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Beginner Hydrographics Tank

Entry-Level Hydro Dip Tanks

Our entry-level hydro dipping tank packages give you everything you need to build a successful Water transfer Printing business from the ground up. They are perfect for dipping dashboards, gun stocks, and smaller items.

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Hydrographics Dipping Tank

Production-Level Hydro Dip Tanks

More manufacturers trust TWN for supplies than anyone else in the industry. We have a diverse selection of tanks and add-ons that are designed for high-volume production whether it be batch systems or fully automated assembly line decoration.

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Our hydro dip tanks will give you the best processing results in the industry. TWN tanks are made from high-quality components and are built to stand the test of time. Our tanks are designed to control temperature, reduce bubbles, and clean surface debris better than any other tank on the market.

We offer a full-lineup of hydro dip tanks that cater to all industries and production levels. When you order our Essentials or Pro hydro dip tank packages, it comes with all the materials you need to get started, including 2-days of hands-on training at our facility in Miami, FL.

Whether you are just starting your hydrographics business or would like to set up an automated Water Transfer Printing facility, we can provide an equipment solution that meets your needs.

Entry-Level Hydro Dip Tank

Beginner Hydrographics Tank

Tank Features

– Lightweight & durable fiberglass tank.
– Large internal processing area of 48 in by 24 in.
– Adjustable film baffles reduce material waste.
– Built in-house and available to ship in 1 week.
– 1-year warranty
– Made in the USA


Internal Processing Area:
48 in Long x 24 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
70 in Long x 33 in Wide x 34 in Tall
Power Configuration:
220V 20A Single Phase


The TWN entry-level 1.2-meter system is designed for aftermarket custom processing or light production dipping of small to medium-sized items. We developed this system for fast and efficient processing of firearms, archery products, automotive trim, marine components, and more.

Entry-Level Equipment + Training Packages

How To Start a Hydro Dipping Business

Our entry-level hydro dip tank features a fiberglass body supported by a steel frame with 6 leveling feet for easy installation. Our Entry-Level system offers a three-stage system with a main processing compartment, reclamation skimmer, and filtration trap with removable filtration material. It includes a digital timer, temperature controls, industrial heater, and a high-efficiency circulation pump. These parts work together to provide superior Water Transfer Printing process control and ensure your water stays clean and free of residual activator and film debris.

This system is manufactured entirely in the USA and is built with versatility and efficiency in mind. Our entry-level hydrographic dipping tank is a cost-effective and compact solution that yields high-quality, consistent results. If you are just starting out it makes for a great 1st tank and is backed by a 1-year warranty. It is our most popular tank for small businesses.

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Production-Level Hydro Dip Tanks

Hydrographics Tank: TWN Industries

Tank Features

– 304 stainless-steel tank
– 4 sets of adjustable film baffles. (50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm)
– 2 industrial-grade heaters
– All electronic controls
– Audible and visual alarms
– Surface reclamation skimmer
– Assure Temp™ temperature control
– Perfect Flow™ circulation pump
– Filtration trap with removable filter material.
– Leveling feet
– Digital timer
– 1-year warranty

Available Sizes

Internal Processing Area:
79 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
108 in Long x 55 in Wide by 36 in Tall

Internal Processing Area:
118 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
147 in Long x 55 in Wide x 36 in Tall

Internal Processing Area:
129 in Long x 51 in Wide x 28 in Deep
Overall Equipment Size:
159 in Long x 55 in Wide x 36 in Tall

Power Configurations
– 3 phase 220V or 480V
– Single phase 220V


Our production-level hydro dip tanks are built for medium to high-volume decoration. This is a popular processing solution for OEMs and companies who wish to decorate large objects like ATV components, golf carts, large dashboards, and other large parts. Depending on what your dipping, you can achieve greater production efficiency when paired with our Production Arm and Automatic Spray System.

Production-Level Equipment + Training Packages

Hydrographics for Manufacturing

Our production-level hydro dipping tanks feature durable construction and a large processing area for medium to large processing capacities. With the proper fixtures, this equipment produces quality decoration of multiple small parts. Our production systems are available in 3 different sizes, all large enough to dip golf carts and ATVs. Parts can be processed manually or by using TWN’s multi-axis dipping arm which interfaces directly with the tank controls.

  1. Dipping Arm: An industrial-grade dipping arm provides a steady, consistent dipping motion and ensures precise and streamlined processing throughout all dips. This increases your overall output.
  2. Automatic Spray System: Our automatic spray system is fabricated and programmed in-house. With innovative design and programming, it provides complete control over film activation. Not only does this take the “human error” out of activation, but it also uses a pressurized system that saves activator.

