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sf bridge tattoo by gaspard cresp

Somewhere between a bold statement and &#;barely there,&#; the single needle technique is broadening the realm of possibility for micro tattoos.

Whether hand poked or machine-powered, fine lines allow for more complexity in a smaller space. This can eliminate room for error, so it&#;s a task for only the steadiest of hands. But when it&#;s done well, the results can be breathtaking. These artists prove we no longer have to choose between tattoo detail and discretion.

Top: San Francisco&#;s Golden Gate Bridge tattoo by Gaspard Cresp @blackmark_ink.

Compass moon tattoo by River Tattooist of Graffittoo.

Moon compass tattoo by River Tattooist.

River Tattooist

Korean artist and graphic designer River Tattooist is committed to &#;clean and delicate luxury tattoos.&#; With a Masters Degree in Design from Kingston University, he worked as an award-winning London tattooer before opening Graffittoo Studio 운영 in Seoul. And even though Korea&#;s capital is full of competition, Graffittoo remains one of the leading shops for this caliber of micro design.

Pine tree tattoo by Marla Moon.

Pine tree tattoo by Marla Moon.

Marla Moon

One of Spain&#;s top blackwork tattooers, Marla Moon, has grown this year by scaling down. Her skin engravings have incorporated the single needle technique for years, but in  she&#;s showing a deliberate and focused effort to use fine lines wherever possible.

Headphones tattoo by Dr Woo.

Headphones tattoo by Dr. Woo.

Dr. Woo

Single needle tattoos can&#;t be mentioned without a nod to Dr. Woo, based in West Hollywood. His &#;circles-and-lines-things,&#; as he calls them, became a global sensation last year, with tiny vectors giving a sense of movement, a static vibration. The hairline details leave negative space for the design to breathe, while still feeling closed and complete. Woo continues to challenge himself every day, most recently by incorporating realism into his work.

Russian flower tattoo by Brunella Simoes.

Russian flower tattoo by Brunella Simões.

Brunella Simões

Self-proclaimed &#;gypsy tattooer&#; Brunella Simões also works as a make-up artist, giving her a well-rounded understanding of how to work with different skin tones and textures. Based in Brazil, she often draws inspiration from other cultures, most recently attracted to Eastern European embroidery. Her portfolio is a mix of concept-driven surrealism, emotionally charged expressionism, as well as peaceful still-life designs.

Lion tattoo by Balasz Bercsenyi.

Lion tattoo by Balasz Bercsenyi.

Balazs Bercsenyi

Hungarian artist Balazs Bercsenyi combines structured geometry, intricate dotwork, and varying degrees of realism to craft his signature aesthetic. Single needle work is just one of his techniques, often using it to break up rigidity by adding movement and texture.

Crescent moon tattoo by Caitlin Thomas.

Crescent moon tattoo by Caitlin Thomas.

Caitlin Thomas

Caitlin Thomas’ years of experience as a musician have found their way into her tattoos with the expression of natural rhythms: waves crashing, trees swaying, the moon rising and setting. She may be young but her voice is strong, and her skill set is advanced.

Paint tube tattoo by Banul.

Paint tube tattoo by Banul.


A visual artist of many disciplines, Korea&#;s Banul is a painter, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, tattooer, and occasional model. Her work is almost exclusively fine line, with a special talent for incorporating custom fonts and calligraphy. Tattooing for just over a year, her execution is always clean and precise.

Tree ring tattoos by MISO Stanislava Pinchuk.

Minimal tree ring tattoos by Stanislava Pinchuk.

Stanislava Pinchuk

Ukrainian artist Stanislava Pinchuk (@m_i_s_o_) is still in her 20s, and has already been featured in fine art galleries throughout Australia, Europe and Japan. Having worked in a variety of artistic disciplines, tattooing began as just a way to barter with friends. It wasn&#;t long before customers fell in love with her trademark minimalism, and requests started pouring in for tattoo commissions.

Alphonse Mucha adaptation tattoo by Daniel Winter.

Alphonse Mucha adaptation tattoo by Daniel Winter.

Daniel Winter

L.A.-based tattooer Daniel Winter began his artistic development at the age of He soon transitioned from the paintbrush to the rotary, specializing in high end, single needle tattoos. Winter credits his naturally steady hand for the ability to render fine art motifs in full detail on a canvas just 2 inches wide.

Photos © respective artists.
Sours: https://scenecom/art//single-needle-tattoos/

Magic Moon Needle Cartridges

Magic Moon carry four different types of needlepoints ( taper ) + BugPin. For those of you who didn`t dig into this yet, here‘s a short guide on usage of needle sizes and taper. Since the needle brings the ink into the skin, you should first make up your mind about what needle is to be used for which purpose. Black ink for example is highly pigmented but highly fluid with extra fine pigments. Therefore it can be inked with almost every needle size and taper. Long Taper and Extreme Long Taper are ideal for lining. For thicker contours please use the Straigh Round Liner ( Long Taper, Medium Taper ) which are especially developed for this purpose.

XLT = Extreme Long Taper

The Extreme Long Taper is the slimmest tattoo needle available. Slim in this context means the conical tapering of the needlepoint. This is preferred by some tattooists due to the needlestand being very tight.

LT = Long Taper

Our Long Tapers are the most famous tapers known for years. This taper is popular for all types of needles: Round Liner, Round Shader, Magnum or Soft Edge Magnum. It‘s still the most popular Taper within our range.

MT = Medium Taper

Our Medium Taper is the old school taper within the Tattooscene. This taper can be used for every type of needle.

ST = Short Taper

We do offer this taper for Magnum only. Due to it‘s very short tip, it‘s a very popular needle for fill-ins amongst old school specialists.

BPT = BugPin Textured

Our in-house developed BugPin textured needle comes in 0,25 mm, 0,30 mm and 0,35 mm size. This needle does have a particular texture which improves the transport of color. BugPin needles are mainly used as Round Liner, where as some high level artists do use BugPin textured Magnum and Soft Edge Magnum, too.

SRL = Straight Round Liner

We developed this old school liner, along with Andreas ( The Sinner & The Saint ) and meanwhile it has become a world-valued needle. It‘s a relatively open liner, drawing thick black lines and carrying lots of color. Since very recently it`s also available as Medium Taper!

OOL= One off Liner

Our "One Off Liner" are round needle configurations which are missing the incircle needle. Thereby more ink is transported and you can draw long, bold lines with them.

All Magic Moon needles, regardless which kind of taper, are manufactured from the same highest production standard steel and are subject to constant quality control. Our on site quality control takes place during and after production. A third quality control takes place in Germany. Thus we reach the highest possible efficiency.

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So you’re on the hunt for a new tattoo, huh? You’ve probably got a few screenshots saved already, but maybe you’re looking around one more time just to see if you find anything you absolutely love. But contrary to what you’ve probably heard from your mom, not every tattoo has to have a super-deep meaning. Like, yes, tattoos are with you forever and they require a lot of patience and care, but you should feel perfectly free to get one just because you like the design. My favorite idea right now? Moon tattoos, which are so soft and pretty that they’re basically guaranteed to look great no matter where you place ’em.

And luckily for you, I searched through some of the most talented tattoo artists on Instagram to find 50 of the best moon tattoo ideas. Scroll forth to see everything from stick and poke to watercolor tattoos.

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