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TACOMA & LAKEWOOD CRIPGANGSMost of Tacoma's Crip gang activity is found in the Hilltop neighborhoodand in South Tacoma neighborhoods along S. Tacoma Way. There isalso a small amount of Crip activity in East Tacoma.In the City of Lakewood the majority of Crip gang activity is found in theLakeview, Clover Park and Lake City neighborhoods. The followingapartments complexes are major hot-spots for gang activity.Lakewood Gardens, Laurel Courts, Bridgewood, Newgrove andColonial Courts. In the Parkland area some of the gang activity can befound at the Pierce Transit located on Pacific Avenue and 121 streetnext to the AM/PM gas station. Also Crip gang activity is found in the38th block region of [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Crip Gang Sets 21 Hoover Crips74 Hoover Crips107 Hoover CripsBaby Gangster Crips 56 bloccEastside Gangster CripsEastside RebelsHilltop Crips 23rd StreetImperial Court CripsKnocc Out CripsLake City Crips187 SaintsLakewood Hustler Crips47th Avenue clicc109th Street clicc108th Street cliccLittle Gangster CripsLila Lane Clicc (Lakewood)Loc'd Out Crips (Asians)Eastside Darkside Crips 35th BlockDodge CityPower Ranger CripsVillains G'z CripsAvalon Gangster [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006 McCinley Avenue Crips 64th Ave.Native Gangster Crips 40th BloccNeighborhood Crips 25th Ave.Original Rollin' 40's GangstazRollin' 60's CripsSchool Ground CripsSouth Side Six-Trey Mafia CripsSouth Side 40's Blocc CripsSouth Side CripsSway City Crips 152Thug LifeTrafton CripsWest Side IslandersW/S Acacia Blocc Compton CripsYoung Boxer CripsYoung Gangsta Crips 45th BloccYoung Hilltop Crips9 Deuce Nutty Blocc CripsMuderVille 9600 BloccSesame Street CripsAsian BoyzSouth Side 19 MOB Crip

Colors of the CripsDark Blue, Gray, Purple, Light Blue,Royal Blue and [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Crip HatsHTC (Hilltop Crip)or 74 HooverNutty [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006Trafton Blocc CripRollin 60’sCripNeighborhoodCripGangster CripCripDodge CityCrip

Crip SlangC Queen - Female CripsmemberC World - Crips WorldC's Up B's Down - Disrespectof Bloods by CripsCrippin' - Involved in gangbanging- used by CripsCuz, Cuzz - Crips memberCuzzin - Cripping; being agangsterLoc - Loco; crazy (also lok)Slob - Crips derogatory namefor BloodsWhat it C like - Crips membergreetingBK – Blood [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006BKA - Blood Killer AlwaysBlob - Crips derogatory term forBloodsSlob – Crips derogatory term forBloodsCAT - Crippin' All (the) TimeCFL - Crip For LifeCousin - Enemy of Bloods(Crips)Dead Rag - Red rag; derogatoryterm used by Crips for theBloods red colorsFlamed Up- A person wearingthe color Red

The following is a breakdown of ways gangs interpretclothing labels, College names and Sports FLIGHT - F (forever) L (living) I (in) G (gangster) H (hoover) T (town)K-SWISS - K (kill) S (slobs) W (when) I (i) S (see) S (slobs)FUBU - F (f***) U (u) B (blood) U (up)NIKE - N (n*****) I (insane) K (killing) E (everybody)ADIDAS - A (all) D (day) I (i) D (disrespect) A (all) S (slobs)CALVIN KLEIN - C (crip or crab) K (killers)MECCA - M (murdering) E (every) C (crip) C (child) A (alive)POLO by Ralph Lauren - P (property) O (of) L (locs) O (only)REEBOK - R (respect) E (each) E (every) B (blood) O (O) K (k)NORTH CAROLINA COLLEGE - NC stands for "Neighborhood Crips"HOYAS - stands for "Hoovers On you’re A**Slobs"COLORADO ROCKIES - CR stands for "Crips Rule"SAINTS - stands for "Slobs AINT S***"DALLAS COWBOYS - COWBOYS stand for "Crips Out West Bangin OnYou Slobs“Bulls-BKloods Usually Live Life [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Most of Tacoma's Blood gangactivity is found in the East Side ofTacoma along McKinley, Portlandand Roosevelt Avenue's. You canalso find a lot of Blood gangactivity between East 38th Streetall the way to East 72nd Streetover by the 72nd Street Bar [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Blood Gang Sets East Side Piru 44th Ave. East Side Villians Head Hunter Pirus (City ofLakewood) Hilltop Bloods 19th-25thStreets Krazy Ruthless Bloods Mad Swan Bloods Native Gangster Bloods32nd Block Oriental Ruthless Boyz 38thAve. YUB (Young United Bloods) USO Pryde Family 90’[email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006 Original Loko Boyz 44thAve. P Stone Piru Royal Samoan Piru Seven Deuce Mob Tacoma Red Dragons West Side Piru(Woodbrook/Tillicumarea) Young Gangsta Bloods Diamond Block Lakewood BrownTerritory

Colors of the BloodsRed, Green and [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Blood HatsBounty HunterWest Side Rollin' 20s Neighbor Hood [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006Black P StoneNationBloodEast Side PiruA4 SwannBounty Hunters