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  • Professional Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Tumbler &  Flask manufacturersProfessional Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Tumbler & Flask manufacturers

    Professional Fully Automatic Hydro dipping Tumbler & Flask manufacturers.TSAUTOP FullFully Automatic Hydro dipping Production line can be equipped with a robot dipping arm special for hydro dipping tumbler, hydro dipped water bottle, hydro dipping bottles, hydro dipped cups.This production line is really more efficient than the artificial, the hydro dipping quality is much better than the artificial. It can dip 5000-6000pcs all kinds of cups and bottles. So it is quite suitable for a cup manufacturer.

  • Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine for SaleAutomatic Hydro Dipping Machine for Sale

    TSAUTOP® Hydro Dipping equipment factory can customize and dropship various sizes hydro dipping tank, hydrographics rinse tank, spray paint booth, drying oven and tunnels, Inkjet printer for blank hydrographics film,Film winding machine for rerolling hydro dipping film, fully automatic hydro dipping machine with robot dipping arm, Automated Spray Activator Systems, Continuous Flow film Machines; Whole plant equipment for hydro dipping facility.

  • Automatic Painting Robot for Hydro DippingAutomatic Painting Robot for Hydro Dipping

    TSAUTOP provides a robot painting machine for hydro dipping. The painting is the necessary step before hydro dipping for non ABS material, thus we also provide painting booth for our customer, this automatic painting robot is a kind of automatically painting robot, can finish the painting by itself automatically.

  • Flowing Film Machine for Hydro Dipping Water Transfer PrintingFlowing Film Machine for Hydro Dipping Water Transfer Printing

    Flowing film machine for hydro dipping water transfer printing is supplied from TSAUTOP hydrographic, can leaving water transfer printing film automatically, spraying activator automatically, and flowing machine is also worked with rinsing tank together, we can dip the artwork and put it on the conveyor belt of rinsing tank to washing the film dirt on the surface of objects.If you are looking for hydrographic machines for big production hydro dipping, or if you want to work from hydrogrpahic industry, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you best solutions according to your situation.

  • Automatical Helmet Hydro Dipping In Big ProductionAutomatical Helmet Hydro Dipping In Big Production

    Automatic hydro dipping film flowing machine and the rising tank is the best combination of water transfer printing, has many automatical systems for hydro dipping, water transfer printing film leaving and flowing system, auto cutting film, auto activator spraying system. Here we uninstall the dipping arm and dip helmet by our dipping master, and washing the helmet by the rising tank. If you are looking for automatically production line, please feel free to contact us for more details.

  • Hydro Dipping Production Line For Water Transfer Printing Mass ProductionHydro Dipping Production Line For Water Transfer Printing Mass Production

    Hydro Dipping Production Line For Water Transfer Printing Mass Production.Hydro dipping production line include rising tank, dipping machine, and painting machine etc, is the whole hydro dipping machines for automatically water transfer mass production, no poor quality printing items, high efficiency to dip the cups. If you are looking for efficiency and zero poor quality production, please don't hesitate to contact us for more details.

  • Automatical Hydro Dipping Machine For Door PanelAutomatical Hydro Dipping Machine For Door Panel

    Automatic hydro dipping machine can do hydro dipping process automatically, whether small items in big production of hydro dipping or big part like door panel, both of them can be dipped by automatic hydro dipping machine, done water transfer printing automatically, and only need one person, if you get this machine, you will get a factory.

  • Automatic Hydro Dipping Production WorkshopAutomatic Hydro Dipping Production Workshop

    TSAUTOP hydro dipping production wodkshop is equipped with automatic dipping machine, hydro dipping, automatic washing machine , automatic spraying activator, automatic painting etc hydro dip machines, almost all steps of water transfer printing are done automatically, this is a modern advanced hydro dipping workshop, can save your labor source, lower your production cost for labors in the following hydro dipping production, achieve fully automatical hydro dipping production.

  • TSAUTOP®  Automatic Hydrographic Dipping EquipmentTSAUTOP® Automatic Hydrographic Dipping Equipment

    TSAUTOP® Automatic Hydrographic Dipping Equipment is hydro dipping prodcution line, can dip a amount of products in a short time, suitable for someone who has big production hydro dipping business. This hydro dipping prodcution line no need more people to operate, very cont-effective for hydro dipping factory working. If you are interested in our hydro dipping production line, please feel free to contact us for more details.


    TSAUTOP SEMI-AUTOMATIC HYDRO DIPPING TANK.Semi-sutomatic hydro dipping tank is the normal hydro diping plus the robot arm. You only need to leave the film on the water and spray activator on the film, then dip the products by robot arm itself, manily used for some big part dipping such as door frame, big car rims ect. If you are working for the big parts business, and you want to print some special design on the surface, this machine is suitbale for you, Cheaper than the fully automaticallu hydroghraphic tank, and can solve your problem also.


