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For Ridetech, an industry leader in truck suspension, this is the perfect time to release a new StreetGrip lowered suspension system for 2007-2013 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups. Before Ridetech decides to design a lowered suspension system, we like to study the bones. General Motors’ 07-13 Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks have very good bones. Also, since the current generation, 2019 and up “T1XX” trucks are getting much of the attention these days,  7 to 12-year-old trucks have become a great value.

While these trucks are now two generations old, there is nothing antiquated about them. Also known as the GMT900 platform, 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks were heralded for their improved aerodynamics and all-new (for 2007) frames. The 6-speed “clutch-to-clutch” automatic overdrive transmissions were introduced in 2010. All of the LS-based V8 engines offer more than 300 horsepower, with the top-of-the-line 6.2L V8 producing 403 HP in 2013. We like to joke that these trucks come with “factory LS swaps”. Needless to say, these trucks are exceptional performers.

The StreetGrip system features adjustable coilovers up front, adjustable leaf spring hangers in the rear and adjustable shock valving at all four corners. You can fine-tune ride height to suit your wheel and tire combination and dial-in ride quality to suit your driving style. The front suspension can be lowered as much as 4″ while rear suspension can be adjusted to a 6.5″ drop. Drop spindles are provided in the kit, so a minimum 18″ wheels are required to clear the lower control arms. With that said, these trucks have plenty of room for wide tires.

2007-2013 GMC Sierra Lowered

Ridetech utilized its on-site test track to develop high-performance front springs and optional front sway bar rates specifically for lowered suspension. Factory rear leaf springs are retained and work well in a lowered setup. A flip kit with adjustable hangars moves the axle above the leaf springs.

Ridetech’s shock absorber valving is best described as transformational. If you own one of these trucks, then you already know that the OE Ride quality is “okay”– especially if the shocks are older. With respect to ride quality, the Ridetech StreetGrip system excels.

While there are other “4/6 Drop” kits on the market, no other lowered suspension kit features Ridetech’s forged-aluminum-mono-tube-shocks with Fox Shock technology. They offer 24-position adjustable valving as well as Ridetech’s 1,000,001-mile warranty.

These shocks are custom-valved to settle rear wheel “bounce” that is typical for these trucks when not carrying a load. This keeps the rear wheels settled and in full contact with the pavement and will dramatically improve your driving experience – especially If your truck serves double duty as a family car – you’ll absolutely love these shocks.

2007-2013 silverado sierra coilover
GMT900 Silverado-Sierra-Adjustable-Hangers
GMT900 Silverado-Sierra Flip Kit

Ridetech is driving the lowered pickup truck suspension to new heights of performance and value with bolt-on applications for every two-wheel-drive GM full-size pickup from 1963-2013 (plus S10/S15 trucks), the number of enthusiasts building and driving Ridetech Muscle Trucks is bigger than ever. Ridetech also makes it easier than ever to build a great looking truck with true high-performance DNA. 

With factory LS power, overdrive and tons of room for fat tires, the 07-13 Silverado/Sierra “GMT900” platform is the perfect starting point.  Just add a Ridetech StreetGrip lowered suspension system and head out on your favorite winding road.


2007-2013 Silverado / Sierra StreetGrip suspension system and components, click HERE

Wheels and Tires: 

TRUCK: 2008 GMC Sierra SLE Standard Cab (Bronze Truck)

Wheels: Black Rhino Stadium 20″x9″ 18mm offset. Learn More

Tires: 275/45R20 110Y Michelin Pilot Sport 4 35626. Learn More


3"/5", 4"/6", or 5"/7" Lowering Kit, 2014-2018 GM Truck 1500 (2wd, All Cabs) w/STAMPED STEEL or ALUMINUM Factory Control Arms ONLY Part #34270

Description: Deluxe Lowering Kit

Part Number: 34270

Desired Front Drop: Adjustable 3"-5"

Desired Rear Drop: Adjustable 5"-7"

Application: 2WD, Non-Air Only, Truck MUST have FACTORY STAMPED STEEL or ALUMINUM Control Arms

Vehicle(s): 2014-2018 GM Truck 1500

Kit Includes: (2) Spindles w/ Hardware, (2) Adjustable Front Struts(#3180), (1) Flip Kit, (2) Flip plates, (2) Flip Pads, (2) Rear Shock Extenders w/ Bolt Kit, (2) Adjustable Rear Hangers & (2) Rear Shocks(#3205)

Notes:           MUST USE 18" OR LARGER WHEELS               (Doesn't work with 4WD)

Click to view installation instructions

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IHC Suspension is excited to announce the most complete 2019 – Present 3/5 lowering kit in the market. IHC Suspension coming from the service/installation side understood the challenges that other kits were not solving. Here are our key features that differentiate us from the competition and save you money!

  • Alignment! No notching frame pockets for camber correction.
  • IHC control arm aligns to factory specs.
  • Standard Upper Control arms for camber correction included. (No additional parts needed like camber/caster bushing or offset ball joints to align)
  • IHC control arms run Delrin bushing for maximum performance, extended bushing life, and minimal maintenance.
  • IHC Flip kit has the correct pinion angle built in so no need to use pinion shims.
  • Standard Helper Bag kit included
  • Manufactured in TEXAS!
  • Lifetime warranty on all metal parts!
  • We will be shipping these kits until late September.
  • This will not fit long bed models.

