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Auto-fill nicknames into .io games! Supports Starve.io, MooMoo.io, Diep.io, Agar.io, Slither.io, Diep.io, Deeeep.io, Evowars.io, Zombs.io, Paper.io, and Skribbl.io
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now you can control several tanks, very cool! (use shift for quick invert on sync keys, v to toggle sync mouse, and f to toggle sync keys by default) UPDATED UPDATED VERSION !!!
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This is a work in progress! You can change the scripts to what you want. Also, try my XandY mod! Try to take over the diep.io! How to use: You should see a menu bar on the right side of the screen, hover over it and the menu will slide out! When out click on the buttons shown! This should upgrade your tank automatically! If you don't know what the upgrades do, press [T] twice/once.
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The hotkeys: Z: Overlord, X: Ranger, V: Autogunner, B: Battleship, N: Streamliner, Q: Factory, F: Triplet, G: Fighter, H: Annihilator
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Allows you to have a tank that fades through a rainbow.

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Sours: https://www.userscript.zone/search?l=en&q=diep.io&start=0

Greasy Fork

HueHanaejistla's Diep.io Multiboxing Multibox Script

now you can control several tanks, very cool! (use shift for quick invert on sync keys, v to toggle sync mouse, and f to toggle sync keys by default) UPDATED UPDATED VERSION !!!

Install this script?

You will need to install an extension such as Stylus to install this script.

You will need to install an extension such as Stylus to install this script.

You will need to install an extension such as Stylus to install this script.

You will need to install a user style manager extension to install this script.

You will need to install a user style manager extension to install this script.

(I already have a user style manager, let me install it!)

Ask a question, post a review, or report the script.

Now it's less laggy, easier to look at, and still provides all your multiboxing needs!
Even less laggy, and now you can adjust the script's core features!

With this script, you can control as many tanks as you want! From 2 to 50, this script supports it all!
Commonly known as "multiboxing" to diep.io players, this can potentially increase your firepower in game as you can control more than one tank at the same time!
All input will be mirrored across all open tabs! (Make sure the tabs aren't "hidden", they still have to be visible. You can, however, put one on top of the other). So basically this is how you control multiple tanks in diep.io at once, similar to how arena closers move all at the same time.

This is a tutorial on how to install it if you are confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gqh2lKsTyd4

Controls: (default)
Sync mouse [F]
Pressing F will toggle this feature on or off. Sync mouse puts the mouse at the same distance from every tank, which makes all your tanks look/face in the same direction
Sync keys [V]
Pressing V will toggle this. This will sync ALL keyboard input to all of your open screens. This includes autofire, autospin, upgrades, movement, and more!

In lines 14 to 17, you can adjust the keys and the script's speed.

If you upload this to a tutorial to youtube or advertise this script elsewhere, please give me credit!

If you are confused or need help or want to ask a question/suggest an update, put it in feedback i dont have a discord server anymore lol

Sours: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/397618-huehanaejistla-s-diep-io-multiboxing-script
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Diep.io Hack: Multiboxing, Auto Fire and More (2021)

Casual games aside, I’m really addicted to .io games. In as much as they are strange genre with a mixture of clones and copies of popular games, I still love ’em and this is because they are simplistic. Slither.io and Agar.io are well-known, but if you are tired of controlling cells and/or snakes, then you should up the game by playing diep.io – a very popular franchise that let’s you drive tank with the goal to shot at other player’s tanks non-stop.

The game initially kicks-off in a simple background with you in control of a small slow tank that has little damage and as you progress through the game’s many levels destroying polygons of various shapes and other player’s tank, you’d gain XP that can be used to toughen up your tank plus a slew of cannons and/or weapons to choose from.

Also Checkout: Moomoo.io Hack for Auto Heal, God Mode and More

Diep.io is definitely a fun online game to play and despite the fact that it “lacks” the most brilliant graphics found in other games, it still offers an “addicting gaming” experience that can “glue” you in hours on end. Nonetheless, if you are looking to mod diep.io a little bit, let’s say you want to enable Autofire, Auto Respawn and even get all the 50 achievements, then we have got you covered.

