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The Best Hot Shot Load Board for Expedited Freight Jobs

Are you looking for opportunities to earn extra money with your pickup truck or cargo van? GoShare is the ideal summer job for truck and van owners looking to put their vehicles to good use.

Whether you’re a construction worker with a small truck or a full-fledged owner-operator who runs a hot shot trucking company, GoShare is the best hot shot load board filled for expedited freight jobs that are perfect for earning extra income on your time.

GoShare’s mobile app is available on the App Store and Google Play in North America.

We Find the Loads

Many truck and cargo van owners rely on traditional load boards to find freight. Unfortunately, these boards are riddled with competitive drivers who undercut each other to obtain the best, most premium loads. Several load boards also contain limited information and fraud activity that undermine their reliability.

Let GoShare find loads for you! GoShare eliminates the hassle of using traditionalload boardsand dealing with unreliable freight brokers and shippers. Instead, GoShare streamlines a list of delivery and moving jobs by posting hot shot freight loads daily near you. GoShare accepts individuals with varying vehicle types onto its platform, ranging from SUVs and pickup trucks to cargo vans and box trucks or straight trucks.

GoShare’s freight matching system means that truck and van owners never have to worry about a lack of work. Some jobs might require a full truckload of lumber or steel to be delivered from a store to a construction job site, and others might request a smaller truck for help with moving furniture into a new apartment. GoShare constantly updates its load board app in real-time to provide its drivers with an array of diverse jobs to choose from. 

Truck freight loads can be scheduled in advance, but you can expect to find many time-sensitive,hot shot jobs, and same day deliveryprojects that are perfect for filling your schedule.

Get Paid in Less Than a Week

Traditional van and truckloads payout in 30 to 60 days. This is a long wait to receive compensation for work under any circumstance. It’s especially painful when you factor in the costs of budgeting forvehicle maintenanceand fuel during this period.

You can expect to get paid within five to seven days when driving with GoShare. Payment is set up through the app, billing the customer on your behalf, and depositing the money directly into your bank account.

Be Your Own Boss

Gain the flexibility of being your own boss and working when you want as a GoShare driver. You will never be forced to accept projects that don’t match your moving and delivery preferences. As an independent contractor on our platform, you are able to maintain a flexible schedule and retain full control of choosing loads that appeal to you.

You may choose to accept or reject the project. Unlike othergig economy platforms, there are never penalties for declining a project. This system allows you to tailor your workload according to your lifestyle and business needs. 

Insured and Protected

GoShare keeps its drivers safe and its loads protected through our comprehensive insurance policy. Any project accepted through GoShare will have added cargo and liability insurance protection.

GoShare’s truckload app is perfect for finding expedited freight jobs that pay well. Van and truck drivers on the GoShare platform earn up to $42 to $67 an hour on average, in addition to tips. 

Want to learn more? Click hereto learn about GoShare or to apply to join the platform.

Additional Resources

Looking for more information about self-employment, side jobs, contracting, or flexible work? Check out these additional posts from GoShare.

Sours: https://goshare.co/the-best-hot-shot-load-board-for-expedited-freight-jobs/

Load Board for Straight Trucks, Box Trucks and LTL

My Virtual Fleet

We specialize in a load board for Straight Trucks, Box Trucks and LTL Loads. Whether you are a one man show or have  a fleet, we have thousands of loads at great prices. Carriers can search by zip code, geofence and truck size. Straight Trucks, Box Trucks finally get their own load board. My Virtual Fleet will get you loads and make you more profitable.

Contact Us  

Expedited Trucking

Expedited trucking is the branch of freight hauling that deals with immediate deliveries. This part of the business has seen a huge growth since 9/  It is too cumbersome with TSA and the security requirements to get product on a plane fast.  JIT (Just in Time Inventory) has also added to the explosion in Expedited Trucking.

Whether you are dealing with a small electronic component that halts an entire Ford  production line or have a  laboratory specimen that must arrive at a specific time,  all go by the Expediter. This type of trucking depends largely on three truck types:

  • Cargo van
  • Sprinter van
  • Straight truck

My Virtual Fleet Requirements

  1. You must have your Motor Carrier Authority  - MC # 
  2. Liability Insurance $1 Million Liability and $ k Cargo
  3. Join My Virtual Fleet

How to Start ?

You can start by renting, leasing, or buying a straight truck or cargo van. Straight trucks, also called box trucks, have cargo areas that range in size from 13 to 23 feet in length, and sit on an attached frame. Cargo vans carry goods and products work well for smaller loads and nearby, time-sensitive deliveries. You can find both trucks and vans at truck rental companies like U-Haul, Penske, Ryder or Enterprise. You can also buy or lease them – new or used – from truck dealers.

This not rocket science

It's not hard to get started making money shipping cargo with a straight truck or cargo van if you know the ins and outs of the business model and follow a solid plan. You can buy a new cargo van for about $25, to $40,, while a straight truck runs from $30, on the low-end, to up to $60, or more based on the size and features.