    Manual hydro dip tank is used for hydro dipping, can heat the water automatically, keep water temterature range a suitable time, and washning the dirty after dipping, with water cycle function, stainless steel making material can keep the water always in a balance line, sio that the design will not be damaged in the process of water transfer printing.If you are interested in our hytdro dipping tank, please don't hesitate to contact for more details.


    TSAUTOP fully hydro dipping machine is equal to one hydro dipping factory, can leave the hydrographic film automatically, suto spray activator, suto dipping the products. And all of these steps can be finished by this hydrro dipping machine, you only need to pick up the products on the dipping arm, and take them down after dipping.

  • Sours: https://www.dippingmaster.com/products-2736
    1. Clear tarp
    2. Candy pill press
    3. Mill drill machine
    4. Chica plush fnaf 1
    5. Qsc model 1400

    Our line of Water Transfer Printing equipment includes Hydrographic Tanks, Automated Activation Systems, production level Continuous Flow Machines, Wash Stations, and Curing Systems. All of our hydrographics equipment is backed by a 1-Year Warranty and includes 2 days of Water Transfer Printing Training at our facility.

    Hydrographic Tanks

    Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Hydrographics Tank

    Our line of Water Transfer Printing tanks can be customized to fit your unique production requirements. Our Entry-Level fiberglass tank features a lightweight, compact design and is built entirely at our facility in Princeton, Fl. We also offer various sizes stainless steel hydrographic tanks. These tanks feature a Perfect Flow™ circulation pump, Assure Temp™ temperature control, and industrial grade surface heaters. These ensure your tank retains a constant temperature and is optimized for the Water Transfer Printing process.

    Our Stainless Steel hydrographic tanks integrate seamlessly with our Automated Spray System and Production Arm. These components streamline production and reduce costs. All sizes of our Stainless-Steel Tanks are large enough to process large items like golf cart and ATV bodies.

    Hydro Dip Tanks

    Automated Spray Systems

    Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Automatic Activation System

    Our Automated Spray Systems are designed to provide consistent activation, improve quality, and reduce emissions. Because we build every activation system in-house, we can customize the system to meet your requirements – even if you have a tank that was purchased from another provider.

    Our Automated Spray System features hydraulic spray nozzles that retain constant pressure and ensure proper atomization, without dripping excess activator. The user-friendly touchscreen HMI allows you to program up to 500 unique film profiles directly into your Automated Spray System. TWN’s Automated Spray System seamlessly integrates with our Stainless-Steel Water Transfer Printing Tanks and Processing Arm.

    Automated Spray Systems

    Processing Arms

    Hydrographics Processing Arm

    TWN’s Processing Arm provides a consistent and controlled dipping motion for large profile items and custom jigs. Durable construction and a multi-axis panel enable you to customize your film entry point and retain a consistent dipping angle over the course of an entire project. This can increase the consistency of image transfer from part to part.

    Processing Arms are extremely beneficial in operations where consistency and quality are imperative. Our Processing Arm offers a seamless integration with our Automated Spray System and deploys once the film is activated and the set dwell time has expired.

    Processing Arms

    Continuous Flow Equipment

    Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Continuous Flow
    Our fully-automated Continuous Flow Water Transfer Printing equipment is designed for high volume manufacturing and assembly line production. TWN’s Continuous Flow Equipment is used by various manufacturers that process parts in-house. The system features all electronic controls and a user-friendly interface.

    An adjustable roller coating system pre-activates film and feeds it across the water while a chain drive controls expansion and reduces distortion. Our Continuous Flow equipment is supported by our expansive knowledge base and our Water Transfer Printing consulting services.

    Continuous Flow Equipment

    Wash Stations

    Water Transfer Printing Equipment: Wash Station
    Our line of Water Transfer Printing Wash Stations features an Open Conveyor System that is the most efficient on the market. Freshly-dipped products are inserted in one side and slowly carried by a durable stainless-steel wire mesh through a 360-degree wash cycle.

    Reduce labor costs and time spent rinsing products manually with one of TWN’s Water Transfer Printing Wash Stations.

    Wash Stations

    Curing Systems

    Hydrographics Infrared Heat Lamp

    TWN’s Curing Systems feature a portable infrared lamp that is used to speed up the curing time of base coats and top coats. Reduce turnaround time and take on more projects with our Infrared Curing System.

    Curing Systems

    Hydrographics Training

    Hydro Dipping Training - TWN Industries
    Purchase of any of our Water Transfer Printing equipment includes 2 days of hands-on training at our facility in Princeton, FL. Our Water Transfer Printing Training has helped many private processors and manufacturers to understand the process and improve quality. The course covers the entire process from start to finish and includes complex troubleshooting procedures. Join our network of over 1,400 TWN Certified Processors.

    Get TWN Certified

    Sours: https://watertransferprinting.com/equipment/
    How To Do Hydro-Dipping At Home (Start to Finish Guide)


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    We Hydro Dipped a Nerf Blaster 100 Times! (100 Layers Challenge)


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