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11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

Marine humor is super dark and most people outside of our community will never understand it.

But it’s all good — so long as we’ve got these memes, we know we’re not alone.

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1. Maybe this is why Marines are so obsessed with pull-ups (via Marine Corps Memes).

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

2. They must have been a 0311 Marine. But still saltier than a staff sergeant…

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

3. When you’re so excited that you forget how to speak proper English.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

4. The main difference between a Marine and an Airman (via Pop Smoke).

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

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5. I can no longer see these rhyming pairs without hearing Taylor Swift… (via Military Memes).

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

6. It’s the one injury prevention tip that isn’t endorsed by the safety NCO (via Military Memes).

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

7. Becoming a Marine means you change forever.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

8. The Marine Corps Fashion show is very hit or miss.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

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9. Don’t complain, boot.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

10. The legend has finally been proven.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

11. Sgt. Pennywise was just named recruiter of the year. True story.

11 hilarious Marine memes that are freaking spot on

Marine Corps Memes That Will Make Anyone Laugh

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Firing Position

Let’s dive into our first Marines meme. The most common position of shooting for Marines is the kneeling position. So it may be a mistake for someone to tell a Marine to kneel before them. They could interpret it as a position to fire upon you (well, unless you intend to threaten or harm him as a hostile enemy).

Marines are very skilled with their rifle. And there is no doubting their marksmanship abilities. A Marine with a rifle is a dangerous one.

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Marines on a bus – Marines Meme That Hits Too Close To Home

You have a platoon of Marines and a lot of gear. And it all has to be on one single bus. You’ll feel overcrowded, but you can never be in short supply of the things you need when you are out in the field. Some people doubt that you can fit a lot of stuff on a bus.

And this meme proves that to be untrue. Marines know they can pack themselves and their bags on a single bus.

marines meme

Loud bangs can scare an Airman

Typically, a military meme will entail one branch trolling the other. But no branch could be on the brunt of these jokes quite like the Air Force. The Air Force is not used to land missions where loud noises exist. But when something goes “boom”, this poor Airman passes out in the arms of his Marine comrade.

Marines are used to those loud bangs. Especially when their job is to sweep and secure an area. Sometimes, it’s good when a Marine helps out a fellow brother in arms. The Marines meme we all needed.

marines meme

Knock, knock…who’s there? – Great Marines Meme

The US Marines are the first military force on the ground when in enemy territory. And they are not afraid to go past any door that may have an enemy waiting on the other side. No matter where they go in the world, their mission is to breach and secure any potential areas of interest (and deal with threats in the process).

While they probably don’t invade other people’s homes, they are not afraid to get creative when it comes to gaining entry into a place.

military meme

‘What I really do’: USMC Edition

‘This is my rifle, this is my gun’. That’s probably what Hollywood might be thinking that you as a Marine might be doing. But you know what the duty entails. These ‘What I really do” memes are perfect for almost every military branch. But the Marines version of the meme speaks the truth in some way.

Marines are on patrol, doing silent drills, and not reenacting that one scene in ‘Full Metal Jacket’. They don’t call themselves ‘the few and the proud’ for nothing.

marines meme

Fear ‘Mad Dog’ – Classic Marines Meme

Marine General and former Secretary of Defense James Mattis was no ordinary Marine. He was a general who talked the talk and walked the walk. The enemy would be smart to not cross a man named ‘Mad Dog’. Would you mess with someone who told Marines ‘Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet’?

Mad Dog’s time as General came to an end a few years ago. But he might be considered one of the greatest military leaders in this generation.

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The Best and The Worst Uniforms – Marines Meme

It’s safe to say that the Marines have the best full dress uniforms of any branch. But do they have the worst? Well, it might seem like silkies might be the worst uniforms ever. Yet, they do prevent chafing and other issues (especially during PT).

Every Marine probably remembers wearing silkies and how uncomfortable they are during PT time. The trainees wear them on a regular basis when they are doing pull ups, pushups, and running in the hot South Carolina weather during boot camp.

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Remember when the trainees would fall in for the Drill instructor’s inspection? Remember when Sgt. Hartman lit into ‘Private Pyle’ in ‘Full Metal Jacket’ for keeping a jelly donut. If you are not wearing your sandals during inspection, you will face the wrath of an angry instructor (and you probably know what it’s like).

When a Drill Instructor yells in the face of a Marine trainee, you know that kid is going to have a rough rest of the day. The Marines meme we all needed.

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She’ll take your breath away – Funny Marines Meme

Hell hath no fury for a Woman Marine. She just might pull off some close combat moves she learned in Boot Camp or even MCMAP. Talk about breathtaking (literally). In the United States Marines, trainees will learn hand-to-hand combat and will learn various martial arts during the Marine Corp Martial Arts Program (or MCMAP).

A Marine doesn’t always need a rifle in order to defend themselves. When in close quarters, there’s a good chance they’ll rely on more hand-to-hand tactics.

The ‘Do Nothing’ Army

The Marines and the Army are two branches that like to troll each other (in a meme-like fashion). The Corp likes to call the Army the ‘do nothing’ branch. That’s probably because the Marines are the first to do everything before the rest of the military shows up.

Needless to say, when the Army and Marines get together in a combat situation, they are unstoppable against the enemy. Further proof that nobody works in perfect harmony quite like the US military.

Air Force Marines? – Great Marines Meme

Believe it or not, there is a Marine Airwing. They take part in aviation combat. Their missions obviously differ from the infantry since the Airwing does missions exclusively by air. But they are there to provide support for their fellow Marines on the ground if and when needed.

Every Marine is a rifleman. But when there are Marine pilots present, you’re probably wondering why those who pass off for Air Force pilots tend to wear a different uniform.

At 6AM – Marines Meme That Made Us Laugh

Marines are already up by 6AM doing their PT. What are the rest of the branches doing? The Army is just getting up while the Air Force is still snoozing. Another piece of evidence proving that the Marines are usually the first to do something. They’ll already clock in their first mile and a half by the time the Air Force is up (by the sounds of this meme).

But what about the Navy? They’re probably still up from the night before.

He’s Behind Me – Classic Marines Meme

If you’re a Marine trainee, chances are you will be standing at attention and looking forward to the Drill Instructor. Meanwhile, you never know that there is another one standing right behind you. Ready to strike like a cobra when you make one move out of line. And before you know it, he’s right in your face.

Every Marine at one point or another has felt that wrath of a Drill Instructor. And that feeling that something or someone is watching them.

The Marines Are Fun – Hilarious Marines Meme

If you think getting yelled at a Drill Instructor was tough, try getting the same treatment from a gaggle of them. This may or may not have happened to you at boot camp. You probably saw it happen to some trainees. That’s when you probably realized ‘what am I doing here.’

But the training makes you tough. So you get used to the yelling. Because it’s supposed to straighten you up, make you mentally tougher, and be able to act on a moment’s notice whenever a threat is present.

Mamas do let your babies grow up to be Marines

Let’s hear it for all the moms out there who have done an awesome job raising their kids. If anything, she should be proud of you for becoming an excellent well-rounded individual. Marines are disciplined. And they know that without that one important woman in their lives, they are nothing.

But needless to say, moms do worry when their kids become Marines. But deep down, she knows she is proud of you for being one. Semper Fi, Marine. The Marines meme we all needed.

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