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Woman of Dignity

Korean Drama, , 20 eps

Yoon Sung Hee(Main Role)


Yoon Sung Hee

Main Role


Korean Drama, , 16 eps

[Young Bin's girlfriend] (Ep.1)(Guest Role)


[Young Bin's girlfriend] (Ep.1)

Guest Role

One More Time

Korean Drama, , 8 eps

Kang Ye Sul [KG Entertainment](Support Role)


Kang Ye Sul [KG Entertainment]

Support Role

You Will Love Me

Korean Drama, , 16 eps

Park Ji Ho(Main Role)


Park Ji Ho

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My Heart Twinkle Twinkle

Korean Drama, , 26 eps

Lee Soon Soo(Main Role)


Lee Soon Soo

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Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion

Korean Drama, , 26 eps

Joo Da Hae(Main Role)


Joo Da Hae

Main Role

Please Marry Me

Korean Drama, , 56 eps

Yoon Seo Young(Main Role)


Yoon Seo Young

Main Role

Don't Hesitate

Korean Drama, , 98 eps

Jang Soo Hyun(Main Role)


Jang Soo Hyun

Main Role

My Life's Golden Age

Korean Drama, , 56 eps

Yoo Tae Young(Support Role)


Yoo Tae Young

Support Role

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[K-talk] Actress Lee Tae-im announces sudden retirement

Actress Lee Tae-im has announced she is ending her acting career.

“Going through difficulties with many thoughts and pain, I decided to live a normal life,” she wrote in a social media post Monday.

“I won’t forget those who loved me. Thank you,” she added.

Lee Tae-im (Management Henem)

Lee Tae-im (Management Henem)

The announcement came as a surprise as Lee had returned to the entertainment scene last summer with the hit drama series “Women of Dignity” on JTBC, after a two-year break.

She disappeared from the public eye after a video of her using vulgar language in an argument with Yewon of K-pop act Jewelry was leaked.

The actress, who is currently starring in MBN’s reality show “Flying Girl,” is reported to have earlier expressed her desire to step down from the show.

“Lee told staff last month that she wanted to stop shooting the show,” a staff member revealed.

Her management agency said it had not been aware of Lee’s decision.

“Lee has been having a hard time, but we didn’t know that Lee had written a post on social media regarding her retirement,” an official from Management Henem said.

By Im Eun-byel ([email protected])

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Lee Tae Im Opens Up About After-Effects Of Controversy With Kim Yewon

On October 2, KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor” aired a Chuseok special where celebrities appeared as guests to talk about their concerns. Actress Lee Tae Im was one of the celebrity guests and spoke about being misunderstood as being mean due to her past controversy involving Kim Yewon.

Lee Tae Im said, “Even when I want to get close to someone, I’m afraid that person may feel burdened by me or not like me. So, it’s hard for me to approach and befriend others. I’m very shy in front of other people. I take medicine because I get symptoms of an anxiety attack when I’m at a drama table read.”

She further revealed how a scene from her drama “Please Marry Me” exacerbated people’s negative image of her, and explained that her manager had said a crew member asked if she was angry during filming. “I was just standing still at the time,” Lee Tae Im added.

Lee Tae Im also opened up about other having challenges with her mental health. The actress revealed, “[Something] keeps calling me. When I respond, I can see a ghost. It’s been eight years [since this started happening]. After the controversy [with Kim Yewon], it’s gotten worse. I went to the emergency room because I went into shock. These days, I’m a lot better after taking medicine, and I’m still taking medicine to treat it.”

The MCs of the show asked her if she tried to make any changes to improve her situation. The actress said, “When I was working on ‘Woman of Dignity,’ I really liked Kim Hee Sun but was too shy to ask her for her number. At the wrap party, I asked her for her number and she gladly gave it to me. That alone took a lot of effort for me [since] I’m an introvert.”

She expressed how she thought her career as an actress was over after her controversy with Kim Yewon, until she was given the opportunity to appear on the drama “Woman of Dignity.” At the end, she addressed the public, saying, “I will work hard. Please don’t hate me too much and love me.”

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Sours: https://www.soompi.com/article/wpp/lee-tae-im-opens-effects-controversy-kim-yewon
Yewon and Lee Tae im The Scandal and Aftermath

Lee Tae-im

South Korean actress

In this Korean name, the family name is Lee.

Lee Tae-im (born September 2, ) is a South Korean former actress. She graduated from Sunggwang Highschool and dropped out from Hanyang University, while majoring Theater and Film. She played the leading role in the series Don't Hesitate (), as well as supporting roles in the movies Days of Wrath () and For the Emperor ().[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Early life[edit]

Lee has one younger brother who she keeps in contact with.


In March , while filming the Korean TV show My Tutor Friend Lee Tae-im and Kim Ye-won had a fight, with Lee Tae-im reportedly swearing at Kim Ye-won. After the incident, Lee Tae-im claimed that Kim Ye-won initiated the fight by using informal speech to address her, as informal speech is considered rude to be used while addressing older people and seniors in Korean culture. Despite her claims, Lee Tae-im received public backlash, which caused her to withdraw from My Tutor Friend and other TV shows she was in. She publicly apologized to Kim Ye-won and announced hiatus.

However, less than a month later, video footage of Lee Tae-im and Ye-won quarrelling began circulating on the Internet, proving Lee Tae-im's claims that Kim Ye-won used informal speech to address her. This caused the public sentiment to shift, with Kim Ye-won's remarks from the footage becoming a subject of various parodies. After the backlash, Kim Ye-won ultimately apologized to Lee Tae-im.[9]



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SBS Drama Awards for Best New Actress

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  • Go Joon-hee, Kwon Yu-ri, Park Hyo-joo, Park Se-young , Sulli and Yoon Jin-yi ()
  • Jeong Eun-ji, Kang So-ra, Kim Ji-won, Kim So-hyun, Kim Yoo-ri and Lee Da-hee ()
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  • Lee Hye-ri, Bang Min-ah, Moon Ji-in and Yang Jin-sung ()
  • Kim Da-som ()
  • Lee Yoo-young ()
  • Go Min-si and Keum Sae-rok ()
  • From to , it was the New Star Award.
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