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Want to see selection lines?¶

To see lines showing your selection, you can either:

  1. Access a limited version of the selection outlines server-side via the command. It works only for cuboid selections that are not larger than 48x48x48 (or 32x32x32 on older versions), and you have to be in creative mode. These limitations are due to how structure blocks have worked in Minecraft for a long time.
  2. Use a third party client-side mod, e.g. WorldEdit CUI (Fabric). Note that this mod requires Fabric, so you will have to install it at first.


If you would like to use an older version of Minecraft (1.12 or earlier), in addition to downloading an older WorldEdit (version 6), you may also need the old WorldEditCUI mod by Mumfrey. Note that this mod requires LiteLoader (installation instructions on that page) instead.

The selection lines mod works regardless of how you may have installed WorldEdit (on a Bukkit server, on singleplayer, etc).


This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Survival Block Edit

This plugin brings world edit to survival. This plugin allows normal survival players to use a sort of world edit. Players can select two locations using the wooden axe like worldedit to select a region. The plugin will tell the player how many blocks there are in the region and when the player types: /place [BLOCKTYPE] the plugin will remove X amount of the item specified and place these blocks in the region. The plugin is tested and should not have any bugs. If you do manage to find some be sure to tell me! This project is still in Beta as we feel like there are not enough features yet.



/place [BLOCKTYPE]


Upcoming Features

/place [BLOCKTYPE] set

/place [BLOCKTYPE] walls

and more features.

Thanks for reading!

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Worldedit-like capabilities in "survival"?

by Heraclitus » Post

Is there a recommended mod or another way to use Worldedit-like capabilities (copy/paste/autobuild structures, filling blocks of a specific type in shapes, etc.) or some subset of them while only using resources you have available or have crafted (items in your inventory, in chests, or whatever, etc.)? Specifically, I'd like to maintain the "survival" element of limited resources and crafting while utilizing more advanced building techniques such as those possible with Worldedit. (This is for a home server I work on with my son, and he likes the challenge of crafting and gathering resources, as well as the "special" aspect of rare materials that isn't possible in creative mode.)

I've searched a bit for a thread on this, and I've found several building mods (mostly using NPCs but not all) that can create schematics and sometimes have other options (clearing, etc.). But most seem to depend on creative mode -- often with "to-do" features suggesting future implementation of survival, but these don't seem to get done. For example, these two threads/mods seem promising:


But no "survival-style" ability to only construct with only available resources. I recall downloading an old mod several months ago (can't remember which one, but likely an earlier idea related to the above mods), but it was old, buggy, and basically didn't work reliably.

My son and I have "maxed out" a number of survival gameplay features (for example, building all the tech from Technic without any "magic" mods like teleportation), and I've gradually added in mods and features to make certain tasks less tedious once we master them in a more basic "survival-style" fashion. We've made heavy use of Digtron in the past few months (I waited a couple years before adding that mod), even building machines that can construct enormous skyscrapers automatically (with auto placement of floors, windows, stairs, lighting, etc.). But we've hit a limit on building large structures or towns/cities that become tedious without the ability to replicate a structure or part of a structure already created (or to clear areas or fill in areas with nodes that would require a lot of repetitive work or designing a one-off Digtron). My son was also recently inspired by looking at the complexity of things in the Karsthafen map, some of which would only be reasonable to construct with Worldedit-like features. (I've even offered to turn on creative mode for him, and he's so used to limited resources, crafting, etc. that he doesn't want to.)

Any suggestions for mods (or other methods) that are functional and relatively up-to-date to facilitate large-scale building projects in "survival"? Thanks for any advice.

SURVIVAL WORLD EDIT! - Minecraft Plugin Tutorial


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