From Multiboxing which allows you to control two or more tanks at the same time to the ever popular god mode, aim assist, bullet stacker and more, here’s all the diep.io hacks that can help you make the gameplay easier.

Diep.io Hack

There are a slew of Diep.io hacks out there on the internet and they are mostly executed using what’s called script made by users. So if you’re already itching to make the game easier and more fun to play, then here’s how to hack Diep.io

Install Tampermonkey

To begin with, you will need a userscript (I.e a JavaScript program that can be used to modify a web page). But prior to downloading one, it’s recommended to install a software that will help you execute the script.

This is where Tampermonkey comes in to play. It’s one of the most popular browser extension that is similar to GreaseMonkey and it works by letting you add additional script into a web page which in turn adds new features or in this case enables hacky/automated things. Think of it as the perfect Userscript manager.

So to get this one going, simply head over to the official Tampermonkey page on Chrome web store and click on the “Add to Chrome” button followed by “Add Extension” from the pop-up that will appear.


Once done, you will see a message saying that tampermonkey has been successfully added to chrome browser and if you doubt this, you can easily checkout the plugin’s icon which is visible beside the search bar.

Install a User Script

Now it’s time for modding. So go ahead and head over to Greasy Fork’s Diep.io user script page. You’d get to see a slew of scripts that can mod the game to anything you envision. From Theme Changer to Auto Class Builder, simply go ahead and select the one you want and on the next page, click on the green button that says “Install this Script” to get things going.


Enjoy the New Diep.io Hack

Once the script finishes installing automatically into tampermonkey, you’d be good to go. To see if everything is working, simply navigate to Diep.io and you’d see the script you already installed in effect. It should do its thing automatically.


Wrapping Up

So this is how to hack Diep.io for multiboxing, Server selector, Hp Values, ViewRange and more. Endeavor to drop a link in the comments below stating which hack and/or script you are using so that other players can grab it. Overall, happy gaming.

Sours: https://gamingpirate.com/diep-io-hack/

How to multibox 2 tanks in diep.io

 there is so much wrong with that statement. let me make one thing clear, I did NOT come here to play f**king chess. First of all, that is technically plagiarism, not siting BELA. Second, that script accounts for ALL of the windows, you dont need ANY VM's to do this. Third, to multibox more tanks, a VPN can be used, the best one in my opinion is Opera Browser's built in VPN (ALWAYS disable VPN after getting tanks in, it A: doesnt use your VPN, B: doesnt make your tanks disconnect, and C: reduces lag), which i will get to in a second. Lastly, chrome isnt the ONLY browser that this can be used on. Using OPERA BROWSER (go download that, chrome extensions, free adblocker, free built in VPN, and Opera is 100% free. Hell, Opera tends to work BETTER to multibox with. So ROOK SACRIFICE, I advise you not to be so much of an egghead and go get some hard knowledge before you advertise this to everybody. I have been multiboxing this game for TWO YEARS and i know everything there is to know. 

Sours: https://www.chess.com/clubs/forum/view/how-to-multibox-2-tanks-in-diep-io

Io multibox script diep

1. Getting started

The script only runs in Tampermonkey. Any browser, any operating system. Retina displays supported.

Get the script from here.

To not lag in game (both FPS and ping-wise), it is strongly recommended that you use this and that. These scripts will improve the game's performance and will greatly increase the number of tanks you will be able to multibox.

It is worth mentioning diep.io certainly runs best on Chrome (or similar chromium-based browsers like Opera or Brave) and on Windows 10. You will have the most pleasant experience with a good browser and a good system. It is NOT the script's fault that you experience low frame rates or high ping.

On most browsers, there is also a super neat trick to improve performance - reduce size of every window besides the master window (the one you will play with) (even down to 1 pixel height, the smaller the better). That means if you die you will first need to make the windows bigger so that's a little bit of a risk, but it should greatly increase FPS.

Screenshot from 2021-06-05 11-11-41

After launching the game, nothing abnormal is going to happen, no tutorial or anything. The multibox's menu will be closed by default. To open it, press the ` key, aka the master key (on most keyboards - to the left of 1, directly above TAB). If you do not have the key or wish to use other one, please open the userscript in your Tampermonkey and edit the 18th line:

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 20-28-29

Delete the ` character in between the apostrophes and enter your own one, then save the userscript (by or manually). Changes will take effect after you refresh your page.