IHC Suspension designed 2019-2021 with Ride quality being the #1 goal. We achieved that by lowering the front end with custom control arms. You achieve the 3” drop with the lower control arms.  Keeping stock spring, shocks, and spindles where OEM ride quality comes from. Upper control arms are standard in our kit to get your camber back in specs. Most kits require customers to notch frame pockets which are more time-consuming for installers and more money for labor to customer. Most times if notching is not done correctly lower control arms will constantly move and throw the alignment off. Not with IHC arms though.  The rear is lowered with a 6” flip kit and 1” lift shackles are provided to set at 5” rear drop. Nitrogen charged drop shocks are included. New u bolts are included. Standard helper bag kit is also included. This will prevent customers from bottoming out. We recommend 10-15 psi in bags at all time.


Available on backorder

SKU: IHC-1920GMCK-35Categories: 2019-2020, 2WD CC, 2WD SC, 3-5, 3-5, 3-5, 3-5, 4WD CC, 4WD SC, Chevy, Crew Cab, Lowering Kits, New Arrivals, Single Cab




  • Lowering control arms
  • Ball joints
  • Machined Sleeve
  • Alignment Locks x4
  • UCA Hardware
  • Loc-Tite Packet
  • Bushing Rebuild kit


  • Flip kit
  • Drop Shocks
  • 1” Lift Shackles
  • Helper Bag kit
Installation Instructions
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How to Lower Sierra and Silverado NBS (Ultimate How to!!!)


Belltech installed GM Trucks

Silverado, Sierra, C10, C30, Tahoe, Yukon, Denali, Suburban, Escalade, EXT

Belltech’s very first product was produced for a GM vehicle back in 1983. Since then it’s been a staple of our foundation here, and every year Belltech continues to work alongside this great American company. Aside from the G10 & G20, Belltech has mirrored it’s vehicle suspension application offering with GM’s dating back to 1963 for its 1500 vehicles.

C-10 installed with Belltech

First to market for both the C-Notch and spindle, the C10 has a very special place in every truck lovers heart. Most of our kits for the C10 truck consist of drop spindles, hangers, shackles, flip kits, C-notch, and of course the famous Belltech dampers.

Belltech Truck in the mountains

This truck will always scream BELLTECH, with its timeless style, and bulletproof drive train you can expect this truck to be around for many years to come. Most of our hard parts have not changed in design since its early release back in 1988. This truck is now almost considered a “classic” in this day and age, so if you see one for a good price, buy it and install our product immediately. Oh, and don’t forget the Super-CNotch still available on a built to order basis.

GM 2000-2006 installed with Belltech

In 2007, we were introduced to the strut style front ends for all half ton GM truck and SUV’s. Belltech’s response to this development was an adjustable strut, with easy to set height ranges. Even though others have released their own solutions our Belltech strut is still vastly preferred over all because of our state of the art foot and rebound valve technology.

Belltech Video Thumbnail

The future of truck suspension is now

Belltech Sport Trucks recently developed a new suspension set up for late model Dodge, GM and Ford. This new lowering package contains sway bars, lowering kit (where applicable) and four full-adjustable shock absorbers. The driving behavior can individually be adjusted to the preferences of the driver using the dampers that are independently adjustable in rebound and compression.

Suspension technology in detail

The twintube shocks features the same adjustable damper technology like the well-known worldwide KW Variant 3 coilover shocks. With this separate adjustability it is possible to select a stiffer or more comfortable suspension setup on demand. The rebound damping is adjustable with 16 clicks and allows the driver to directly take influence on the handling and the driving comfort. By increasing the rebound forces, the body movements are reduced. With the compression damping, adjustable in twelve clicks, the traction of the tires can be increased and the handling can further be influenced. For our dampers, pre-configured high speed compression valves are also used. The great advantage of this is comes when driving over large cross joints or speed bumps, the bypass channels in the dampers are opened and the piston rod can immerse. Put simply, the wheel deflects when driving over a bump and at high speeds; the tires do not lose ground traction. By using this blow-off-characteristics from the KW valves technology, driving becomes even safer.

In addition, the Belltech Sport Truck shocks give every customer the ability to lower their late model trucks to improve the sporty ride quality of the vehicle, we also suggest installing our rear sway bar when its available. Reduce body roll and increase stiffness by connecting the opposite wheels of a truck using a steel torsion spring (sway bar). The bar greatly improves road handling during rapid load changes and hard cornering by reducing the load difference between the inside and outside wheels during the corner so the handling also improves. For more information click here.


Belltech Chevy Complete Lowering Kit 1013SP

CHEVROLET/GM complete lowering kit - 1013SP
+1” to 4” Drop+Street Performance Shocks

2016.5-2018 SILVERADO/SIERRA EXT/CREW 2WD, 3-4F/5-6R *must have alumi/stamped c

Belltech GM Spindle 2509

GM Spindles 2509

07-15 Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra (1/2 Ton, All Cabs) 07-14 Tahoe, Suburban, Aval


Lowering silverado


2020 Silverado Lowered with Belltech 4/6 drop kit.


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