FANTASY XIV 14 Art of Eorzea A Realm Reimagin Book FFXIV Ltd

Terms of Entry

-Limit of one entry per person

-The stock entered must have a minimum market capitalisation of A$50mil fully diluted as at date of entry

-Minimum entry age 18 years

-Eley Griffiths Group reserves the right to deem an entry invalid

-By entering this competition you agree to be added to the Eley Griffiths Group monthly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from this at any time by following the instructions in the newsletter

The Contest

-Competition entries close 5pm September 30 

-The contest will be judged from 10am Monday 1st October and conclude at ASX market close on Monday 31ST December

-The winner entry will be judged by a panel of investment experts based on relative outperformance of the ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index 

-In the event of two entrants picking the same winning stock, the first entrant by date/time will be deemed the winner

The Prize

-The masterclass will be held at a time mutually agreeable to both parties

-The competition winner can elect for a family member to attend the masterclass on his/her behalf

-Professional Investors (i.e. Fund Management Professionals) are ineligible to win the Investment Masterclass due to Privacy and Competition reasons. In the event a professional investor wins the contest, the Masterclass will be awarded to second place

-The competition winner is only eligible to receive the prize of $5, worth of units in the Small Companies Fund, subject to meeting the application requirements (i.e. Anti Money Laundering)

-The units in the Small Companies Fund donated as part of the prize will be funded by Eley Griffiths Group Pty Ltd

-The units in the Small Companies Fund are not transferrable

Sours: https://eleygriffithsgroup.com/Japanese-Anime-FANTASY-XIV-Art-of-Eorzea-AFinal-Fantasy/
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Build your own modern FFXIV overlay with npm.

This library needs to be used along with ngld/OverlayPlugin.

Table of Contents


You can install it from npm registry:

npm install ffxiv-overlay-api --save

Or import the library from jsDelivr CDN:

<scriptsrc="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/lib/overlay.min.js"></script><script>constoverlay=newOverlayAPI({extendData: true,silentMode: false,});</script>


After installation, you can import the library:


Note that this library only works in browser.

You can also pass options to constructor (default option below):

constoverlay=newOverlayAPI({extendData: true,silentMode: false,});

Then you can add bunch of different listeners.

constoverlay=newOverlayAPI();overlay.addListener('CombatData',(data)=>{console.log('listener of `CombatData`',data);});overlay.addListener('ChangeZone',(data)=>{console.log('listener of `ChangeZone`',data);});

Call this function once you’re done adding all of your listeners:

Once this function has been called, OverlayPlugin will start sending events. Some events will be raised immediately with current state information like or .

After that, put the URL of your overlay into OverlayPlugin, or use the WebSocket URL when enabled. Checkout the index.html for example usage, you can download this file and load it from the OverlayPlugin. Enable WebSocked in your plugin and add or after you overlay URL to access the WebSocket server.

Checkout Development section for more details.


Parse and add cleaner data to listeners of
For production use, do not log all API stats info
Separate Limit Break data from Combatant data


You can find all events available in https://ngld.github.io/OverlayPlugin/devs/event_types.

add an event listener

  • event to listen
  • callback function

remove a listener

  • event type which listener belongs to
  • function which listener to remove

remove all listener of one event type

  • event type which listener belongs to

get all listeners of a event

  • event type which listener belongs to

start listening event

ends current encounter and save it

    this function allows you to call an overlay handler, these handlers are declared by Event Sources, either built into OverlayPlugin or loaded through addons like Cactbot

    • message send to OverlayPlugin

    simulate triggering event once

    static function for merging combatant like pets into first player arg


      Clone this repo, then:

      You can access the test overlay at , or .

      Remember to run before release commit.


      Please use the at the root of the project along with Prettier default settings to format your code.


      Copyright © present DSRKafuU (https://dsrkafuu.su)

      Sours: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ffxiv-overlay-api?activeTab=dependencies
      FFXIV Gold Saucer MGP Guide!

      Nation state storylines[]

      Limsa Lominsa[]

      On a ship to Limsa Lominsa, an adventurer wakes up hearing a soft singing voice, yet cannot see anyone resembling a songstress around. An ethereal voice calls for them to "Hear Feel Think" Upon exploring the ship, the vessel is attacked by a horde of sea beasts. With the help of Sthalmann and Y'shtola, the beasts are defeated, but a giant sea serpent attacks and nearly destroys the ship.

      After exploring the town, the adventurer reaches the fisherman's guild Fisherman's Bottom, and is asked by Wawalago to escort Sisipu to the Oschon's Torch lighthouse. There, they notice something is wrong and investigate the area, finding dead bodies and two suspicious characters talking, Emerick and Travanchet, speaking about an agreement Emerick wants to make with the Sahagin. When spotted by the adventurer both pretend to be mere pullers and leave. Back in town, the adventurer discovers the Sahagin have been frequently attacking lately, with the latest targets being the lighthouse and a fleet of the Knights of the Barracuda.

      On a later mission, Baderon speaks about a mysterious island called Seal Rock, whose legend is famous amongst the people of Limsa Lominsa. Speaking with some of the Drowning Wench's patrons, the adventurer meets Y'shtola again, who reveals that she is searching for a shadowless man accused of assisting the Sahagin.

      Out of leads, Baderon tells the adventurer that the young Lalafell Sisipu wants to talk with them. She reveals the location of a secret fishing hole, and asks to meet there. Upon arriving, the adventurer finds 1st Squadron Commodore Sthalmann and after a long conversation, learns that he believes the young pirate Emerick to be the one responsible for betraying his squadron to the Sahagin, although he's not sure about the details.

      Back in town, Mealvaan's Gate is attacked by the Sanguine Sirens, an all-female pirate gang led by Rhoswen, who are searching for Emerick. Y'shtola soon appears and stalls the pirates until the Barracuda Knights arrive. Before leaving, she briefs the adventurer on the secrets of Seal Rock island.

      After these events, the adventurer learns that Emerick is being held prisoner on one of the Knights of Barracuda galleons, and must infiltrate the ship. A Sahagin ship is spotted closing in fast, however, so the adventurer has to locate Emerick as quick as possible. Arriving at the galleon's lower deck, the adventurer finds Emerick and Merodaulyn of the Sanguine Sirens ready to battle. The player can choose which one to help, but discovers this fight was merely a diversion prepared by the two. Before being able to acquire any information, the ship is swallowed by a massive wave created by the same Sea Serpent that was spotted earlier.

      Y'shtola casts a magic barrier to protect the adventurer, who later awakens on one of Limsa Lominsa's docks with the Miqo'te's words ringing in their head: "Find the key".

      Learning about another Sahagin attack, the adventurer goes to the Gods's Grip to investigate, only to find Commodore Sthalmann and Y'shtola engaged in battle. Suddenly, the adventurer is blinded by a bright light, only to find themselves alone after their sight returns.

      Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XIV_storylines

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      [FFXIV] You'll Never Be As Good As Them


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