Rent for the Short-Term

Use rental trucks.  Set up the shipping contract in advance, go rent the truck on the day of the scheduled pickup and delivery, and transport the goods from one location to another. Some rental places will also set up extended rentals for weeks or months at a time. Find local small manufacturers who need to ship their goods within a fairly close proximity. Or small businesses that need to make same day and next day deliveries in your area. Trucking businesses charge by mileage and weight.

Lease for the Long-Term

Leasing a vehicle costs more and, in most cases, you commit to leasing over an extended period of time – up to 60 months. But this option can still be better than buying a truck or renting one short-term. Primarily, your cash outlay upfront is less than buying. You can lease almost percent of the vehicle, while buying it may require a down payment of 25 percent or more. You do not want to tie up too much of your cash as you launch your business. Also, if you transport goods on a consistent basis, a long-term lease probably will save you money over a short-term rental. Also, leasing offers tax advantages over buying a truck or van.

Retail Business and Wholesale Business

If you get business directly from local shippers, this we call Retail Business. If you get business from Brokers  this we call Wholesale business. To have a healthy business you could have a combination of both these income streams.

My Virtual Fleet is not open to Shippers. We are not open to Drivers . We are only open to Brokers and Carriers. Carriers must have a one million dollar liability policy and one hundred thousand dollar  Cargo policy. Carriers also must have an MC Number.

Contact Us  

Sours: https://myvirtualfleet.com/largest-load-board-for-box-trucks-straight-trucks-and-ltl-loads/
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Expedite Loads Load Board

Expedites Loads

Expedite Loads is an online freight load board that has been matching freight, general truck loads, LTL and carriers since This truck load board offers a free demo whereby it promises that new members can sign up and start searching for freight and available trucks in as little as just 60 seconds. This is a 24/7 trucking load board, with the additional feature of a member community of freight industry professionals, who actively haul freight in North America.

About Expedite Loads

Expedite Loads is a reputable online freight matching service that was founded with the objective of helping shippers, brokers and carriers to haul freight with as few deadhead miles and downtime between hauls as possible. Members can search according to location of loads and trucks or the type of truck equipment available or required. Expedite Loads provides its members with the tools to set up notifications and alerts, create favorite carriers and shippers to view, establish and participate in private load or truck board dealings, search member director or even set up a unique member profile to start building relationships.

How Expedite Loads compares with Free Freight Search?

FreeFreightSearch.com and Expedite Loads are both great load boards to use. FreeFreightSearch.com is the world’s largest FREE load board and currently has over 50, registered members. All load board freight matching services are free to all members and more than 75 million loads have been posted on FreeFreightSearch.com since its inception. Members enjoy free email alerts when a load or truck is posted that matches their criteria, fully integrated freight bill factoring, access to credit reports on freight brokers, and more.

Both Expedite Loads and FreeFreightSearch.com are great load board sites to use. Here’s a breakdown of what each site has to offer you:

Expedite Loads Features

  • Fast searching and posting of trucks and loads.
  • Gain exposure with unique user profile.
  • Run your freight company at full capacity.
  • Access the load board mobile app to gain access to the system anytime, anywhere.
  • $ to $

What you can do with Expedite Loads

  • Conduct unlimited load searches.
  • Search for loads and trucks by weight or equipment type.
  • Post available trucks and loads.
  • Get loads sent directly to your inbox.
  • Connect with other members.

FreeFreightSearch.com Features

  • Register for a free freight broker, shipper or motor carrier account in just a few moments.
  • Post available trucks and loads with ease.
  • Browse through thousands of posts for available trucks and available loads.
  • Register for email alerts on trucks or loads that meet your criteria.
  • View credit reports of 10,+ freight brokers.
  • % funding and full payment on delivery for loads posted by Platinum freight brokers.
  • Obtain freight bill factoring services.

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Get Your Free Account on FreeFreightSearch.com Load Board Today!

If you are looking for a free load board online, FreeFreightSearch.com is just the place to be! Register as a freight broker, shipper or motor carrier on FreeFreightSearch.com and benefit today!


The source for information about Expedites Loads, www.expediteloads.com. FreeFreightSearch.com is not affiliated with Expedites Loads

Sours: https://blog.freefreightsearch.com/expedite-loads/

The only load board designed for Expedite.

Instant access to 50,+ expedite loads monthly. Industry trusted, easy-to-use load board for expedited deliveries with cargo vans, sprinter vans, and box trucks. Sign up today!

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Whether you're an independent contractor, own your small expediting company, or you run a freight company with many drivers we've created a solution for you in mind.

Simply log in on a computer or mobile device for instant access to thousands of expedite loads near you.

Load information and company contact information is displayed in a simple, hassle free load board that's easy to navigate and understand.

Simple, Straight Pricing

Thousands of expedited loads across North America, right at your fingertips.

  • Access to 25,+ loads monthly for sprinter/cargo vans
  • Dashboard optimized for web + tablet + mobile
  • Limited email support
  • 1 login
Purchase now
  • Access to 70,+ loads monthly for sptinre/cargo vans and box trucks
  • Dashboard optimized for web + tablet + mobile
  • Unlimited email customer support
  • 1 login
Purchase now
Sours: https://expediteloadboard.com/

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