After pressing the master key, you should see a menu open on the left side of the screen which looks exactly like this:

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 20-31-02

This is the heart of the multibox. Here you control everything that it does.

You can click on the text to change or trigger the option (these are buttons below the text).

The question marks are basically tips explaining what the given option does, so if you press on them, it should display text in the middle of your screen describing the feature.

The minus signs are placeholders for keybinds - assign a key to an option to be able to change it without explicitly clicking on the button. Keybinds last between diep.io sessions (they are persistent), can be changed anytime in game, can be reset too to not activate the option anymore. You need to click on the minus signs to be able to assign a key. Clicking on them will also display a little bit of helpful information.

You can hide the menu anytime by once again pressing the master key. The master key will be locked for use in any keybinds to not create a mess.

Bypassing the 2 IP limit

Normally, no one can join a diep.io server with more than 2 tanks at the same time. That can be easily bypassed though, with a VPN that will change your IP (but also increase ping, so never use VPN on your master tab). Many VPNs don't work due to the game not being that dumb, but a few do, including Hoxx VPN. It is available for most browsers. It has limited bandwidth though, which means you cannot use it 24/7. If you waste the bandwidth by, for instance, running the VPN on youtube or any other bandwidth-hungry site (not diep.io), you will lose access to the VPN for 24h. Run it ONLY on diep.io tabs. Note that if you turn it on, every new tab you open will automatically have it on too.


  1. First, level up your master tank without a VPN,

  2. Your next tab will be using your IP too, so dedicate it to something important like a feeding tank on other color in the server (if you need it),

  3. In the Hoxx VPN menu, pick a location closest to you and level up 2 more tabs,

  4. Turn off Hoxx VPN and pick a different location to receive a new IP for more tanks (come back to step 3).

1. Pick AFK location:

Screenshot from 2021-06-04 20-37-00

This option allows you to pick a place on the whole map that your tank will stick to if you turn on AFK. It also allows you to reset your AFK position. Why? Explained below.

2. Turn AFK on and off:

If you have not previously set an AFK location using the feature above, turning on AFK will cause you to stick to the location you currently are at. That's why reseting AFK position is important - it allows you to stick to right where you are, without needing to have a perfect pixel-wide mouse aiming skills to do it on the minimap.

3. Multiboxing

The multibox is a very advanced system aiming to make the gameplay of the user as pleasant as possible. The main features are:

  1. Flexibility - you can switch between 3 mouse modes and 3 movement modes, along with other options, allowing you to truly customize your experience and shape it to fit your needs,

  2. Reliability - the script has been tested throughout months and numerous bugs have been found and fixed. The most notable achievement is making the script fully compatible with retina displays, so MacBook users are not excluded from the fun,

  3. Comfort - throughout time, movement of the multiboxed tabs has been evolving to allow for a much better experience. For instance, tabs will try to move out of your way when you are moving, and will try their best to always stick to you, without falling behind.


To be able to multibox tanks, you need to be aware of 2 things:

1. If you are on Windows and are using Chrome, you first need to edit a browser flag to be able to multibox. Go to chrome://flags/#calculate-native-win-occlusion (need to copy paste it into the URL bar) and if at the top there is a setting called "calculate native window occlusion", change its state to disabled.

2. To multibox at all, your tabs need to not actually be tabs. They need to be windows. The same was true for Bela's multibox - you need to take out individual tabs out of your window so that each of them has their own window. BEHOLD!!: If your AFK is on and you switch to other tab in the same window, your diep.io tank might die, because it is not updated (that's why it's so important to use windows and not browser tabs).

Additionally, if you are AFK and multibox is on, AFK is the stronger one. So if you change tabs, the AFK tab will still be AFK. It will not follow.

Knowing all of the above, I guess you are all set to conquer the world with this multibox! There are a few more options, but they are rather understandable, and most of all, you can test them out yourself. They also have a help page once you click the question mark next to them.

I am absolutely NOT open for suggestions. If there are bugs, you can submit an issue, but I might as well not fix it.

Sours: https://github.com/supahero1/diep.io/blob/master/multibox/README.md


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