Most of Tacoma's Hispanic gangsare active in East Tacoma/ Midland &Hillsdale neighborhoods. Surenosgang activity at the Market on E. 64thStreet & E. McKinley Avenue.Hispanic gangs members are alsoscattered around South Tacomaneighborhoods but not as deep as inthe East [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Hispanic GangsEast Side Locos Surenos 13Florencia 13Hidalgos (Puyallup)Nortenos 14Hidalgos (Puyallup)Vatos Locos 13Venice Beaver Kats/Boys 13MS 13BPM 13Latin [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Surenos 13SUR x3 13 XIII X3Colors: Blue, Black, Gray, Purpleor Surenos in Tacoma wear the Color Bluewith the number 13 on the [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Norteno 14Norteno wear the color Red withthe number 14 on the hat. Also wear the hatNFL which stands for Norteno For Life &NBA Norteno Banging [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

The People Nation and FolkNation are not gangs - they arealliances under which gangs [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

FOLK NATION- BLACK GANGSTERDISCIPLES96 Gangster Disciples74 Gangster Disciples28 Gangster Disciples66 Knock OutsBrothers of the StruggleStraight SavagesTru Gangster DisciplesTray-8 MOBTillicum Gangster DCrime FamilyYoung [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Folk Nation SetsThe Folk Nation SetsSome of the major Folk Nation setsare: Black Gangster DisciplesBlack DisciplesGangster DisciplesImperial Gangsters Folk Nation SetsLa RazaSpanish CobrasLatin EaglesLatin DisciplesManiac Latin DisciplesSimon City RoyalsSpanish Gangster DisciplesTwo SixersInternational [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006Folk Nation Sets

Colors of the BGDWhite, Black, Blue and [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

BGD [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

I.C.PInsane Clown [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

I.C.PThe followers of the (I.C.P) Insane ClownPosse and it’s record label mates are calledJuggalos (male) and Juggalettes (female)[email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Dark CarnivalThe Juggla", a psychotic carnival jugglerfrom the ICP song of the same name, andsomehow the fans came to be known as"Juggalos“. Juggalos often paint theirfaces in black-and-white [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Juggalos [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006

Crip Gang SignsCrip LoveCompton [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006Blood KillerHoover CripCripF*** BloodsMafia Crips“H”

Blood Gang [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006PiruBlood Hand ShakeBounty Hunter

Folk Gang [email protected] Project S.A.V.E 2006DisciplesSix Point Star

187 Saints Lakewood Hustler Crips 47th Avenue clicc 109th Street clicc 108th Street clicc Little Gangster Crips Lila Lane Clicc (Lakewood) Loc'd Out Crips (Asians) Eastside Darkside Crips 35th Block Dodge City Power Ranger Crips Villains G'z Crips Avalon Gangster Crips McCinley Avenue .

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When my husband and I moved to WA from Florida we rented in the Seattle, area of WA.  Rent was almost 2k a month and we still didn’t live in a gated neighborhood, no pools, tennis courts etc.. We were spending so much more $ on stuff than back home in FL. The house was a new construction ,cookie cutter, with thin walls and no character. We went to MANY different areas to house hunt and were told, “Just don’t go to Tacoma, It’s the ghetto!”  When our realtor suggested we see Tacoma we right away said, “NO, Tacoma is a ghetto! The crime and violence is terrible and we’ve been told to stay away from there.” She laughed, told us Tacoma isn’t like the 80’s and early 90’s. It has a new mayor, and got cleaned up. So, she took us anyway…We were so glad she did!!!

Tacoma is Washington’s FIRST port town. Many of the homes were built late 1800’s & early 1900’s

The proximity to the water and parks and restaurants makes North T-town an ideal place to live.

We noticed right away that there was a quaint feeling in Tacoma that we didn’t get in Seattle. Yeah it’s funky and hip to say you live in Seattle. There are great malls nearby and lots of tourist attractions but Tacoma is a bit more low key for us.. we are that kinda folk I guess. One of the cool things about living in Tacoma is that we share the Puget Sound with both Seattle, Gig Harbor, & Vashon Island.  All the fish mongers deliver to Pikes Place market from the chilly Alaskan waters but actually dock their boats HERE because is MUCH less expensive than King County. Perks for us… fantstic seafood at lower prices!

If the sky went grey it’s because I took these while snooping at people’s homes in the Fall.  Of course I keep pics of random homes that don’t belong to me…. you don’t? ?

I really love seeing the flowers pop some colour in front of the grey house. So pretty! Oh and look…a Toyota! You see… living in a house like this is do-able in Pierce county. Seattle… don’t even think about it!

So ya’ll know Bing Crosby right… the… “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”.. the “Road Movies” with Bob Hope…
Anyhoo.. He was BORN in this house! (the one above) Yup, another piece of Tacoma’s awesome history. He has a rose bush named after him in our local rose garden

I love double porches… reminds me of being back home. You can take a girl out of the South, but you can’t take the South out of the girl!
I like the Victorian below. Needs a roof cleaning and some paint but it could be perfect!
Btw, if ya’ll hear trash talk about Tacoma, go ahead and say it’s ghetto. We like to keep the best kept secret in WA feared. ? We don’t have loads of people moving here. It’s quite, we don’t sit in loads of traffic, we have small town farmers markets and botiques. We are 38 minutes to downtown Seattle and hop skip and a jump to Portland, Oregon. Gig Harbor looks like Coastal Living magazine & is a 5 min drive across the bridge. Vashon Island is one of Washington’s last remote islands. It’s a 10 min ferry ride from our home. Hubby and I enjoy going for a morning breakfast on the island and collecting driftwood on the EMPTY beach.

Oh… the PUBLIC SCHOOL district ain’t that shabby either! Hogwarts! hee-hee!

Pretty good view from the football field.

Hope you all enjoyed it and that it opened your eyes to the beauty of Tacoma. ?

Thanks for looking! ?

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