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Last year, a clever Ford dealership had an idea to recreate a modern version of the infamous SVT F-150 Lightning pickup. Ford hasn’t offered such a muscle truck since 2004, but the modern take – complete with badges, side-exit exhaust, and no less than 650 horsepower – was something of a phenomenon. Now, a Chevrolet dealer is taking the retro theme to the next level, but instead of packing serious power, the custom two-tone exterior packs all kinds of nostalgia. Say hello to the Chevrolet Silverado Big 10.

Chevrolet Silverado Big 10 Cheyenne ConversionChevrolet Silverado Big 10 Cheyenne ConversionChevrolet Silverado Big 10 Cheyenne ConversionChevrolet Silverado Big 10 Cheyenne Conversion

The dealership is Blake Greenfield Chevrolet in Wells, Minnesota, and it started last December with the green and white pickup pictured at the top of the page. Anyone old enough to remember telephones with rotary dials should recognize this look – it was the epitome of high-end Chevy and GMC pickups through the 1970s and 1980s, back when fully loaded meant power door locks and a radio that could receive FM stations as well as AM. Two-tone schemes came in a variety of flavors including lower trim and even white roofs, though the center-strip was definitely the most popular. The look is spot-on, right down to the white wagon wheels, thick side pinstripe, and period correct Cheyenne badges.

That first truck must’ve generated all kinds of hype, because the dealership has thus far made at least three more models; a black / white single cab truck, a light blue / dark blue combo that was actually bought by someone sight-unseen from New York, and the ever-popular red/white two tone. According to the above Facebook post from the dealer, the cost for the “Big 10 Package” amounts to $5,995 which doesn’t actually sound that bad considering the paint work involved to make it all happen.

Now, can we get one with a white roof and a headlight dimmer switch mounted on the floor?

Source: Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick

Sours: https://www.motor1.com/news/235563/retro-cheyenne-conversion-modern-silverado/

At least two Chevy dealerships in the U.S. and two in Canada are offering a retro Big 10 conversion on the 2018 Silverado which is quickly gaining traction among fans of the iconic truck.

Introduced in the early 1970s, the Cheyenne Super 10 is easy to spot thanks to its distinct two-tone paint job and Big 10 badging. Look for it again on the 2018 Silverado which is being offered by at least two Chevy dealerships: Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick in Wells, Minn. and Valley Chevrolet in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. Regardless who’s selling it (Blake Greenfield Chevy claims to be the first), the retro truck’s getting a lot of praise including a big endorsement from longtime Chevy devotee and retired NASCAR great, Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

“Damn this is a great idea,” Earnhardt Jr. posted on Twitter along with a picture of a red and white 2018 Silverado Retro Big 10.

In a video posted below, Valley Chevrolet lists the following details on its Retro Big 10 Conversion: 3.5-inch lift kit, 18-inch rally wheels with BF Goodrich white lettered tires (All-Terrain T/A), a two-tone decal package, Big 10 special emblems, chrome mirror covers and chrome door handles. The $8,000 conversion raises the MSRP to $57,474.

Blake Greenfield Chevy lists their four-wheel-drive, double-cab Z71 2018 Big 10 at $51,410. Silverados from model years 2014 to 2018 are eligible for the conversion at the Minnesota dealership.

The retro Big 10 continues to win over fans, including discerning Bow Tie followers.

“Considering how far truck styling has come since the Cheyenne was introduced in 1971, you’d think that any attempt to apply it to a new Silverado might turn out to be an unmitigated mess. But you’d be wrong. Because as you can see, the fine folks at Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick pulled it off better than we could have ever imagined,” reports chevroletforum.com.

Canadian dealerships selling the retro package include Northgate GM in Alberta, Edmonton and Barber Motors in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.

Big 10 Red And WhiteBig 10 TireSuper 10 Logo ExteriorSuper 10 Logo Interior

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Sours: https://www.hardworkingtrucks.com/trucks/pickups/article/15050571/retro-big-10-chevy-option-offered-on-2018-silverado
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When Blake Greenfield took a green, 70,000-mile, 2014 Silverado in trade at his small Chevrolet dealership in Wells, Minnesota, his salesmen razzed him that the truck would be tough to move. The color wasn’t particularly desirable in the area surrounding the town of fewer than 2500 residents, and Greenfield figured they were right. Then he thought of two things: his own surname, and a 1973 Chevy truck that his father had owned when Blake was a kid growing up in Iowa.

The first part was simple. “In all of our advertising,” explains Greenfield, “we try to use the color green.” The second part, inspired by his dad’s old red-and-white pickup, took a little more know-how and imagination. His cousin Ray owns a vinyl shop and wound up spending hours looking at trucks, taking measurements from photos of old two-tone “Squarebody” C/K Chevy pickups of the ’70s and ’80s, and figuring out how the classic scheme might apply to a modern Silverado.

To go along with Ray’s design handiwork, Greenfield and his crew added a lift kit, sourced some wagon-style wheels that’d evoke the period in question, tacked on Cheyenne Super 10 and Big 10 labels like those worn by the Big 10 special-edition Chevy pickup of the late 1970s, and added chrome door handles and mirror caps. But they still weren’t entirely sure what the finished product was going to look like until the truck rolled out of Ray’s workshop back in December of last year with the vinyl applied to the truck’s flanks. Everyone at Blake Greenfield Chevrolet Buick loved the truck, and Greenfield figured it’d make him stand out around town and perhaps attract some business into his store.

It turned out to be a little more than that. When photos taken by a local found their way onto the internet, Greenfield’s phone began ringing. The friendly Midwesterner still seems taken aback by the reaction. “It seemed like it went viral almost overnight. We had calls from all over the U.S.” Since then, trucks—done both with vinyl applique and actual two-tone paint jobs—have gone out to far-flung locations such as Texas (naturally), New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Arkansas. Two Silverados currently undergoing the conversion are both destined to stay home in Minnesota, though. Greenfield is pretty sure they’re the twelfth and thirteenth examples to be built since the calls began.

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And just in case you’d care to purchase the very pickup that started the minor furor, Greenfield notes that his 2014 is up for sale, although he admits he isn’t sure he should part with it. If you’d like to commission your own, both his Wells location and his other dealership, Spring Valley Chevrolet Buick, not far from Rochester, Minnesota, are both happy to take your order. We’ll have ours in Colt Seavers–spec brown and gold, thank you very much.

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